Angry Catholic’s Email Threat to Gay Connecticut Lawmakers Revealed


Last week I posted about a Catholic man who was arrested after sending a threatening email to two gay Connecticut lawmakers.

The legislators, state senator Andrew McDonald, and state representative Michael Lawlor, were instrumental in the state's same-sex marriage battle,
but the threats made by Kane were over a church oversight bill that
would have altered the legal, financial, and administrative structure
of local parishes, giving local parishioners more control. Catholics
turned out to protest the bill in mid-March, after a push from local Bishops.
At least one newspaper saw Catholics using this as an excuse to
exercise their anger over the state's same-sex marriage decision
targeting the two gay lawmakers.

The content of the email from Kane was revealed in court today, Fox 61 reports. Kane wrote:

"You better hope myself and other Catholics don't find out where you
live, cause there's hell to pay for your attack on the church.
(expletive) off. God hates gay sex."

Earlier reports by the New Haven Advocate that the threats were specific death threats and contained the word "kill" may have been misreported, Fox 61 told Towleroad. The lawmakers reportedly received thousands of emails from around the country.


  1. SJ says

    Fuck Catholics and their religion.Fucking hypocrites using their religion as a scape-goat to express their bigoted view points.I dont care how offensive this sounds to ANY1 but Im at the point where Im ready to set a church on fire.Just because someone may not think its the “right” thing to do doesnt make me feel less motivated to do it.Im tired of being nice 2 people who come off with their holier than thou types who think “god hates gay sex” and that “god gives out HIV/AIDS to gays for their sins”.Let me tell you something If god gave out STDs for sinning,You Catholics,Mormons,Christians would be at the free clinic everyday.And so would the rest of you bible thumping hetero losers

  2. MJO says

    Ya, this guy is an ass, and the Catholic Church has caused much pain for us, but please keep in mind that there are good Catholics working very hard for justice for the LGBT community. It’s easy to hate, but there are glimmers of hope…

  3. JimSur says

    You know Jamie, prison rape jokes/references are very offensive and homophobic. They imply that gay sex is worse than time served. Playing into that hetero-stereotype shouldn’t be done on Towleroad.

  4. says

    The Catholic church is nothing more and nothing less than the world’s largest, richest, most powerful and most fully-lawyered pedophile cult. Out and proud LGBT people are a living breathing threat to the church’s very existence.

  5. says

    “I’m ready to set a church on fire. Just because someone may not think it’s the “right” thing to do doesn’t make me feel less motivated to do it.” –

    THANK GOD. Real anger. No, I’m not saying go burn down a church, but I am saying that WE HAVE A RIGHT TO OWN THIS ANGER. The RIGHT to RAGE. Laws against our family IS VIOLENCE.

    Tell “Steamboater” on the HuffPost that is was NOT violence when the children he raised as his own were taken away the day AFTER his spouse’s funeral. Or the police officer who riskes her life for us who had to die worried about her wife and the pension she SHOULD receive but never does. Or ANYONE who has been prevented from seeing a loved one while dying.

    VIOLENCE. Some Queers peed their diapers when I suggested that we inflict $190,000 worth of damage on the LDS church (or Catholics, or anyone who paid to HURT our family) – SUFFERING EQUALITY. Why can THEY spend oodles to HURT us, but we cannot re-pay the favor?

    I’m waiting for the headline – some queer WILL go off the deep end and do damage one day, and the wet diapers will cry about how bad it makes us look as a community.


  6. paul c says

    The catholic church and the mafia are two branches on the same tree.

    Both use intimidation to keep the money flowing from around the world back to their thug bosses in Italy.

  7. jimmyboy says


    There are good people who happen to be catholic. Good people inspite of their catholicism. Those people would be good whether Jew, Muslim, pagan, whatever. Their goodness is not coming from the catholic pedophile cult.

    Oh and ceremonial canabilsm cult. It is heresy to think the bread and wine do not litteraly transubstantiate into the supposed flesh and blood of myth jesus. It is heresy to not believe and support that the holy spirit through the priest literaly wipes away all space and time and directly links the bread and wine to the body of myth jesus. Ceremonial canabilism from the pedophile cult. Go ask any catholic priest about it not being symbolic and is supposed to be a literal thing.

  8. JohnInManhattan says

    Will TIMOTHY “Fuck off. God hates gay sex” KANE be keeping his job as a seventh grade math teacher at Pulaski Middle School in New Britain?

    Pulaski Middle School
    500 Pico Terrace
    Pulaski, VA 24301
    Telephone: (540) 643-0767

    Michael Perry, Principal:

    Jane Hall, Assistant Principal:

  9. Jack Oxford says

    Catholic Theology. “Sacramental” is the word you want to use not “literal”. By the power of God bread and wine are sworn by oath to become the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ now risen from the dead and seated at the Right Hand of the Father. God swears the oath meaning God guarantees what is said does take place. The idea of literal is dependent on the reader rather than God.

  10. jimmyboyo says


    The Catholic Encyclopedia

    -The Encyclopedia bears the imprimatur of the Most Reverend Archbishop under whose jurisdiction it is published

    -Cordial approval and assistance was given by the Apostolic Delegate and by the members of the Hierarchy, particularly by his Eminence Cardinal Farley archbishop of NY, to whom the project was formally submitted on January 27, 1905

    -excluding information which has no relation to the Church and explaining matters from the point of view of the official Catholic doctrine, as it stood during the pontificate of Pius X.

    – utilized in the catechism for the teaching of the faith and doctrine of the catholic church to catholics

    The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist
    In this article we shall consider:

    the fact of the Real Presence, which is, indeed, the central dogma;
    the several allied dogmas grouped about it, namely:
    Totality of Presence,
    Permanence of Presence and the Adorableness of the Eucharist
    the speculations of reason, so far as speculative investigation regarding the august mystery under its various aspects is permissible, and so far as it is desirable to illumine it by the light of philosophy.

    In order to forestall at the very outset, the unworthy notion, that in the Eucharist we receive merely the Body and merely the Blood of Christ but not Christ in His entirety, the Council of Trent defined the Real Presence to be such as to include with Christ’s Body and His Soul and Divinity as well………………………

    per the Catholic Encyclopedia per the council of trent. The REAL presence body, soul, and divinity. Any denial there with defined as HERESY


    Dude, take it up with the cannibal cult.

    It is a literal eating of the body, soul, and divinity of their jesus myth =ceremonial canabilism

  11. jimmyboyo says


    from the council of Trent via the Catholic Encyclopedia

    “…..Hence Christ is present in the sacrament with His Flesh and Blood, Body and Soul, Humanity and Divinity…… denial there with is HERESY…”


  12. TANK says

    That’s what I like about him. I identify with him because of that, not because he’s a jew, a gay male, the first openly gay politician that I learned about, and who I immediately respected when I was in my teens and closeted. Not even that he’s funny, and has to have a sense of humor given his goals…he’s not even funny most of the time. But he knows how to laugh, and laugh at himself. He doesn’t suffer fools, and cuts right to the quick, but moreso, is a person. He’s full of faults, and those only serve to magnify is gifts. I never respected perfect people, because they don’t exist. But, what I mean are the generic “heroes” of politics and civic life that we’ve grown up with–the non people we’re taught in school to revere. I like real people who say things they live to regret and do things that they know they shouldn’t but do anyway. People who take their lumps, deserved or not, and more often than not do the right thing; not always, of course, but a lot of the time, and know it. Those who come back after setback after setback, and continue to fight, no matter who futile it seems at the time. Barney Frank is a hero, and he’s one of mine.

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