1. Billy says

    I don’t like when we gays berate someone by assuming they’re gay and closeted, but Matt Dallas is gay. And he’s repeatedly denied it in the most juvenile ways — cracking jokes, talking about all the girls he banged in high school, etc. I wish this guy would just stop denying it.

  2. noah says

    As long as he’s not taking part in any anti-gay activities, I don’t care about his sexuality. Last year, every one said Hayden Christiansen was gay. He’s now engaged to some woman from some TV soap that got canceled. Is he gay, bi, or straight? I don’t know. Should I believe every rumor posted on the Internet?

    Dallas is just another actor with a canceled show. Given the realities of the industry, he is likely to just fade away and become a whatever-happened-to figure. Whatever happened to the lawn boy from Desperate Housewives? Have you seen him in any major movies or TV shows? Can you even remember his name? I can’t recall it off hand. The same can be said of a ton of actresses. They’re famous for 15-seconds and then poof. VH1 has this show about former heartthrobs like Adrian from TJ Hooker.

    This photo shoot seem well timed to change Dallas’ image since his sci-fi TV show, Kyle XY, has been canceled and he’s now trying to salvage his career. Will it work? Who knows.

  3. Joel says

    Kyle XY was a guilty pleasure. X Files meets Growing Pains meets 90210, in a good way. I hope this guy’s career doesn’t evaporate, because he’s actually a decent actor. Although this photo shoot does seem a bit, ahem, desperate.
    And, who cares if he’s gay. Let him come out in his own sweet time, so long as he isn’t going after gay people.

  4. Joel says

    I should say Kyle XY showed some promise the first season of getting as good as “My So-Called Life” but it veered off into Growing Pains territory.

  5. says

    I’m so sad this show’s going off the air… it’s actually not a bad show, even today. A little preachy at times, but in a *good* way. Totally gay friendly, which surprises me on a network that allows bigots to even buy time to preach obnoxious anti-equality christian taliban messages.

    And he’s totally gay, but like Matty, I don’t really care that he comes out. As long as people aren’t lying or speaking down on me, or voting to strip my rights, I don’t feel the need for them to be forced out of the closet (if they are doing those things, all bets off!).

    Huge kudos and props when they do come out, though, because it’s sooo freaking important whenever any celebrity, even the minor ones, move out of that (glass) closet. I look at what Neil Patrick Harris and Ellen have done… and I’m amazed. NPH is bigger than ever and proving that you can be gay and a star and playing straight characters who are getting girls all the time… and people won’t bat an eye, or care, or judge. NPH rocks.

  6. Ian says

    If ever there was doubt just look to when on Entourage he said, “He’s not my dad, he’s my Daddy” or how he replied to Kathy Griffin on youtube at her party. But I don’t care about him being outed. First it’s his business, he’s not doing anything anti-gay and even had pro-gay messages on K-XY. The sad reality also is that full equality isn’t here YET, and male actors who out themselves too early almost always get a lashback of loss of opportunity for acting roles. It sucks but it’s true.

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