1. says

    Proof positive that anybody who watches Fox News is a fucking retard. Some Republicans ARE intelligent – and they’re the ones who know better.

  2. MikeMick says

    Don’t understand why the righties are in such a lather. In their universe, “homophobe” is a compliment.

  3. Rafael says

    If you don’t like being called a homophobe, stop being one. That is my simple and sincere message to Fox and those who support and take antigay discriminatory stances.

  4. michael says

    I could only watch 19 seconds of that clip before becoming overcome by the hypocrisy and having to stop.

    Also, the idea that Barney Frank is the “far left” kind of cracks me up. Wait. Scratch the “kind of.”

  5. TANK says

    Nino actually makes me laugh in the same way that a belligerent jerry springer racist does. He’s not unfunny, it’s just that the jokes he makes are like bigoted jokes. You laugh at the person who thinks they’re being funny than at the jokes themselves. Yeah, I’m really going to waste time expressing outrage at fox news…lower than the onion in providing hard hitting coverage.

  6. TANK says

    When asked whether he has ever sodomized his wife, he looked down in shame, NOT because he was embarrassed by the question, but because it caused him to recount the thousands of dollars he spent on whores.

  7. frank says

    Thomas is a racist- Alito is a closet case- Roberts closet is bigger than Alito- Scalia was beaten by dad for being a girlie girl

  8. Mike says

    I simply cannot watch FOX. It’s an endless stream of wingnut hype… and it’s a complete joke!

  9. says

    I love the part of the video with the commentator who notes that Scalia was only affirming the constitution doesn’t sanction “homosexual sodomy” – cause you know there’s that part in the constitution covering “heterosexual sodomy” and the list of approved positions for intercourse (Dirty Sanchez, Reverse Cowgirl, etc.)

  10. Jeremy says

    Actually Justice Scalia’s argument wasn’t that technical and it he did attack homosexuals and “the so-called homosexual agenda”. There is no better word than homophobe for Scalia. He’s the worst.

  11. remix says

    ..Liberals use name-calling to personally attack and personally demonize people that don’t agree with them… Coming up next on FOX: Activist Judges, Militant Gays, Leftist-Extremists and The Radical Homosexual Agenda.

  12. Marc says

    I quit watching fax ages ago. Screw them and their advertising money. There are better networks out there and there always will be.

  13. paul c says

    If you are a true conservative, you would not support laws against so-called sodomy. You would want the government 100% out of your bedroom.

    You would support those laws if you were a homophobe, however.

    Apparently to Scalia, the true meaning of being an American means having our lives dictated to us based on the hypocritical teachings of his catholic cult.

  14. Chuck says

    Scalia supports the Catholic Church and any money he gives to them is available to pay the salaries of priests who rape children.

    Scalia therefore pays for children to be raped.

    He should be in jail.

  15. nic says

    jebus, the jackals at faux news are salivating over the tidbit that barney frank tossed at them.

  16. nic says

    doesn’t the constitution protect the right of small-minded bigots (redundant, i know) to impose their will on people? oh, wait. that is why the bigots sailed to what is now america 400+ years ago where they slaughterd, raped, and plundered. why should we be surprised?

    the farting assholes at fox news are the distillation of the noxious gas visited upon the americas way back when. we can drive them into the ground, but they will still be emitting SBDs from their very graves. what makes me sick is that o’reilly thinks he is the voice of reason at the cesspool that Fox news will always be.

    ok, i will stop the overlong conceit that bobby burns was so fond of, but keeping the appropriate scatological references. they deserve nothing less.

  17. Glenn Rivera says

    EWWW! I almost watched a clip of Bill O’ Reilly!

    I am sorry that man is a joke! I do not want to waste 1 minute in that skank!

    This sotry I will have to pass on – anything with that “joke” I will have to pass on.