1. Jake says

    Why is it that nine times out of ten the attackers look like queens themselves! Did you catch the sculpted eyebrows on Kandola!

    I’ll tell you why, because these self-hating closeted homos are in such denial they think they can further fool their friends and themselves by treating gay men this way.

    There are few things in life I loathe more than these f**ked-up closet cases.

  2. Marc says

    I just read it in Xtra West.
    Kandola needs his clock cleaned, I hope i’m there to participate!
    POS !

  3. Marc says

    Just read this in Xtra West, I hope Kandola gets the living **** beat outta him one day so he knows how it feels!!!!!!

  4. Kevin says

    Why am I not surprised that the homophobic women they interviewed were of Russian origin?

    I’m sick of gay-hating Russians immigrating to North America to escape persecution only to be the worst anti-gay persecutors on our shores.

  5. Kyle says

    Fight back as much as you can. And I DON’T mean just in the legal system. Someone starts hurling insults? turn around, get in their face and if need be…START SWINGING. It’s time the gay community REALLY starts fighting back. For once, I’d love to read a story where the gay victim turned things around and f*cked up the attacker.

  6. Kyle says

    Kevin, we’re having the same problem here in the states. The biggest thorn on our side seems to be immigrants (legal or not) leaving their countries for freedom only to persecuate and bash the gay community once they come here, which I don’t stand for. You choose to move to the North America? You WILL deal with gay culture being casually part of social/pop culture norms in Western society, or you can simply pick up your bags and go back to the hell hole you escaped from. Buh-bye.

  7. TANK says

    It’s not necessarily bashing back. Be proactive. These confrontations outside or near gay bars usually escalate. By taking a brutal offensive move first, you are putting the attackers off of their game (don’t ever wait for them to strike…as soon as he’s in your face screaming, jam a pencil in his neck, kick him in the balls, punch in the throat as hard as you can…lol), setting the scene for more fighting (do it quickly and perhaps with a weapon) or a quick and effective exit. I can’t say it enough, though…if you consistently find yourself walking home alone or with one or more friends late at night, carry a gun. If you are ever in a situation where you are compelled to pull it out, make damn sure you use it, because if you don’t, you’ve heightened the probability you and your company are going to die dramatically by introducing it into the equation.

    This is a damn shame (the broken jaw), but always good to see a big show of support for the victim.

  8. CK says

    Outrageous! Those fucking moronic straight women that were interviewed just show how ignorant they are… they CAN walk hand in hand on the street with their (unfortunate) husbands… and nothing happens to them. but when we do we are being ‘in their face’? Fuck you, you cows! There is nothing outrageous about showing exactly the same PDA as they do, and if they cannot tolerate that, they are the plain and simply stupid fucking homophobic bitches. Pity the interviewer did not call them on that!