1. CJ says

    Say what you will about Ms Griffin, she is one of the few celebrities who seem to be genuinely involved in the fight for equality. I’m happy to have her on our side. (and Ms Griffin, it’s time to change your show to “My Life on the A List” cause you are Blanche, you are)

  2. cheesy potatoes says

    Griffin is such a freak of nature…nobody cares what this has been wannabe thinks…every time she opens her mouth she just verifies how really stupid she is….ITS ALL FOR PUBLICITY… keep her sorry career going…

  3. JJ says

    I support Prop. 8. It doesn’t mean I’m a bigot. I have many gay friends and they know that I supported it. It doesn’t mean they like it, but they accept the fact that I feel that way.

  4. Dom Colangelo says

    Kathy Griffin, the masculine version of Bill Maher. But she is right, Galiforneeans have a lot more to deal with than gay marriage. Gays already have full legal rights to property transfers, adoption, etc., all the same civil rights as heterosexual married couples. So step off. Find something else to bitch and moan about.

  5. Porcelina says

    Ok JJ, but WHY do you support it? Afraid if you said why that you would actually have to have a discussion instead of holding onto traditions and bigotry?

  6. Leland Frances says

    I’ll accept that you’re not a bigot, JJ, for supporting Prop 8 if you accept that you’re an imbecile. Bigotry or stupidity—which is it?

  7. Ted says

    Kathy Griffith had a husband that dumped her (for obvious reasons) so don’t expect her to have a high opinion of marriage.

    Marriage means a husband and a wife. Nothing else. Gays that insist on having the term “marriage” are only interested in shoving GAY down everyone’s throat, not their own rights. Like, everyone HAS TO put their stamp of approval on Gay, or you go to jail.

    Gays can have civil unions that have all the legal rights of marriage. If that’s not good enough for you, too bad. Because, that’s all that will be on the table on this matter. If that.

    You can’t make us like you, and you certainly can’t make us applaud your relationship.

  8. shesthemimi says

    @JJ– I’m having rights withheld from me, and you are worried about being called names. Trade you.
    If you are going to vote for discrimination, have the guts to own up to it.

    @Ted- she divorced him for taking money out of her bank accounts. If you can’t get her name right, I guess you can’t be expected to get the facts right either. But if she were motivated by a bad experience with marriage, why would she advocate for her gay friends to have the same bad experience? Take your post, replace gay with negro, and you have something Gov. Wallace could have said 40 years ago. You are just plain wrong.

  9. matt says

    ted, kathy dumped her husband because he’d been stealing from her. her opinion of marriage and her own personal marriage has nothing to do with anything anyway – seriously, who actually would make the statement that gays should be able to marry if they had a bad marriage? your logic is flawed.

  10. Rampage says

    Dear, poor Ted,

    You start off by insulting Kathy Griffin for no apparent reason then go on some diatribe about morality..or whatever your point was supposed to be. That’s funny. The biggest point that you need to understand, Ted, is that this is in no way about you. No one is trying to turn YOU gay or shove their lifestyle down your throat. That’s just silly. It’s about civil and equal rights. Your marriage will in no way be less of a marriage if two homosexuals get “married.” If it’s all about semantics, as you have clearly stated, then what is the real problem? Additionally, you say “you can’t make us applaud your relationship.” Again, they are not looking for your approval, Ted. Perhaps you should hone your debating skills and come up with some legitimate reasons why gay people should not get married. As far as I can tell, there aren’t any.

  11. Marie says

    Exactly Porcelina…Exactly.

    People like that never question why they feel they way they do and why it’s truly important. If they did they would realize it all comes down to outdated and long held beliefs that no longer have a place in our society.

    I’m still pissed at my mother who is sooo fucking afraid of displeasing “God” and going to hell that she still holds onto all her outdated Catholic beliefs even when she can’t honestly explain why they matter or what they really mean. It wasn’t until I berated her for voting Yes on 8 that she began to feel an ounce of guilt. It just had not occured to her that this was more than a “church” or “God” matter, but that there were people behind this battle who were being really hurt! My mother has never been homophobic in her life and some of her closest friends years ago (when she had a social life) were gay men. She loved them. But this inability to question deeply held beliefs is a very dangerous and stupid trait. Shit, I’m still angry as I write this. How dare she.

  12. Alice says

    I just have to say that I believe in the SANCTITY of marriage between a man and a woman, they are holy vows that should not be shared with gays and lesbians! For example…Britney Spears and her two husbands, Drew Barrymore and her two husbands, Elizabeth Taylor and her 8 husbands, Dennis Hopper and Michelle Phillips, Robin Givens and Mike Tyson (oh she also married her tennis instructor for 5 hours), Cher and Gregg Allman, shall I go on or do you see the fact that only heteros hold wedded bliss as a sacred thing?

  13. paul c says

    @Crispy — yes that makes a world of sense — anyone who wants equal rights for all citizens must be late for the Klan rally.

    I think you must be late for your brain implant.

    You kiss the ass of Obama the anti-gay bigot, while you lamely attempt to smear me for demanding equal rights for all Americans. You are one fucked up piece of work.

  14. Chandra says

    A marriage is a civil union, that is why it is not recognized by the government when you do not purchase a license. Even if you are married in a church, the government does not recognize it without the license.

    It has NOTHING TO DO WITH GENDER, male/male, female/male or female/female. It is a contract between two people.

    What the f^%k is it to those of you who fought against this in the name of god? Nothing….mind your own damn business.

    Oh and for those of you who “have gay friends” and “they know I don’t support this”, what are gay people your newest accoutrement? Is it now fashionable to “have your own gay”?

    You just do not want to comprehend basic science (NOT A CHOICE, BIOLOGICAL DIFFERENCES IN THE BRAIN) or believe in “science” ’cause it ain’t in the bible.

    hate to break it to you, the Bible that you read now is NOT what GOD would have you practice…LOVE is what GOD is….NOT HATE

  15. Heather says

    I read this story from a link on so I’m not super familiar with Towelroad and have 1 quick question, if you are anti-gay marriage, WFT are you doing on a gay news website? Wouldn’t you rather go to a website whose content you support? Unless you like oogle hot shirtless men while you type your hate.

  16. Natalie says

    Fuck the haters. I wish I lived in California just so I could have helped try to shoot down Prop 8… it’s appalling and unconstitutional, and I’m sorry, but supporting it equates to an open, blatant hate crime in my opinion. Why is it that two people who love and care for each other, regardless of their sex, cannot be granted the same legal and civil rights as everyone else? Total bullshit, and I can’t wait to see the day when all American citizens are granted equal rights.

  17. Markus says

    Here’s what it is to me:

    In CA, there is no right or privilege heterosexual married couples enjoy that gays cannot access through a civil union (or whatever the technical term for it is now). Some people tried to ban that, but the petition didn’t get enough signatures to get on the ballot. The only thing gay couples cannot do is call this package of rights, privileges and obligations a marriage. Conversely, Californians don’t seem to have a problem with anything any gay person does, as long as the government doesn’t call it “marriage.” So what is this argument really about?

    What gays really don’t have here is the right to demand that other people approve of them. That’s the only thing left. That’s the only thing the word “marriage” confers: the approval, by goverment fiat if necessary, of the society at large. That’s what gays are up against in this particular fight. What they want isn’t a “right” at all. Certainly they have the right to make their case, to attempt to persuade. I’m sure they’ll succeed in that, and in not too much time, either. But they don’t have the right to force people to agree with them, and legal minutia aside, that is what this represents for the people KG is tossing F-bombs at here.

  18. Caroline says

    Kathy must take her fight to First AME Church and churches all over the East side of LA. All those black and brown people that voted against gay marriage must have their minds re-educated!

  19. Natalie says

    “What gays really don’t have here is the right to demand that other people approve of them. That’s the only thing left.”

    It’s not about approval, Markus- it’s about equality, respect, and tolerance. No one is clamoring for approval- if you don’t like someone’s lifestyle, that’s your prerogative and no one is forcing you to approve, but who are you to decide what others can and cannot do? (Using the word “you” here as a generalization, just for the record.)

    Where is the harm, the damage, in allowing gays to marry? Explain to me exactly how it’s detrimental to heterosexual marriage.

  20. Markus says

    Natalie, my point is that it’s most certainly not about “tolerance.” People are using that word as if it means “approval,” so they can claim that approval is something they have a legal right to demand. You don’t tolerate something you like. You don’t tolerate sunny days and chocolate. You tolerate headaches and self-righteous vegans. You’re saying, well, why don’t you like gays? That’s not the point I’m making at all. I’m not expressing an opinion about homosexuality, but rather about this issue as a public controversy.
    As for ‘no one clamoring for approval,’ well, that’s my point. I didn’t say ‘clamoring.’ That makes it sound like they’re a bunch of attention-craving preadolescents, and I’m not trying to insult anyone. When you say ‘equality’ you mean social equality, that is, people not looking down on people. You don’t mean legal equality; they already have that. When you say ‘respect’ you’re saying the same thing. Approval is another word for that.

  21. Tayah says

    I wish people would stop trying to equate this issue to that of African Americans – then and now. This is a totally different issue. Discrimination or the eradication of a people based solely on the color of their skin is not the same as disapproval of someone because of the way they act or things they do.

    This is an argument that should be strong enough to stand on its own if it’s to have any merit. Using the plight of another group – and using it inaccurately – diminishes the value of both groups.

  22. TANK says

    “Natalie, my point is that it’s most certainly not about “tolerance.” People are using that word as if it means “approval,” so they can claim that approval is something they have a legal right to demand.”

    First, the rights and privileges of a civil union aren’t the same as those of a marriage, and often, in spite of having a civil union, many separate rights not contained in the civil union need to be individually obtained. Second, given that difference in tangible rights, it is more than approval.

    “You don’t tolerate something you like.”

    So by Markus’ reasoning, if it were gay marriage, he wouldn’t tolerate it because he’d actually like it, because he’d be forced to…LOL! He is fearing, then, that he will stop tolerating gay marriage and accept it. Glenn Beck makes more sense than Markus…and he sings lullabies to a pillow.

    “You don’t tolerate sunny days and chocolate. You tolerate headaches and self-righteous vegans. You’re saying, well, why don’t you like gays? That’s not the point I’m making at all.”

    Maybe she was asking Markus that, but who gives a damn what Markus thinks about gay marriage or gay people? Markus’ opinion doesn’t matter, and neither do you. No one is forcing anyone to LIKE gay people and LIKE gay marriage; even if it were made legal in CA. Markus is still entitled to disapprove just like many people a way down south and around the country disapprove of interracial marriage…still.

    “I’m not expressing an opinion about homosexuality, but rather about this issue as a public controversy.”

    Okay, so now same sex marriage has nothing to do with gay rights and gay people, and Markus’ disapproval just pertains to genders of those who are getting married (which even the dictionary acknowledges as being consistent with members of the same gender, you need to be reminded)–on top of which, you think that be allowing same sex marriages to occur legally, it would be forcing you to APPROVE of it. That’s false. But further, if it just pertains to the gender, and not the sexual orientation of those involved, why the objection? Because, they’ll say, marriage is limited to one man and a woman. Well, no it’s not, in fact. That’s what you think it SHOULD be, not what it is; not even according to dictionaries. Why SHOULD it be? And then the same old tired lines are dispensed.

    “As for ‘no one clamoring for approval,’ well, that’s my point. I didn’t say ‘clamoring.’ That makes it sound like they’re a bunch of attention-craving preadolescents, and I’m not trying to insult anyone.”

    Okay, Markus is dissembling again. Markus disagees with same sex marriage and thinks that making it legal is FORCING people to approve of it. Equivocating that with the way in which one expresses their desire for it is a deliberate and pathetic dodge.

    “When you say ‘equality’ you mean social equality, that is, people not looking down on people.”

    No, legal equality. Once again, just saying that marriage and civil unions provide the same rights and benefits doesn’t make it true. And it’s not.

    “You don’t mean legal equality; they already have that.”

    That’s a lie.

    “When you say ‘respect’ you’re saying the same thing. Approval is another word for that.”

    No, it’s not another word for respect. No, it’s acknowledgement, and legal acknowledgement in this case. And how does the word translate into forced acceptance?

  23. thomasAlex says

    Ignorant Americans always make me laugh. The Gay Community does not care if you approve of what their parents created during conception. Nor is Gay Marriage a way to achieve this so called approval. Marriage is to Gays, what Marriage is to Straights. A Commitment of undying love between two people. Religious belief and personal opinion, is not an excuse to discriminate against anyone.

  24. says

    @ Markus: the state should support and approve of the marriage of same-sex couples for the very same reasons it does so for opposite-sex ones: more stable families that provide and support one another. It has nothing to do with your fragile ego.

  25. CK says

    Well said Tank…. the bigots need to be called out for their lies and wilful inaccuracies, over and over, until people see them for who they are, fearful dark-hearted discriminators. And to those trashing on Kathy for standing up for what is right… FUCK YOU… you are on the wrong side of morality and she is shoving it in your face, and will knowing her, continue to do so, so get the hell used to it! Go Kathy, you are AWESOME!

  26. Elaina says

    I get the whole “marriage is a special thing between a man and woman or so says god” thing, I really do. But if that’s the case, what business does our government have in offering a legal “marriage” to ANY couple, homo- or heterosexual? Ever heard of separation of church and state? So in my view, everybody has the right to the same treatment from the government. Either gay couples get married or straight couples get “civil unions,” your choice.

  27. says

    @Ted. Uhhhh. Ted, you’re a moron. I respect your right to be one. No one is asking for your ‘stamp of approval’ on my rights, I’m asking– no, DEMANDING that you not interfere with my rights. If marriage is so SACRED, why is it you bible-thumping goat-f**kers aren’t out demanding that we outlaw DIVORCE?

    You’re a dinosaur, Ted. Old outdated ideas usually die with old, outdated people, but I’m tired of waiting. Go into a hole and wait for the rapture, you tard.

  28. Bug Chaser says

    I like how the GRID brigade is out telling us how things are going to be. Do you s**tf**kers not get it? You lost! Everyone agrees, the clowns in the court are going to let prop 8 stand! It’s over! The only thing you guys can do (besides spread a vicious disease, inhale meth, have 1000 sexual partners in a lifetime, and piss of the non-ass packing 98% of society) is accept it and return to your glory-holing ways, or try to get the signatures and convince the voters that one man ramming his penis into the shit-encrusted anus of another man is the literal equivalent to 5000+ years of loving, stable, biologically ordained heterosexuality. I don’t like your odds, but then again, you’ve terrorized the MSM into supporting you 100%. So who knows? In the meantime, however, the law agrees with the universe…whatever it is you do…it ain’t normal and it ain’t marriage. Enjoy the GRID.

  29. bug zapper says

    @Bug Chaser — thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule of shoving your penis up your old lady’s shit encrusted anus, smoking weed and popping vicodin, and spreading HPV and herpes.

    I know you’re just afraid that stable, committed gay relationships would cut into your ability to hook up on the down low at rest stops, but relax, there will always be plenty of other married “straight” guys willing to let you service them.

  30. Tayah says

    You know what? If you people had a point, it’s hard to take seriously with all the cussing, namecalling and vulgarity. You have been offensive and tasteless.

    It all started with Kathy Griffin’s need to show herself off – for the sake of her questionable career – and the discussion has gone totally downhill from there. Not a long descent, I might add.

    I’m going to leave this conversation alone. You, Kathy Griffin and her well-manager can now continue with the pseudo-cause that she wouldn’t give a darn about if it didn’t highlight her career, er…ex-career.

  31. Spatchula says

    No matter what the gay discriminators say now, there will come a time in the good old USA when gay couples are equal in the eyes of the American Government as straight couples. Thank You Kathy for helping us get one step further from the sad ignorance we are currently suffering.

  32. cal garcia says

    It’s amazing that so many people STILL believe the legal rights of marriage are the same as partnerships or unions.
    They are not.

    @ posters who “have gay friends that understand their feelings”, are you kidding?
    They don’t understand and are tolerating your unjust beliefs.

    @ the MIT paper claiming that gay marriage should not be allowed by states because of procreation interests or other antique cultural beliefs. He’s correct, if people want more than 1 spouse, why not? If they want to marry their 1st cousins, why not?

    @ every post slamming Kathy, her career, marriage & divorce or whatever else they are choosing to be rude and offending about in an open forum … Kathy is LAUGHING her a** off at you. Thanks for entertaining all of us by taking time to post here and vent your hostilities!

    Civil Rights for all adults is not too much to ask.

    Stay on track Kathy and keep on annoying people, it gets them spending lots of time on you, plus hits to this site isn’t bad for business either.

  33. Dr Steve Bayes & Dr JD Buchert says

    As a gay couple who was married on October 14, 2008 in San Francisco . . . THANK YOU for standing up for equality. Besides being the funniest comedian on television, you demostrated the warm and caring side of a GREAT person!

  34. Heather says

    I would just like to say that as human being and an American citizen I am appalled by the discrimintory attitudes of many of my fellow straight counterparts! For all of those individuals whose ignorance is resulting in an absolute lack of common sense, I will happily put it simple terms for you; each and every citizen of this country is protected by our constitution which entitles everyone to the same exact legal rights.

  35. Eric says

    Ms Kathy- I know I’m like weeks behind on My Life on the D-List (please forgive me, but thank God for the DVR!), but I just recently watched your episode where you brought your “Gay Teens” to Sacramento to march against Prop 8! I have to say, I was SOOO touched not only by your genuine concern to involve the youth of America, but I think you did an AMAZING job talking about Matthew Shepard’s life. I was only 18 when that horrible moment happened and I remember how profound of a moment it was for me, as a young gay guy freshly new to the college gay scene. But I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all you do to support the GLBT and that ever allusive “I” communities! Much love- Eric :)

  36. planetspinz says

    Equal rights must never depend on the approval, acceptance, agreement, respect or tolerance of heterosupremacist tyrannical theoCRATs – including those who have posted here, or anyone advocating or voting on bigot ballots like the Obama supporters who voted against unconditional constitutional rights for all Americans.

    The next step against equal rights for gay and lesbian human beings is being taken right now in Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan and Iraq, where laws are being passed to kill anyone who is not heterosexual (or anyone who supports anyone who is not heterosexual). That is the real goal of organizations like National Organization for Marriage, started by the same people who wrote the Manhattan Declaration, threatening to stop civil law and impose theocRAT laws.

    Anyone here who thinks this is just about marriage are dangerously mistaken. Marriage rights include more than 1300 federal and state rights for couples and their children. But what is really happening is a worldwide move towards a globalized Christanization. Read the book The Family by Jeff Sharlet for the full story of what is going on.

    Anyone who is against equal marriage rights is against human rights and for a 21st century holocaust – gays were murdered by their neighbors during WWII, and are being murdered by their neighbors now – this time instead of in Hitler’s name the murder is in Jesus’ name.

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