1. John in CA says

    This is an excellent response. I liked the fact that Hillary called us out by name and didn’t try to use vague language to mask her statement. Previous Secretaries of State avoided using the words “gay and lesbian” as if it were kryptonite.

    The Obama Administration is doing exactly what it said it would do with regards to gay rights on the international stage. We’ve seen some changes already at the UN, where Hillary ordered our diplomats to vote for the French declaration on decriminalizing homosexuality (a reversal of the Bush policy).

    Unfortunately, we don’t really have much of a bully pulpuit to stand on. America itself isn’t exactly paradise for gay rights, is it?

  2. RP says

    I noticed she unconsciously shook her head when saying, “is something that we take very seriously”. I truly hope she does take it seriously.

  3. Paul R says

    Unfortunately, there are actually eight (not seven) countries where being gay is punishable by death.

  4. Strepsi says

    As a Canadian who has been married 5 years, I do love reminding my American colleagues who insist that they live in “The Free-est Country On Earth (TM)” that that is hardly true.

    However, give yourself a break — the U.S. is leaps and bounds ahead of the uncivilized Islamist theocracies that execute gay people publicly. Not to mention hell-holes like Jamaica where the general public beat and murder gay people.

  5. Sean says

    s a gay man, I am proud that Max figured out a way to get a world leader to speak about gay rights on the global stage. A lot of flattery went a long way, but he asked his question and his method got him press attention in a positive way. Wait until the end of the clip and you will hear Hillary say “human rights are the inalienable right of every person regardless of who that person loves.” A huge quote if you think about the discussion of what is an inalienable right by the California Supreme Court during the Proposition 8 hearing yesterday. Now if Obama would just show our community tangible proof of his support.

  6. peterparker says

    But Hillary–PEPFAR is what Max was talking about when he stated that Bush administration HIV/AIDS policies did not provide money for funding prevention efforts for men who have sex with men.

  7. says

    She doesn’t sound very enthused about promoting gay rights. I don’t think the Obama administration is really fighting for gays as much as it should be, and I think we have to fight much, much more, ourselves, to secure basic rights to safety, housing, employment, and love for ourselves in all countries. The USA doesn’t even secure those rights for gays inside its borders, so it’s hard to do that internationally.

  8. TANK says

    Talk is cheap! *cough* She grimaced when she received and answered that question…”What the hell does that have to do with loving me or, more importantly, talking about loving me? Faggots.”

  9. John in CA says

    Look, those who hate Obama and Clinton are always going to find something to criticize.

    They’re doing precisely what politicians always do. They’re paying us lip-service and waiting for us to get our act together. But they’re not going to do anything by themselves. We need to provide them with a reason to act. I don’t understand why gays and lesbians continue to think they can just sit around and wait for Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, or some half-assed Supreme Court to swoop down and “save” them.

    The realists among us understand that we have to do most of the actual fighting ourselves. America is a sprawling empire of 300 million (not counting various dependencies, protectorates, and colonies). And if you’re not loud and obnoxious, you get kicked to the back of the bus by those who, quite frankly, are speaking up for themselves. We have to demand what’s rightfully ours. When they can no longer afford to ignore us, they will prioritize our issues.

    I had hoped that the aftermath of that disasterous Prop. 8 campaign would’ve gotten us out of our complacency. But apparently, we not quite there yet. We’ll see how the protests against Prop. 8 is upheld goes.

    FYI – I haven’t mentioned the Republicans because I don’t care about lost causes. And yeah, trying to convince a bunch of religious fanatics whose space god thinks you’re an abomination is a lost cause. Lets just deal with the Democrats first.

  10. Michael says

    Tank: jerk.

    Hillary NAMED us on the world stage — thank you. I do think this administration is light years ahead of the Pleistocene Politics of the Bushes, however I’m not wearing rose-colored glasses. Having Hillary in with the Obama administration is going to keep our struggle for equality in their continuing agenda. Believe it.

  11. jason says

    This man from Moldova needs to understand that it is not Bush administration policies which killed gay men. It is promiscuous, unfettered sex with infected total strangers which sickens gay men. When you put yourself in the firing line of the VD firing range, expect to get burned.

    What also peeves me is the implication that gay men having sex with other men is somehow associated with getting AIDS. Simple fact is that you won’t get any disease if both partners are healthy. So stop linking male homosexuality to disease. Decent, monogamous homosexual men are having their image destroyed by the promiscuous sleazy ones.

  12. TANK says

    I believe in what I can see, hear, taste and touch. “She named us! She named US!!!!!” This diva worship is tedious and is a part of our marginalization. Who the hell cares if she named us on the STAGE? Yes, she’s better than Rice, but that’s like saying that a quiet drive through the country is better than drinking ACID.

    It’s all chattering noise. We do need to give them a reason to act. They are, of course, self interested politicians like any other. If you think of them as anything more than that, you’ve bought into their sales pitch.

  13. Paul R says

    Jason, thanks for the lesson in moral superiority! I don’t have HIV, but I came out at a very young age and have done some stupid things, sexual and otherwise. I’m glad I don’t have it, but I don’t condemn those who do, as you do.

    Simple fact: having sex with other men is most certainly associated with getting HIV/AIDS, both in popular perception and in reality. Some “decent” people lie. Some “healthy” people aren’t. Some condoms break. And of course we’re at greater risk of contracting HIV than are straights, because the disease is more common among gay men. I certainly agree that all sexually active people should be safe, and I personally prefer monogamy. But life is more complicated than you seem to realize.

  14. RomanFingers says

    Fuck you & die, you self-righteous puny prick “Jason”!!! As a 55 year old gay man who has had to attend many more memorials to folks WHO SUCCUMBED TO A VIRUS, NOT A MORAL DEFICIENCY, many more than there are years to my life, you should choke on your condemnation of people about whom you know nothing! Your “People” magazine view of life’s vital information grasps about as far beyond your upturned snotty nose as a blind mole in a ditch. Men & women all over this beleaguered globe are born into ignorance BY THE BILLIONS! A meager well fed and fatted fraction here in America enjoy the liberty of casting widespread aspersions on the rest of humanity that suffers to get through each & every day on an empty stomach, an empty wallet & an empty soul deprived of dignity by despots & corruption about which you obviously KNOW NOTHING! Shut your pie hole, you disaster of a human being if you in any way believe in Karma, reincarnation or any variety of a Christian God. If indeed you are free of spiritual reasons for respecting that about which you know nothing, then consult with the learned atheists who nonetheless revere humanity for humanity’s sake. The volumes you need to learn about life beyond your smugness would burst the stacks of any library. But then again, I’m the fool who assumes you might know what a library is.

  15. paul c says

    Hey, I despise the idiotic George Bush as much as anyone, but for someone from a foreign country to blame their contraction of HIV on him is beyond ludicrous…as is the notion that our government has ever given two rat shits about gay rights around the world.

    But if Hillary and this guy lying back and forth to each other has made them feel better somehow, more power to them in their delusional little bubbleworlds.

  16. RomanFingers says

    Oops! I meant to include the words “I think” before my entreaty that you, Jason, “should choke on your condemnation of people about whom you know nothing!” Please, rid the world of one last traitorous bigot and make friends with a cyanide dose sooner than later, darling bumpkin. Or, in the alternative, simply inflict a thought preventative wound upon that sorely underutilized brain knocking loosely around in your inflated head, okay?

  17. Tom says

    Wow, I was just going to comment on the courage this young man showed, instead to be confronted by some rather vitriolic commentary as to HIV transmission via unprotected sex. Come on, guys. We ALL prefer sex without a condom, and the sexual trigger is perhaps the strongest hormonal surge we can experience as human beings. Let’s work on curing HIV and STDs so that our generation and future generations can return to the traditional joys of sex without all the latex interference – gay and straight (though who would want to put it in one of THOSE things is beyond me!). Of course, in the meantime, we must do more to educate our communities about the necessity of protected and safe sex with that hot man (or woman) staring over at us from the corner of the bar.

    HIV sucks. We get closer to a cure every day. Work on the cure, and work on safety, too. It’s a two front war.

  18. peterparker says

    @ JASON: I would much rather be the HIV infected slut that I am than a miserable, judgemental ass like you.


  19. Aaron K says

    what is with the two people who are red faced and clearly giggling behind the I HEART HILLARY shirt wearer… see at 1:38

    Are they in hysterics or are they gushing that Hillary is addressing this?

  20. 24play says

    Ladies, ladies.

    Jason is the unhinged freak from Australia who’s constantly on here (and all over the Web) blathering on about THE INSIDIOUS LIBERAL BISEXUAL DOUBLE STANDARD!!!!!!!!!!! She’s also an HIV denialist. And batshit crazy.

    Feel free to rip her a new asshole. But it’s not like she’s capable of engaging in–or being influenced by–a reasonable argument.

  21. Mark in NYC says

    Max from Moldavia is a total cutie. I’d have some man-with-man sex with him in a NY minute.

    The troll Jason drives Max’s point of the need for prevention even further. It’s ignorance like the troll’s that needs to be eliminated as well as the virus.

  22. nic says

    jeebus, some on here hate hillary so much that they analyze her body language and gestures to find something to complain about. how do you stand your sad, bitter selves?

    let’s just take the question and answer at face value, shall we? don’t curse the darkness, light a candle.

  23. Paul R says

    Aaron K, I noticed that too. I don’t know how long this conference lasted, but there were other awkward responses even from the people on stage. Call me an optimist (no one else does), but I doubt they were mocking the guy two feet away. Maybe it was just a long conference, or maybe they were mocking Hillary. Who knows.

    24Play, I know all about the crazy Jason, I just don’t know if there’s more than one Jason these days—the comments sections have become so much more crowded, and my new browser doesn’t show commenters’ email addresses. But yes, whether it’s one or two, the Jason is crazy.

  24. nic says

    PAUL R,

    yeah, i face the same problem. but, is it our browser’s problem, or is it the site’s problem? andy?!

  25. nic says

    i have to confess, 24PLAY, that i did visit that last thread. you reminded me of the shrub. you cannot declare a victory unilaterally. you cannot stand on the deck of an aircraft carrier and say, “mission accomplished”. having the last word on anything does not signify victory. when we get down to brass tacks, your sound and fury signify nothing.

    i think that it is your stentorian tone that i find so annoying, or perhaps it is your self-righteous indignation, or perhaps it is your patronizing attitude that chaps my hide. but i will not accept preachy condemnations from a white guy. i know that you think you are being all p.c. and shit, but your crticism is as welcome as a jehova’s witness or a mormon at my door.

  26. nic says

    bye the bye, asswipe, can you delete words like “blather”, “bloviate” and “ilk” from your mental lexicon? they will never serve you well. it is all lazy-assed thinking. all of that is “rush” speak — rightist language. i think that you are able to craft a better style. well, i atleast hope so.

  27. Charles J. Mueller says

    Jason, you come off sounding ling a self-loathing homo shill put here by the religious right to spew your moralistic shit.

    It’s that kind of moralist shit that is the cause of so many people dying. I would imagine that, just like the Pope, you probably don’t believe in condoms either.

    Abstention is your “cure” for AIDS.

    You’re disgusting, dude.

  28. chasmader says

    I really want President Obama to succeed and I am not stupid. It gladdens my heart to see people in his administration, like Hillary, standing up for Gay rights around the world. I know this is important. But to be honest, all other issues right now (to me) are subordinate to the economy. I would really hate to see Mr. Obama derailed by the GOP over our rights as was the case with President Clinton.

  29. says

    Jason does have somewhast of a point. Its called personal responsibility. Becasue Bush didn’t buy you condoms, is a ridiculous excuse. Yes, We should help people but people need to also help themselves.

  30. D.R.H. says

    I thought Jason was banned from commenting on here. I was just thinking that I hadn’t read any of his heinous comments for what felt like ages. I’m glad he’s back. Crazy people give me something to smile about.

  31. Bill Perdue says

    Hillary Clinton’s christian bigotry and refusal to support same sex marriage makes her as much a bigot as Bush or Obama. No surprise there, she’s a key leader of the Fellowship, a protestant version of Opus Dei and co-author, with Rick Santorum, of the infamous theocratic policy of using federal funds to bribe cult leaders under the guise of ‘faith based’ charities.

    Will she run for president again? Is the pope Nazi? She’s saying what we want to hear to get votes, but she won’t do what needs to be done.

    Next time ask her to break relations with the Vatican becasue they’re bigots and because they rape little boys and girls.

  32. elg says

    Science has linked most cases of cervical cancer in women to the HPV virus. This means that cervical cancer, in most cases, is a sexually transmitted disease. Meaning that most cases of cervical cancer are preventable. However, I don’t hear ANYBODY saying that straight women who get cervical cancer deserved it because they had sex with some man they shouldn’t have had it with.

    Why are gay men expected to be either celibate or 100% monogamous (in other words “perfect”)?

  33. RomanFingers says

    Thanks, both to 24Play (btw, just love your moniker!) and to Paul R (just plain love ya’) for shedding some disinfecting sunshine upon the troglodytic missing link so-called “Jason” a/k/a (fill in the most vituperative blank possible!) I too often forget that there are life forms on this planet, and especially here in cyber space, that really don’t have a life worth living. Oh yeah, and thanks, too, for the “ladies…” comment 24PLAY. Gotta say though, dear soul, after last night I don’t feel like much of one. And yes, he was that good!

  34. nic says

    24PLAY, is that all you got — an impotent link from an impotent little guy? jeebus, another hollow man, head piece filled with straw. your world will end with a whimper, you will slouch toward oblivion.

  35. nic says

    sorry, 24PLAY. i am in a dyspeptic mood. i will take some tums. you have shown yourself to be a stand-up guy. you are not stupid by any stretch. just allow me the same courtesy.

    can we have make-up sex now? ha!

  36. RomanFingers says

    Wow, I guess it’s out of my envy of all the people who seem to live on this blog, or any other one(s) for that matter, that I’m forced to wonder: Where do you people get the fucking time to devote yourselves to this pointless point-counterpointing? It’s just my envy of the monied leisure class, I guess, but life seems way too short to me to act as if this forum is all that important. Guess I have gotten carried away with it, too, at times. Glad I’ve been able to move on in the past, now that I’ve seen during these last few days how it’s nothing more than a silly game for so many sad souls. I remain very grateful to the work and organization Mr. Towle contributes to “actually creating something” noteworthy in service to our national (and international) political and cultural life. God bless the rest – or not. Hope I don’t forget again the masturbatory killing of time most folks perform here in the absence of anything better to do before the grave rushes up and buries their carcasses once and for all.

  37. Brian says

    Do you think after she fixes Moldovia that Hillary can come out to California and fix the predjudice and inequality that we still endure here?

  38. nic says


    aren’t you special!?! i guess you are so much above the fray that you feel you can make such a comment. usually, self-satisfaction is the province of the idle. but from what you say, you must be very busy, what with riding your high horse while taking the low road, to borrow a mixaphor from our former chimp-in-chief.

    nevertheless, you take time from your quotidian existence to chastise those that you feel superior to. where do you scratch out that time, gurrl? but, if you can tolerate us — the privileged few, the jet-setters, the bon vivants, the boulevardiers, the gadabouts, the men about town, the ladies who lunch — you may discover that it takes very little effort to churn out a comment — especially if it as churlish as yours.

    all you need is a good, working vocabulary.

  39. says

    The sad thing is that Clinton is not President. Obama is a fool and a tool and clearly in over his head. Clinton would have been a fine President on the other hand.

    Obama will lea the Dems to defeat by 2010. THe man is a lazy bum. Clinton on the other hand, rocks.

  40. 24play says

    Thank God we have mindless PUMA trolls like JohnSmart around here to remind us of the bullet we dodged last spring.

  41. says

    This woman is a lying sack of hypocritical bigoted shit, as of course all Democrats are when it comes to gay issues. To pretend otherwise is foolish. Don’t delude yourselves, Hillary (and Obama, and Biden) will sell us all down the river after having campaigned so vigorously for our votes.

  42. says

    DISCLAIMER: I’m not the same Jason who commented earlier. I don’t believe a monogamous, “healthy” relationship is directly correlated with “decency.” And, I believe “promiscuity” is not a term that relays itself to a simple black/white answer and is only ever considered “bad” because of our own cultural hang-ups. If we lived in another culture (and another era), we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Jumping so quickly to labeling a person, group, or nation “wrong” is the real problem with the other Jason and the real problem in our society and world.

    That said, John in CA raises a VERY important point. We have to be our own voices. If we want things to be different, we have to speak up! We have to make ourselves heard, and we have to shine our lights brighter. Whatever Clinton and Obama’s motives are, providing us with lip service is a HUGE step. It was a taboo not long ago to even do that. The way the legislative system works means that politicians are simply going to spend the better part of their time working to get elected/re-elected. That’s just the way it is unless you have a constituency that is made up primarily of people who think like you and have the same values as you, and you, in turn, represent that (i.e. Barney Frank).

    However, it is OUR job to be the absolute BEST people we can be in everything we do. Sure, we have issues, but because we’re scrutinzed, we have to be better. This doesn’t mean that we have to conform to heteronormativity if that’s not our cup of tea, but it DOES mean that we have to shine our lights BRIGHTER. Even when we’re fighting for equality and showing that we’re not happy being second-class citizens, we have to show that we’re NOT hypocritical, that we work harder in our respective fields, that we accept ALL people (even if they disagree with us), and that we are a genuinely HAPPY, OPTIMISTIC (though marginalized) group. We have to strike that balance. Cattiness, negativity, and cynicism do nothing to promote our cause.

  43. says

    Wow, Roscoe, I just went to your blog, and in the next to most recent post of yours, you claim to be an optimist. Your comment is hardly optimistic. If you really feel that way, then maybe you should do more to speak out on our behalf. If we’re loud enough and POSITIVE enough, they can’t “sell us all down the river.” Come on, you know how PR works, right?

  44. Rain says

    HIV is virus. It has no conscience and it has no soul. Very much like many, many human beings.

  45. Rain says

    @Bill Perdue:

    Your comment is a shinning example of the hysteria that has been engendered by an illness that has been so strongly associated with anal sex in the United States. Yes, people forget that HPV is a predominant cause of cervical cancer. They also forget that HIV is a predominantly heterosexual disease world-wide but absolutely no one is telling heterosexuals to stop having procreative sex. The most radical anti-sex factions are merely advising them to post-pone procreative sex until AFTER marriage.

    When Gay men tell other Gay men how they should lead their sexual lives they’ve already been sold down the river.

  46. Glenn Rivera says

    I agree with the statement above that we cannot wait for these politicians to save or support us.

    We have a lot of work to do. It is obvious that the old cronies on the Senate will not repeal Prop 8. It would cause too much distress for the religious parts who, like it or not still rule and govern this country. Even if the constitution of this country says they cannot be mixed.

    It is hate – some say fear. What is the easiest way to deal with “fear”? Get rid of it – dislike it – or hate it.

    I will do whatever it takes to make our lives valuable to ourselves but having rights. Basic rights. It is time to stop being ashamed of being a homosexual. That in itself is old school and dated. Tired.

  47. says

    Jason, dude. Being an optimist doesn’t mean I’m a fool enough to believe that Hillary Clinton and the Dems mean to do anything at all to improve the state of gay rights in this country.

  48. says

    Hillary Clinton is the first and only American politician to run for President and SPECIFICALLY call out the GLBT community consistently throughout her campaign. Barack Obama is extremely regressive on gay rights issues, only adopted the GLBT platform when polls told him gay people preferred Hillary, and even in his Advocate interview, would not expressly say he would address GLBT equities. Even John McCain and Sarah Palin offered more progressive views of GLBT issues than Obama.

    My point: we’re lucky it’s Hillary Clinton carrying out foreign policy, and we’re lucky she has the amount of political clout she has, or GLBT’s would be brushed under another president’s carpet. A little patience, everyone. It hasn’t even been two months yet.

  49. SAMIRA says


  50. Freedom says

    Modulated ultrasonic carriers picked up at ear resonance frequencies. You want your rights retained? Only detection equipment can do that now.

  51. BD11 says

    Its good to see Hillary supporting the rights of all people…lets hope it gets carried out