1. ubik says

    heh, I know the blond model. A nice guy.

    That said, we had the poster at our door (weeks ago, not just since yesterday) but somebody tore it down after a few days.


    Yes, the openness and directness of the Berlin GLBT community, as well as the local government that supports us, is a breath of fresh air. The recent spate of homophobic attacks here is very worrying.

    On a side note: Something else the pro-marriage folks in the US might also take notice of: here in Germany, we do not have “gay marriage”, rather something called a registered partnership (“eingetragene Partnerschaft”). It is recognized at the federal level and includes much of the benefits of heterosexual marriage, including immigration rights, but is not the equal of marriage, mainly due to taxation issues (it’s always about money, oder?)

    As a US citizen able to remain here in Berlin based on my registered partner status, I appreciate the pragmatic outlook that got Germany this far. While the ultimate goal must remain complete equality with marriage, sometimes intermediate steps make sense.

  3. Jason says

    You know I had to look three times at it before I realized it was 2 guys! That shows how normal I think kissing is – it never occurred to me that men shouldn’t be passionate with each other. I wonder how many people simply walk by and miss the point. I just saw 2 sexy guys! Maybe wished I was one of them.

  4. Leland Frances says

    It’s also “sad and incomprehensible” that the childish myth persists that rubbing what freaks your enemies out in their faces will somehow change them. Political change by mooning! NOT!

    There have been kiss-ins at Catholic, Mormon, and other antigay churches, at several Republican National Conventions, at state and local legislatures debating gay equality….and, gee, wow, look how far it’s gotten us. I guess I just imagined the last 8 years. I just imagined that 30 some states still don’t have job protection laws; that all but a handful of states explicity ban gay marriage; that gays aren’t still shit-canned from the military on a whim; that metropolitan streets are filled with homeless gay kids; that attacks on gays aren’t rising; that Matthew Shepard and Gwen Araujo and Lawrence King and Simmie Williams and Ryan Skpper and Sean Kennedy and Barry Winchell and Satendar Singh and Michael Sandy and Nirah Johnson weren’t all killed after kiss-ins stopped the violence.

    And, gee, wow, what courage that takes. Not!
    The black civil rights movement finally changed federal law by risking beatings and jail. Grow some balls, gays, or at least grow up!

    But what do I know. Now they’ve seen the posters, I’m sure the Bundestag will legalize real German marriage any Tag now.


  5. stephen says

    Isn’t kissing on the street the equivalent of refusing to leave the seat at the front of the bus?
    Wasn’t Rosa Parks “rubbing it in their faces”?
    It’s a first step.
    And it takes incredible balls.

  6. Paul says

    Oh ship of fools! Do they really think these ads are going to change the way German muslims think about gays? This is exactly the kind of image that RADICALIZES muslims.

    These posters may make the gay activists feel all warm inside but I promise you it won’t make a difference to anti-gay muslims.

  7. Leland Frances says

    Stephen, I’ll tell you what apparently your family is afraid to: you’re a moron.

    To equate Rosa Park’s act of courage, her arrest, the Montgomery bus boycott to even a real time kiss-in, let alone a POSTER, isn’t just an insult to her and the entire black civil rights movement and those, black and white, murdered because of it, but puts you in the front of the BIG YELLOW bus.

  8. C. Foley says

    The first one, it looks like he’s about to be choked, but it’s pretty hot otherwise. The second one, I’m not really feeling it from the one on the left. The third one, it almost looks like he’s about to poke her eye out.

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