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CNN Turns Focus to GOP Congressman Aaron Schock's Abs


CNN's Howard Kurtz talks to Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) about TMZ's interest in his abs.

Said Schock to CNN:

"People who watch TMZ or different mediums don't expect to see their congressman on such a show. They're used to seeing the Britney Spears or the movie star, but to see their hometown congressman on a show like this kind of raises their interest and gets them a little excited...I guess there's worse things they could be saying about you...I'm doing my part to get my message out and talk to the traditional media about those issues, but I also think some of these alternative forms are important because it gets non-traditional voters engaged...if they're learning about me on TMZ or some of these other blogs and YouTube videos then they're recognizing my face and my name so when I'm out on CNN or some of the other networks talking about issues, they're maybe going to stop from clicking the channel and listen to what I have to say."

Watch Kurtz's interview on Reliable Sources, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. As with any GOP operative, I'd sooner fuck DEREK WASHINGTON's troll ass.

    Posted by: Roberto | Mar 23, 2009 4:42:36 PM

  2. Is that really a photo of the congressman?

    Posted by: Toby | Mar 23, 2009 4:43:30 PM

  3. Yeah, I had abs when I was 27 too. Big deal. Check in when he's 40, then we'll talk.

    Posted by: PistolPete | Mar 23, 2009 4:49:00 PM

  4. 'Fuck a Republican but don't let him cum' has always been a motto for me. Now, I may have to take that plaque off the wall.

    Posted by: kansastock | Mar 23, 2009 4:50:04 PM

  5. Andy, it is schock-ing that this is your first post about Aaron Schock, so I beg you to please include this video to this blog post from CBS News/Early. It's a segment that introduced him just two weeks before he took the oath of office in January. I was in the gym watching the Early Show and nearly fell off the treadmill when the segment came on. Watch it and you'll see why.


    There is a lot of chatter on the Net that he is gay, and it apparently is well-known around his district in Illinois. Hopefully he'll come out soon (on his own terms of course, if he is) so that he may bring new life to a dying party, and to the community and overall perceptions of it.

    Posted by: Marcel | Mar 23, 2009 4:53:37 PM

  6. Can you say "staged?" Anti-choice, anti-gay marriage, he does just about as much for me as Jesse Helms ever did. Blech!

    Posted by: Michael | Mar 23, 2009 4:53:46 PM

  7. is he gay? sure appears that way

    Posted by: william ww | Mar 23, 2009 4:53:47 PM

  8. Looks like a cross between Neil Patrick Harris and Kirk Cameron...

    Posted by: Michael W. | Mar 23, 2009 4:53:49 PM

  9. Shock is an anti gay-marriage "social traditionalist" and the last we thing we need is to be supporting him by cross-promoting his bullshit publicity efforts. C'mon Andy, you are better than that!

    Posted by: Robert | Mar 23, 2009 4:57:57 PM

  10. Ping Ping Ping went the gaydar...

    Posted by: sam | Mar 23, 2009 5:01:26 PM

  11. HuffPo readers voted him the "Hottest Freshman" in Congress (surprise?) with lots of pictures.


    Posted by: Martin | Mar 23, 2009 5:01:35 PM

  12. This douchebag supports gays and lesbians being second class citizens. I'd rather look at a naked Margaret Thatcher than this piece of shit.

    Posted by: Sam | Mar 23, 2009 5:04:01 PM

  13. What's going to be extra hilarious is when people find out how big of a 'mo Aaron Schock really is. Schock is the typical poster gay boy from Peoria: conservative, hetero-normative cowards. Trust me, I grew up there and can recognize them just by glancing.

    Every mannerism, every word, every facial expression screams "closeted-homosexual". Oh, Aaron, it'll be really embarassing when those pictures of you from gay.com surface, won't it?

    Posted by: Tread | Mar 23, 2009 5:07:41 PM

  14. Where the hell did TMZ find that picture?

    And I heard he's in a (straight) relationship, but...

    Posted by: Nick | Mar 23, 2009 5:13:13 PM

  15. young ted haggard.


    Posted by: Sam | Mar 23, 2009 5:22:03 PM

  16. He is quite clearly a Big Ol 'Mo but, contrary to his statements, he is bringing the same old closeted perspective to DC draped in "compassionate conservative" drag. He has already been seen out and about in the usual down low venues. Give me a bigot any day rather than these gay men who hide who they are and, worse yet, work against our interests.

    Posted by: rudy | Mar 23, 2009 5:26:13 PM

  17. He's definitely Harvey Levin's type.

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Mar 23, 2009 5:37:14 PM

  18. He needs to get married to a woman quickly. If he's gay, I sincerely hope he spends the next fifty years locked away in the closet, only to have his political career ruined by scandals and allegations. Another unethical socially conservative republican fuckhead... The goldwater republicans need to reclaim their party, and clean house. Oh wait, they don't exist anymore.

    Posted by: TANK | Mar 23, 2009 5:37:18 PM

  19. It seems like chuck hagel took what little dignity was left in GOP with him.

    Posted by: TANK | Mar 23, 2009 5:48:13 PM

  20. Time to hear from the district! But my Gaydar is ringing off the hook!! Is he or isn't he? We can also just wait for Mike Rogers to do the deed! What we need in DC are young gay leaders who can move our causes forward not backward! If he is a social conservative then he does not serve our needs and in that case Out the bugger!!

    Posted by: alex in boston | Mar 23, 2009 5:52:08 PM

  21. This is the reason God created hate-fucking.

    Posted by: crispy | Mar 23, 2009 5:58:23 PM

  22. A "Social-conservative" sexing it up? What about THE CHILDREN?

    Posted by: Tom | Mar 23, 2009 6:01:04 PM

  23. He is smoking hot and I would do him in a second. I'm an independent so I can say that!

    Posted by: Stan | Mar 23, 2009 6:02:58 PM

  24. He prefers the Hay Adams to the Capitol Hill Club. Does that say anything?

    Posted by: Nick | Mar 23, 2009 6:04:13 PM

  25. Rome is burning.

    Posted by: paul c | Mar 23, 2009 6:10:21 PM

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