1. frenchguy says

    Romain is a very gay friendly man, in the video you can see a street name: “rue vieille du temple”, witch is the center of the gay quarter “le marais” in paris.It’s not a random street 😉

  2. Bustersdad says

    I love the fact that there is no mention in the story of him being wrestled to the ground and hauled off to jail… Can you imagine if he had attempted this stunt in the US?

  3. t says

    i was just in paris and actually saw this being filmed in the marais! standing on the corner and all of the sudden there was this dude, running down the middle of the street with a giant pole. no explanation whatsoever! now i know! aaaand, sorry to burst your bubble gentlemen, but he was indeed wearing flesh toned underwear…. still, one of the best sites i saw in paris!

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