James Denton to Go Gay in Desperate Housewives?


On Starz channel's celebrity therapy show Head Case on Friday, creator Marc Cherry and actor Kevin Rahm attempted to convince James Denton of the direction his character might go. They later disrobed and did a bit of acting out, which isn't in the clip below.

Head Case is a meant-to-offend comedy about Hollywood therapist Dr. Elizabeth Goode and various celebrity clients she takes on week to week. Goode's schtick is to make her clients believe she has issues they really don't.

Actually, where else does the show really have to go? They've played out just about every other scenario.


  1. Alfred says

    Well this maybe true because Part 8 of the interview on ABC.com has Marc Cherry say, next year it may be a tough year for Katherine Mayfair as the love of her life will be pulling away.

    It’s time for Mike to have some good story lines again. I don’t find him very good with Katherine. He needs to be with someone who’s goofy like Susan, so Lee might just be the guy. LOL.

  2. KFLO says

    eww well since Marc Cherry is a weird republican, at least James Denton is there to balance him out. James campaigned for Dem candidates like John Edwards and Barack Obama.

    This was a funny clip!

  3. Dhani Darko says

    Marc Cherry is catholic. Cut him some slack already. He can’t help it. We are all different and it’s okay. He still sleeps with men. He just thinks he’s going to hell and that’s his choice.

  4. jason says

    Marc Cherry might be a Republican but at least he has given air time to male bisexuality in the context of “sexy”. Unlike, of course, those upstanding media organizations like MTV and Rolling Stone magazine which seem to avoid the concept of male bisexuality like the plague, giving positive coverage mainly to female bisexuality, especially in the visual sense.

    Democrats tend to be lying sleazeballs/parasites who promote a bisexual double standard at the cultural level, thus accommmodating the homophobia of Americans who think guy-guy is “gross” but girl-girl is “hot”.

  5. says

    Jason sounds like a typical troll, but on the off chance that he believes what he’s saying: Democrats are liars, as opposed to Republicans? Democrats are sleazy, as opposed to Republicans? Sorry, but Republicans invented those things and lately have cornered the market on both. As for promoting anything at the cultural level, Republicans would like for gay people to cease to exist, moron. Go vote yourself.

  6. David in Houston says

    That clip is very funny. That being said, it’s disappointing that Marc Cherry is a conservative working with the LCR. If he thinks Republicans are going to embrace anything having to do with gay rights or marriage, he’s deluding himself.

    Oddly enough, I thought a good story line would have Tom and Carlos getting drunk watching a football game and ending up kissing each other. At the end they realize that they are attracted to each other, but don’t act on their urges because of their families.

  7. Kristoffer says

    They need to give the gay couple a real story line in the show. I haven’t quite figured out why they are even there. Wouldn’t mind seeing something like this happen really. Head case is a funny show too.

  8. James says

    “They need to give the gay couple a real story line in the show. I haven’t quite figured out why they are even there. Wouldn’t mind seeing something like this happen really. Head case is a funny show too. ”

    Why are any of the characters there? That’s such a pointless question. The show is called Desperate Housewives. The gay couple is not getting any worse treatment than any of the other supporting characters that aren’t the main four housewives.

  9. ChrisM says

    WOW, is Desperate Housewives still on? Have they ever bothered to finish a storyline or do they still continue to jump from one story to the next without a conclusion. After a couple of seasons of fun DH just got stupid and boring with all the convoluted neverending plot twists.

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