1. Darnell says

    And, I would like to know how someone as unfunny, dumb as dirt and unattractive was able to get a lame show on a lame cable news network. The mentality of these wanna be shock jocks is just too twisted.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    What an embarrassment Hughley is…to us Pisceans. He probably has the sign of Cancer running all through his chart. It’s a wonder Gere does find him and whup the gerbil remains out of Hughley’s ass.

    Happy Birthday, JIMMYBOYO!

  3. brian says

    How truly sad that cable tv network execs think this man is appropriate as an african-american John Stewart.
    Thank goodness his show has been canceled.
    I guess there aren’t any better informed, light hearted, and topical hosts available from that community.
    Oh, puhleeze…… !

  4. Leland Frances says

    Tell all this to Ellen What’s Her Name before she invites him on her show AGAIN and pretends what a funny, harmless, non-homohating guy he is.

  5. Ted B. says

    What a bore… That urban legend has been associated with so many closeted and “suspected” gays in show business that all that’s accomplished by bringing it back up does is remind people of those who’s careers where ruined when it first surfaced.

    In the media-market I live in, a lead evening-news broadcaster’s career was ended by those rumors just as he was posed to “come out” after a life-threatening illness prompted him to re-examine being in the public-eye and the closet. That he was actually-gay with a steady BF was fairly-well known within the gay community already. Once the “gerbil racing” rumor surfaced with his name attached to it, the giggling and smirking started, the advertisers started to complain, and he was basically blacklistd in all the major markets. It took years for his reputation and broadcasting career to recover.

    And it wasn’t helped either by the fact that an afternoon celebrity-hosted kids-program actually had gerbil races as a feature between commercial breaks for call-in prizes.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    Happy Birthday, DEREK! Another Pisces to make the world a kinder, gentler place.

    Twenty-one! Are you sure? …seem awfully mature for twenty-one….must be a Nevada thing. You know, the rugged cowboy life matures one.

  7. Eric says

    Fuck the D.L. When I hear people like him speak, I want to make the world a kinder, gentler place…one head at a time.

    But maybe that’s because my birthday is the first of April.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    The first of April. Oh, no…Aries. Warlike creatures, very bossy, and judgemental: Crawford, Davis, my mother.

    Hey, JIMMY, mine was the 6th. A real Pisces, I am: kind-hearted, happy go-lucky, slightly alcoholic and prone to substance abuse: real gentle folk, I am.

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