News: GLSEN, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Hawaii, John Mayer Twitter

 roadGLSEN meets with Education Secretary Arne Duncan to discuss bullying in schools. Exec. Director Byard: "It was moving to witness these students and teachers sharing their
personal stories of pain, rejection, resilience and hope with the
nation’s top education official. Secretary Duncan showed
great compassion for their experiences, respect for their perseverance
and dedication to identifying effective responses to school climate

 roadComplex: Kanye West does whiteface.

 roadJake Gyllenhaal dines out with Amazing Race contestant Mike White.

 roadLesbian named head of U.S. Court of Federal Claims.

 roadAnchorage, Alaska drag bars change to appeal to straight customers.

 roadStraight bachelorette parties putting strain on gay bars in Chicago. "The women are a hoot, and some can be just delightful. But because not everybody can get married, watching them celebrate,
it's such a slap in the face. Prop 8 just reopened the wound."

 roadUK Videogame designer suing Microsoft: "He said mocking emails were sent around his workplace with headings
such as 'I'm Jim and I'm Gay' and 'Me and My Favourite Men'. He said the firm did not have policies to deal with his complaints."

 roadREPORT: John Mayer chose Twitter over Jennifer Aniston:
"The source said: 'John suddenly stopped calling her or returning her
emails and when she would finally catch up with him, he'd say: 'I've
been so busy with work. I'm sorry I haven't had time to call you back.'
The source added: 'Jen was fuming. There he was, telling her he didn't
have time for her and yet his page was filled with Twitter updates.'"

 roadZac Efron won't be taking the Kevin Bacon route.

 roadDemocrats seek to break deadlock on Hawaii civil unions bill: "Opponents, led by conservative Christian church
groups, have lobbied against the bill, saying Hawaii voted against gay
marriage in 1998 and that the issue should not be taken up again. Now
supporters of the bill say a recent statewide survey done by QMark
Research and Polling shows 81 percent support for equal treatment for
couples no matter what their gender. For
the Senate Democrats, the issue is whether they have enough votes to
either pull the bill from the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is
deadlocked 3-3, or fashion a compromise by amending the bill in
committee. An amended bill would require passage by the Senate, sending
it back to the House for either approval or a conference committee
later this spring."

 roadThe Indigo Girls are back.

 roadAnd a four-piece Ukranian band covers Katy Perry's "Hot & Cold".

 roadInspired by an Iron Age fertility symbol, UK teen proceeds to create his own on the roof of his parents' home so he can see it from Google Earth.

 roadHate crimes surge in Kent, UK.

 roadJennifer Hudson taping secret Idol concert tonight.

 roadRuPaul winning dance chart drag race?

 roadOUT interviews the real winner of RuPaul's Drag Race (spoilers).

 roadPolice to receive honor from Sacramento gay group.

 roadSarah Palin a hypocrite on "special needs" children.

 roadFormer Gawker editor Choire Sicha penning book on 'death of New York': "It used to be, you came to New York and you got a job as an assistant,
and sooner or later you got to have part of your boss’s job and you
moved up. There was sort of a continuum. There was a
thing called a career in New York…For me, what the recession for young working people reminds me of is
HIV in the early 90s, when my generation of gay men decided there
wasn’t much of a future. I feel like I hear from people now, and they’re like, 'fuck tomorrow!'
Which seems completely reasonable to me. And whether that’s based on a
real understanding of the economy or on what we’re getting through the
filter of the media, it doesn’t matter– it’s a completely appropriate
response to the moment we’re in."


  1. Geronimo says

    The final Rupaul show (announcing the winner) and the reunion show afterward contained the most gratuitous promotions of her new album. It seemed like a joke.

  2. GS says

    You always get such great satelite map images, but where’s Kauai and Ni’ihau on this one?

  3. JohnInManhattan says

    I was so caught up with Obamania and Prop 8 back in November that it slipped my mind that uber-cunt and Bush shill, MARGARET SPELLINGS, was kicked to the curb on the 20th:

    On January 26, 2005, between being confirmed and sworn in as the eighth Education Secretary, Spellings sent a letter to the head of PBS condemning an episode of the show Postcards From Buster that featured Buster the Bunny visiting Vermont and interacting with the children of a lesbian couple. The mostly live-action show focuses on real children and in this episode the two women are never mentioned as being lesbians. Spellings criticized the use of government funds to produce the episode saying “many parents would not want their young children exposed to the lifestyles portrayed in this episode.”

    Openly gay U.S. Representative Barney Frank (D-Mass.) publicly criticized Spellings in a letter regarding her “degrading comments”: “You have said that families should not have to deal with the reality of the existence of same-sex couples, and the strong implication is that this is something from which young children should be shielded.” PBS decided not to distribute the episode, although independent PBS stations have opted to air it.

    ARNE DUNCAN seems like a peach in comparison.

  4. jimmyboy says

    LOL on the phallus

    the kid sounds like a troublesome load of fun and his parents sound cool. Their going to make him remove it by himself yet also cracking a joke about not wanting to sleep under a fertility symbol and get more kids. LOL

    I’m glad BeBe won last night on Drag Race. I thought Nina was going to get it due to internet rumors. A pleasant surprise.

    Watching the reunion made me miss Latino/Latina JADE who went home far too soon. He/She was a Hot girl in that baby blue thing despite the snake on the plane/ package problem.

    Oh, and FUCK Choire Sicha . Sorry for your economic problem and inability to move up the corporate ladder but there is no comparison between that and the devestation people were feeling when people were DIEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from Aids

  5. jimmyboy says


    I bet Choire Sicha is a republican. Only a repub could compare their economic situation/ failure to climb the corporate ladder to the tragedy of people DIEING

  6. Wayne says

    Well those “gratuitous promotions” for RuPaul’s new album must have worked; the album has moved to the #2 spot on the iTunes Dance Chart (Besides, doesn’t Promotion go hand in hand with Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve & Talent. lol)

  7. CJ says

    I’m surprised NO ONE is commenting on the issue raised by former Gawker editor Choire Sicha. Personally, and ever since I had a sibling go through rehab, the future seems despairingly bleak. Many rehab centers and counselors have stated the increasingly bleak mindset of patients, ever since the 80’s. More often people believe the concept of “work hard, earn more” has become a concept of the mid-10th Century as strong work ethic overwhelming is not a strong indication of occupational success (meaning, the “All American Dream” is not a dream but more a nightmare). What or who is to blame is another matter (maybe it’s overpopulation – too few jobs and WAY too many people, or corporate greed/family connections – a la Bush, or perhaps a general decline in the educational and preparatory system). It is a very real issue, and there does not seem to be a practical solution other than humanity is simply becoming an increasing prevalent drone for the capitalist machine (and fuck those who are mindless drones to the system, think for yourself and not for Ayn Rand).

  8. CJ says

    that was meant to be “mid-20th Century”, not “10th”, although what’s the difference, lords and servants, classism is still very prevalent, just more P.C. now.

  9. jimmyboy says

    YES CJ

    but to compare economic dispairty / economic troubles to the devestation some people were going through and others were feeling due to friends dieing of Aids is totaly BS.

  10. Paul R says

    Yes, it’s clearly not the case that Recession = Death, but it’s definitely the case that someone wants promotion for his upcoming book. A book that sounds painfully dull…how many times has the death of NY been announced?