New York Newsman’s Teen Killer is Knife-Collecting Satanist


Gawker has posted some photos, from the MySpace profile of John Katehis, identified by the New York Post as the 16-year-old  who confessed to the murder of WABC newsman George Weber. The two apparently met via an ad Weber had placed on Craigslist.

Writes Katehis in his profile: "I like to do crazy and wild like an adrenaline junkie, I'm
always looking for a big thrill, I'm a big risk taker and like to live
life on the edge.I am an Extremist, an Anarchist,and a Sadomasochist.
As long as you show respect for me i will show respect for you, if you
disrespect me, then i will fucking break your neck."

Katehis also has a YouTube page full of prank phone calls.


  1. Eric says

    That kid must have some serious problems, but it is hard for me to feel bad for a man who was paying a child for sex.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Ah, yes, I can terrible for this angelic 16 year old child having some awful 47 year old homosexual predator trolling after him. The photographs of this angel child playing with his knives are adorable.

    Po’ little angel chile. Bad, bad, bad dead middle-aged homo.

  3. Dan E says

    Though I’m no fan of men in their 40’s having sex with teens, 16 is the age of consent in New York, so so far as the law is concerned, it was sex between consenting partners. The prostitution part was illegal, naturally, but the age difference was merely skeevy. In any case, Eric, you make it sound like the man somehow deserved to die. A little harsh, no?

    I feel sorry for them both; the kid’s clearly all kinds of fucked up.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    In fairness, it could have been sexual abuse which caused this “angel chile” to turn into a teenage anti-Christ, but that wasn’t George Weber’s fault.

    Look, I am 5’6″, aint too fat, aint too muscular, and aint very masculine. I’ve had teenage boys come on to me very strong and domineering, and sometimes using humiliating sexual insults when I turned them down. DON’T F….KING tell me that gay men caught with teenage bo…teenage ganstas are predatory trolls. Sometimes the predator is the 16 year old angel child carrying the blade.

    (…should not of told my height on the blogs…I’ll loose my sex appeal.)

  5. jimmyboyo says

    sounds like knife play and blood sports gone bad.

    YES, there is a kink called = knife play.
    Yes, there is a kink called = blood play

    Yes, there are people into it both….. straight and gay.

    weber mixed his fetish with a desire for youth and ended up with an inexperienced and emotionally immature/ unstable kid + drugs for both = tragedy.

    I don’t recommend knife play and or blood sports for any kink players, but if you are going to do such then don’t do it with an inexperienced kid. In the case of kink = age generally means experience = safety

  6. Tom says

    Eric, what a presumptuous comment! The little shit portrayed himself as 18 on other websites, so why would you assume Weber knew his true age. For all we know, the accused presented himself as 20 on Craig’s List. Stop judging the dead, you’re in no position to do so.

  7. says

    People who call 16-year-olds “children” are ridiculous, and probably the same people who would call Weber a “pedophile” without even knowing what the word means. “Children” are prepubescent. I weep for humanity. People are so stupid.

  8. mike says

    Erik, one day, you too, will be 40. Now, moving on, it’s gotta be asked: what part about “or I’ll break your fucking neck” didn’t Weber get? Or, what part about the pics with knives didn’t Weber get? Craigslist is, um, just not a good place to meet guys, of any age.

  9. mike says

    UGH, you said it best. A 16-year old is hardly a “child”. He’s a consenting adult under most age of consent laws. He should be tried as an adult, too. Death penalty, anyone?

  10. SOL says

    @ Ugh.Aint that the truth.Although that is no different from some bitter middle-aged homo calling a 21/22 year old a “twink” Just because he is 5′ 7 or 5′ 8”.That is definitely visible STUPIDITY let alone IGNORANCE.

  11. Julius Barr says

    Where do these little gutter rats get off? “If you disrespect me..”? Disrespect you? Oh, I disrespect you. I more than disrespect you. I think you’re piece of shit.

  12. Eric says

    I hope those of you that prefer younger guys aren’t relying on the age they tell you when you hook up with them. Even if they lie about their age, you have committed a felony if they are underage. Their lie is not your defense.

    And 17 is the age of consent in New York.

    And I don’t think he deserved to be murdered, but it’s hard for me to feel sorry for him. He should have known better than to 1) be buying sex, 2) even agree to have sex with a minor (whether he knew he was 16 or not is irrelevant under the law), and 3) agree to such extreme fetish with a complete stranger.

    Weber isn’t the innocent harmless man that you all seem to want to paint him as.

    I’m also not saying that the kid isn’t culpable. He already admitted he murdered the guy (though we don’t know all the details of what happened.) Like I said before, the kid must have serious problems that really need to be addressed.

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    “…sounds like knife play and blood sports gone bad.

    YES, there is a kink called = knife play.
    Yes, there is a kink called = blood play

    Yes, there are people into it both….. straight and gay.”

    JIMMY, are you serious? Oh, my Lord. I’ve got friends in New York who are into S&M– or is it Leather (are they the same thing?). Well, anyway, the worst they do is put leashes on each other and crawl around.

    “blood sports”? …with rough trade…oh, no.

  14. Marc says

    I’m so sure his ad said he was 16.

    More like when he got there, older man realised he was too young and asked him to leave and got murdered for that $60

    What a piece of garbage that “boy” is!

  15. says

    Why should he have “known better” than buying sex? True, perhaps he could’ve paused while buying sadomasochistic sex from a mentally-ill 16-year-old with a knife fetish and proclivity for violence, but gee, if he had HAD all of that information, don’t you think he would have? What sane person would do that? I am willing to bet he didn’t know most of that, and the risk he took unfortunately did not pan out for him. That still has nothing to do the issue of prostitution itself.

  16. woodroad34 says

    “if you disrespect me, then i will fucking break your neck.” Didn’t Bristol Palin’s BF/baby daddy say the same thing?

  17. Ben says

    I can’t muster the energy to sit back and criticize either party involved.

    We’ve all done foolish things – in our youth and in the pursuit of sex, some times at the same time. So I’ll keep my stones in the bag against the wall.

    It’s just so sad…and speaks about so many factors at work in our society in relation to gayness, age, sex, etc.

  18. Eric says


    He should have known better than to engage in illegal activities because it makes the situation look worse when it comes to light.

    You can expect Katehis’ defense lawyer to latch onto his client’s age, the prostitution aspect, and his client’s mental instability. The jury will see “bad bad man tries to take advantage of younger guy” and “murderer doesn’t have mental stability to know right from wrong.” There is the very real possibility that he will be acquitted of murder or given a lesser sentence.

    Whether or not you agree with that, Weber made a bad decision into a worse one.

  19. giovanni says

    “He should have known better than to engage in illegal activities because it makes the situation look worse when it comes to light.”

    If by situation you mean his own murder, I think “how it looks” is the least of his worries – you know …being dead and all.

  20. Stan says


    whether it’s Sam Adams or this Weber guy, some gays will defend their “right” to seek out young men of questionable age until their last breath (which apparently is a lot sooner than many of them realize)

  21. Joe says

    Where are the parents in this situation? This self-described “anarchist” was obviously living at home. How does a 16 year-old put together a knife collection like that? Did the parents know about his elaborately designed YouTube page with all the prank calls? Bottom line: he may be at the age of consent in New York state, but he is a very fucked up adolescent who, apparently, can do whatever he wants without parental scrutiny.

  22. Derrick from Philly says


    after seeing the New York Post video of the “boy”, now I do say that Mister Weber was playing a foolishly dangerous game. The boy looks younger in person (I think), and seems diabolical. He should have told the murderer “never mind”.

    I just have a problem with this eternal image of the predatory adult homosexual going after teenage boys. Someone would have to prove to me that the percentage of adult homosexuals who like young young partners is greater than the percentage of adult heterosexuals who like them young. Straight guys are always after “young stuff”–nobody calls them “predatory trolls”.

    Is it that “we have to do better than they do.” ERIC, black folks tried that philosophy for years…didn’t do no good–it can drive people crazy.

  23. nic says


    good comment. but it is hard for me to be sympathetic with someone who blindly negotiates with an unknown entity. the person could be an angel as likely as he could be a drug-addled sociopath.

  24. DR says

    This is sad. I’ve not seen the ad, so I’ll try not to judge, but clearly the deceased was seeking out some pretty hardcore stuff. And I would NOT do that on Craigslist. Or with a child. Or with someone I didn’t get to speak with on the phone and via emails many times before actually meeting. Yes, he was sloppy.

    BUT… that doesn’t mean he deserved to be murdered. Maybe he needed counseling himself, but death, uhm, no.

    As for this kid. *sigh* He’ll go to trial, and the best the state will get is life in prison since a minor cannot be put to death. And he’s already putting forth a mental health defense. And these pics and whatnot are hurting and helping him at the same time… it shows a proclivity to violence, but many adult jurors will wonder where his parents were. And don’t be surprised if facts confirming drugs and some sort or abuse come out as soon as, or even before. this case goes to trial.

    No one wins on this one.

  25. chris says

    while I am not passing judgment it is funny how this story is being played in the media. This BOY OF 16 YEARS savagely murdered a man he met on-line that he had agreed to have sex with. In the media all i’ve been hearing and seeing is how he’s “A satanic homosexual boy with a knife fetish”. LET US NOT FORGET THAT THIS 40 SOMETHING YEAR OLD MAN SOLICITED HIM ON-LINE, GAVE HIM COCAINE AND ALCOHOL, AND THEN HAD SEX WITH HIM. I AM NOT TRYING TO JUSTIFY MURDER AT ALL BUT I AM SAYING THAT NO ONE IN THIS CASE IS COMPLETELY INNOCENT. If this boy had not killed his solicitor and statutory raper (charge 1& 2), the man who contributed to his delinquency as a minor (charge 4 & 5 for the coke and alcohol) WE ALL KNOW this story would have been totally different. Again I say it is really NOT OUR PLACE to judgement on this boy. What he did was in NO WAY RIGHT AT ALL BUT, WHAT WAS DONE TO HIM WAS NOT INNOCENT EITHER. He, his family, and the family of the victim needs our prays, positive vibes, or whatever you want to call it. NOT OUR CONDEMNATION.

  26. Derrick from Philly says


    S&M (sadomasochism) is just as big among heteros as it is among homos. You need to rent Paulo Pasolini’s “Salo”…no, nevermind. You wouldn’t last through the first 15 minute…then, again…

    The poster Ugh is trying to take this discussion to a level that is just impossible for many of you to deal with. The attraction to youthful females by heterosexual men is documented throughout history…in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas, every fuckin’ where. How old was Mary when she gave birth to…oh, nevermind, that was immaculate, wasn’t it?

    JANIE, do you and other posters know that up until about 40 years ago the age of conscent in many of these United States was 14 or younger (for a girl)? It may be that society has to “train” or socialize grown men (heteros especially) into NOT going after 15 olds.

    There are too many intelligent gay men who come to this blog who seem terrified of this topic–terrified to the point of stiffling intellectual discussion of it.

    How old was Sally Hemmings when one of our great founder fathers, Thomas Jefferson, started fucking her?

  27. jimmyboyo says


    Nope. Straight, Gay, and Bi kink players do crawl around on the floor. heck even no kink people try it once or twice. Just crawl across the floor towards your lover while trying to be sexy , you might have fun

    Derrick from Philly


    First, leather and kink can and often are 2 different things. Most leather queens don’t do anything kinky while the kinkiest guys I have ever met generally prefer to dress like jocks/preppy

    There is a wide range of kinks from soft to mid level (old school represented with grey hankie) and hard core (old school hankie code = black hankie whether right sub or left dom)

    some of the hard core dangerous stuff

    BC= breath control (from hands over mouth to actual hanging and drowning play scenes on the extreme end)

    knife play
    gun play
    blood sports
    cigar burns

    I myself can and do enjoy kink now and again…WS, FF a hot ass, spanking, bondage, Dom/sub, etc….BUT the hard core stuff is dangerous.

    People into the hard core stuff usually crave the adrenaline high that such can cause and end up addicted to such a high and seek even more and more dangerous situations to stimulate the adrenaline and endorphins for the high.

    Not to judge any of my hard core craving brothers and sisters whether gay or straight, BUT doing such with youthful people = danger and possible death. Older partners with experience in such is the safest and smartest way to go.

    Anyway; I wouldn’t class this as murder but probably more manslaughter. Hard core knife play + blood sports add in inexperienced youthful dude and drugs = unintended death = manslaughter.

    weber should have seeked advice on his apparent craving for hard core kink. There are many kink groups that can give advice such as SIGMA, Black Rose, etc. All areas have local KINK groups with at least experienced people that can give advice on how to make sure you are safe even with the hard core stuff.

  28. TANK says

    Clearly no one is completely in the clear in this case, but a guy lost his life and in a pretty gruesome way. This kid’s beyond salvage, and his dad looks like a real loser…at least on myspace. Very depressing.

    And no, I’m not afraid of that POP EVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY (in modern benefactor of E.O. WIlson’s sociobiology) debate. It’s just that people confuse pseudo science with scientific fact, and become–in the inimitable words of stephen jay gould– adaptationist fundamentalists trying to explain every thought, desire, and accident in terms of human evolution in a JUST SO STORY concocted out of thin air without a shred of evidence. This is an abuse of science and evolutionary theory. CHeck out thornhill and palmer’s work and its good criticism in their attempts at reducing rape to MORE than just a reproductive strategy, but a GENETICALLY HARDWIRED predisposition in males. It’s embarrassingly vapid unscientific fiction.

  29. Yowza says


    unfortunately we have not gotten to a point where we as gay men can accept any responsibility for our actions. It’s always “society” or “straight” who do things to us that we have no control over. So, the fact that a 47 year old man gave an underage boy cocaine and alcohol means nothing. The victim must remain unspoiled, despite what the obvious facts say.

  30. JT says

    Anybody who calls himself an “anarchist” is a doofus. I’m surprised he didn’t live in the silly East Village.

  31. Bill says

    Looks like a haterosexual male who wanted to kill a gay man.

    You should always call before you hook up and talk. That way you hear his voice and get an idea if he is really gay or not.

    STFU with the haterosexual penetration outlook BS. Haterosexuals believe that if you penetrate someone than you are guilty. That is why teen boys can fuck their much older FEMALE teachers and very little punishment happens. Meanwhile if you are an older heterosexual male, older gay man or older lesbian you are assumed to be guilty because they believe you are doing the penetration. Haterosexual identity is based on SEX. That’s why whenever haterosexuals question gay people they always bring up sex. It’s projection. In gay relationships haterosexual roles don’t apply. A younger man can be equal to or dominant over an older man. Same goes for lesbians. It has nothing to do with penetration, age, height or income. Usually gay relationships are egalitarian.

  32. Paul R says

    Unless I missed something in the story, we don’t know exactly what the ad said. We don’t know if the kid posted or sent pictures or how old he said he was (a posting from a 16 year old would get flagged and removed pretty quickly, so I’m guessing he said he was older—he looks older to me). We don’t even know when S&M came into the picture.

    Weber’s colleagues have nothing but accolades for him, and he was closeted and clearly had problems with his sexuality. I think he was just an unemployed guy looking for cheap sex ($60 sounds cheap to me, anyway) to celebrate his birthday. I don’t understand all the vitriol toward him given what we’ve learned about his extremely troubled killer.

  33. nic says

    the ugliness of this event notwithstanding, i am getting to know JIMMYBOYO and DERRICK F.P. very well. and i like what i’m hearing.

  34. Jayson says

    This whole story disturbs me,But one of the things that really got me going was the headline..New York Newsman’s Teen Killer is Knife-Collecting Satanist.I did not see much of a reference to Satanism,i may be wrong but to put it in the headline like that is wrong.I am a Satanist and have been for over 15 years.No,we are not animal killers,baby snatchers and no we dont do the shit that everyone in the media says we do.It is this kind of ignorance that gives us TRUE Satanists a bad name.And little fucks like this are even worse on our image!I am an upstanding guy who just happens to choose a different religion.Before writing headlines like this people need to research Satanism.The LaVey theory of Satanism is the true form!

  35. jimmyboyo says


    lavey? Seriously?


    First off, I denigrate all religions so don’t feel like I am picking on satanism. :-)

    lavey was a spoilt child too weak to be an atheist and dressed up his rebellion against religion in just more religion/ tradition/ ceremony and shiny BS with a spooky twist

    The very essence of supposed satanism is rebellion against authority yet you uphold some nit wit = Lavey as an authority figure

    Lets pretend satan, set, seth, lucifer, typhon is real for a moment. You have 2 paths

    1- a deity/ principal / entity representing chaos/ rebellion separate from any creative being…. Would such a being give 1 seconds worth of notice to ceremony? black candles, pentagrams, and satanic altars. Come on. Chaos/ rebellion REBELS against structure. Ceremony with a pentagram, candles ,etc is still STRUCTURED ceremony and thus the exact opposite of chaos/ rebellion.

    2- a created entity of some other deity (ala satan and the god of jesus’ dady). Supposed creature is supposed to be the 1st creation of an all powerful deity. The 1st, greatest, and most beautiful creation. The universe is HUGE = billions of galaxies with billions of solar systems in each one. From our perspective it is infinite. Yet it is not the 1st creation nor greatest creation. Lucifer being greater than what appears to be an infinite universe, do you think such a being would ever take notice of anyone on this dust ball? Seriously, said creature would be so beyond us that we would be less than dust to such and totally beneath such a creature’s notice while it continued its rebellion against its creator. Its focus would be on continuing its rebellion at whatever gates heaven would have and luring away even more supposed angels that at least were on some sort of level to which it could relate to. Would you try to get the attention of specks of dust to further your plans? ILLOGICAL in the utmost. Lucifer in the bible myths would never take notice of us to even inspire Levay.

    Anyway; levay knew very little about Egyptian religion when he connected Set/ Seth with his vision of Lucifer/ Satan.

    Set/ Seth at first was a hero god who defended Ra from his enemy Apop. revered so much that pharophs even named themselevs after him = SETI 1 , 2, etc….Later demonized yet even then the ancient egyptians fully expected Set/ Seth to be redeemed at the end and once again take his place as Friend/ uncle/ and co-equal of Horus, brother of Osiris- Isis, and hero defender of Amun-Ra. Redemmed and reunited with the Egyptian Gods / forces of order and to be submissive to such. In the end to submit to Atum since it is Atum’s ejaculate that even the gods were made from. In the End Atum will eat his self mastubatory ejaculate =the universe , the gods, ALL and everything will be over for everything except Atum who would most likely jerk off again creating a whole new set of gods, universe, etc from his ejaculate to only eat it once more etc etc ad infinitum

    Anyway; levay knew shit and was weak by turning to another myth = satanism to cover over his rejection of the myths of his parents. Hell, psych 101= his whole fantasy was just funky dressed up rebellion against the authority figures of his parents by rebelling against their religion.

    Just be an atheist and form your own ethical core. Look to reality / nature for inspiration. reality offers 3 options

    1- self absorbed predator prey

    2- selfless symbiotic relations and living with things outside of yoruself

    3- combo of the 2 because in the end even predator prey have a symbiotic relationship in the long run. The 1 feeds the other while the predator in fact pushes the prey species to grow and evolve = become stronger, faster, smarter. beneficial for both when looked at from a larger perspective.

    Away with ALL religions, even satanism

  36. Jayson says

    Thanks for your opinion of my choice of religion,But it is my choice and this religion has worked for me all of these years as i am very happy and very comfortable in what i believe in.As being an athiest has worked for you.It has done incredible things in the way i look at situations in my life as it pertains to me.I was not brought up in a home that religion was forced on me,which i was grateful to be able to form my own opinions.Which seems to be your biggest argument.I have just chose to believe in what works for me.Being a Satanist is not ALL about the deities and rebellion.Im not going to debate my religious beliefs with anyone,but as being gay and being a Satanist i am used to the negative connotations of being both and prefer to not be critisized for being who i am.I am just saying that Satanism has gotten a bad reputation by people like these kids who just want to look and sound cool by saying they worship Satan not knowing what being one entails.I in no way am saying that being an Athiest is bad,it just has not worked for me.Believe in what you will or believe in nothing at all.But hey im not angry in any way,just saying what i thought.

  37. jimmyboyo says

    “I am just saying that Satanism has gotten a bad reputation by people like these kids who just want to look and sound cool by saying they worship Satan not knowing what being one entails”

    True. They are supposed to worship themselves if true satanists. They are their own gods.

    Also many are young kids who are more baby wannabe anarchists as vs supposed satanist but just don’t know any better. (anarchy/chaos stimulates the creative principal so anarchists defeat themselves in the end because their destructiveness only removes old cobweb covered BS so new things may come about)

    Anyway; atheism isn’t a “belief” It is logic, fact, science based. Of course one could argue that one becomes an atheist and latter looks to science for facts to support such a choice.

    In the end though “there are no gods” is not a belief but based on empirical evidence.

  38. TANK says

    Why do so many people misspell atheism? People just don’t know what it is, either. Atheism isn’t a philosophical theory or position; it’s not a worldview or belief ABOUT THE WORLD. It’s not an ethical theory or system…that’s what ethics is for. LOL! It’s simply a refusal to believe irrationally in something for which there is no good reason, and good reason to not believe.

    satanist queers? It doesn’t get more sketchworthy than that.

  39. jimmyboyo says

    True Tank

    hey, I’ve been reading up on the aquatic ape as vs the hit the savanah and started running model for our loss of hair, larger fat deposits, bipedalism, etc

    Have you looked into such? If so, what are your thoughts?

  40. Ohio Joe says

    Wow, Eric and Jimmyboyo, no wonder we still don’t have equal rights in Amerika while every country in Europe and Latin America is whizzing past us. A gay man is savagely murdered, and you two instantly start blaming the victim. The whole “he paid me for rough sex” story is Katehis lawyer’s spin. There is NO PROOF OR EVIDENCE of this, although you two, FOX and CNN have already judged and condemned the victim. He must have been asking for it, right? On the other hand, there is already mountains of proof that Katehis was a violent sociopathic and psychopathic timebomb waiting to go off at any minute. But… he’s not 18 yet so he’s the real victim?

    Arrrgh! I’m sorry but I just get so frustrated when it’s 2009 and there are still so many gay men so hideously twisted with self-hate that they instantly blame the gay man or lesbian in any news story, no matter how patently clear it is that the other person is at fault. It’s just like watching an endless loop of “Boys in the Band” forever and ever. You’re worse than the bible-thumpers. You carry your prisons around with you wherever you go.

  41. homoDM says

    I’m shocked – shocked! – that no one has yet mentioned how unattractive the kid is physically. So not worth dying for.

  42. jimmyboyo says

    Ohio Joe

    Obviously english comprehension isn’t your strong suit

    I in no way blamed the victim.

    Nor do I blame the supposed perp.

    we don’t have all the evidence, but it seems that it was a mutually agreed to hard core kink scene + drugs that went wrong unintentionally.

    Neither are to blame and neither are innocent.

    It is a tragedy.


    Another thing to think about, not every gay man is a victim. That is a ghetto mentality.