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French Pole Vaulter Romain Mesnil Runs Naked Through Paris


French pole vaulter Romain Mesnil says he lost his sponsorship with Nike last year "probably for budgetary and strategic reasons." But the athlete wants to secure another one, so he decided the best way to draw attention to his situation would be to run through the streets of Paris — naked.

So, Mesnil, grabbed his pole and got the attention he sought, as his run was broadcast all over prime time news bulletins, according to Reuters.

No word on whether he's secured a new sponsorship, but he's surely secured a few new fans.

Video, (censored with black box, but perhaps NSFW), AFTER THE JUMP...


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  1. That's an awfully big box he has!

    Posted by: Frank | Mar 30, 2009 10:56:57 AM

  2. If he needs any help with that bar, I am so there! Even I'm willing to resort to cheap and tack comments for this one. ;-)

    Posted by: Marc | Mar 30, 2009 11:12:00 AM

  3. C'est magnifique!

    Posted by: ichabod | Mar 30, 2009 11:24:05 AM

  4. Anyone know where the uncensored version is???

    Posted by: DLRnATL | Mar 30, 2009 11:28:32 AM

  5. Too bad Jean Galfione (96 gold medalist) didn't join him.

    Posted by: Terry | Mar 30, 2009 11:34:32 AM

  6. too bad i don't own a sports conglomerate. i would love to be his favorite athletic supporter.

    Posted by: nic | Mar 30, 2009 12:30:23 PM

  7. I would jump that boy's pole anytime.

    Posted by: Mon Ami | Mar 30, 2009 12:37:36 PM

  8. Romain is a very gay friendly man, in the video you can see a street name: "rue vieille du temple", witch is the center of the gay quarter "le marais" in paris.It's not a random street ;)

    Posted by: frenchguy | Mar 30, 2009 1:30:48 PM

  9. Damn you, black box -- always getting in the way!!!

    Posted by: Matt | Mar 30, 2009 2:04:12 PM

  10. Thank God it wasn't the Sumo champion.

    Posted by: gr8guyca | Mar 30, 2009 2:05:04 PM

  11. As hot as this man is, flopping flaccid penises never look so great.

    Posted by: Thomas | Mar 30, 2009 2:26:24 PM

  12. I love the fact that there is no mention in the story of him being wrestled to the ground and hauled off to jail... Can you imagine if he had attempted this stunt in the US?

    Posted by: Bustersdad | Mar 30, 2009 2:39:01 PM

  13. Speak for yourself, Thomas. I think floppy penises are fantastic!

    Posted by: Ryan | Mar 30, 2009 3:25:42 PM

  14. Pole vaulter eh? Aren't we all!

    Posted by: Fausto Fernos | Mar 30, 2009 3:47:39 PM

  15. the fact that he needed the black box when shot from a distance running over that bridge frightens me a little...

    Posted by: par3182 | Mar 30, 2009 8:35:28 PM

  16. Hmmm, when you mentioned he was running down the street naked while holding a large pole, I thought you meant something else.

    Posted by: Wheezy | Mar 30, 2009 10:20:59 PM

  17. i was just in paris and actually saw this being filmed in the marais! standing on the corner and all of the sudden there was this dude, running down the middle of the street with a giant pole. no explanation whatsoever! now i know! aaaand, sorry to burst your bubble gentlemen, but he was indeed wearing flesh toned underwear.... still, one of the best sites i saw in paris!

    Posted by: t | Mar 31, 2009 2:09:59 AM

  18. why so much fuss over a hunky guy who was wearing briefs anyway? Sure he's cute but he was not at all naked - right?

    Posted by: AwfulTruth | Mar 31, 2009 12:40:17 PM

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