1. ggreen says

    Sorry boys and girls Chuck Schumer is a major tool. Bought and paid for by big moneyed Wall Street and Insurance types. He’s also a Likud violence only fanatical supporter of Israel. He sold out the middle class along with fellow ass hat Steny Hoyer with the 2005 bankruptcy reform act. That lets Corporations walk away from promised employee pensions but lets bottom feeding collection agents go after ordinary Americans literally for decades over small debts. Do not trust this creep at all.

  2. says

    Schumer is the kind of moral defective politician who never does anything merely because it’s “right.” There was some sort of backroom deal here, and my guess is it involves either ousting or keeping Gillenbrand.

  3. John in CA says

    All of these sudden “changes of heart” in the New York Democratic Party wouldn’t have anything to do with politics would it? You think? Heh.

    With Hillary Clinton’s presidential ambitions now out of the picture, there’s no need to maintain the pretense that any of them are actually against same-sex marriage. There will be no viable national candidate from New York for them to appease in the forseeable future. Moreover, Hillary’s annointed successor Gillibrand and Schumer are probably trying to outflank Attorney General Andrew Cuomo on the left (who’s reportedly more popular than either of them). New York voters are becoming increasingly liberal on the issue.

  4. Marcel says

    Is Schumer running for re-election next year? I mean, it is that time when reelection campaigns are being mounted and ramped up. Oh Chucky, was there a cameraman somewhere, hmm??

  5. Aaron ARowland says

    Anyone have a full list of pro-marriage equality senators? We’ve got to be in the double digits. The tide is definitely turning.

  6. TANK says

    Phew! Now I can stop having pizzas delivered to schumer’s congressional offices. It was exhausting. And chucky’s no worse than hill dawg. Can’t believe she replaced moynihan.

  7. Daniel says

    he’s a pussy for waiting until after the election to reveal this is how he really feels.

  8. silverkjk says

    I assume that this is paying back Pride Agenda for their immediately supporting Gillibrand after her selection by Paterson despite her poor history of support for the LGBT community. It did seem as if there had to be some sort of backroom deal.

  9. TANK says

    I think that’s greatly overestimating the power of the ESPA…backroom deal? LOL! Chucky doesn’t have to do a damn thing for teh gays, and still win with ease. In fact, only a handful of politicians do nation wide, and we’ve not really created the conditions in which they have to. As if the entire political might of gay advocacy groups in NY could have prevented gillibrand’s appointment…

  10. Mike says

    The important fact is that he came out publicly and supported us. I don’t give a crap it took so long for him to do it… he’s done it! Now if we could just get Feinstein off her butt to do the same thing! I haven’t checked, but think Boxer is already supported us. Good point from the other comment… where is the list of our supporters! The tide is turning… yeah!

  11. Aaron ARowland says

    I put together a rough list of strong LGBT allies in the US Senate, based on support for marriage equality, a No vote on DOMA, and a 100% rating from HRC for the past session. Some strong allies didn’t quite make the cut, but 10 US Senators (that I could find) publicly support marriage equality, and over 10 more make the cut in the other two categories. I just put people on one list, even if they made multiple lists, for counting sake. Let me know if I missed someone! It was a quick search online.

    Publicly announced support for gay marriage:
    Kristen Gildebrand
    Chuck Shumer
    Dianne Feinstein
    Barbara Boxer
    Ted Kennedy
    Russ Feingold
    Al Franken (not quite confirmed yet)
    Sheldon Whitehouse
    Jeff Merkley
    Ron Wyden

    Voted no on DOMA:
    Daniel Akaka
    Daniel Inouye
    John Kerry
    Bernie Sanders
    Sherrod Brown

    100% from HRC 2008:
    Chris Dodd
    Frank Lautenberg
    Robert Menendez
    Patrick Leahy
    Maria Cantwell
    Patty Murray

  12. James Allen says

    I’m sure ashamed of you supporting gay marriage!
    If you vote for this, you will never get my vote for anything.
    I thought you were a good representative for our state, but I have changed my mind now.

  13. Phyllis Allen says

    I am very disappointed and no longer proud to have you as our Senator from NY. I could not believe you are voting for gay marriage. I guess I was wrong when I thought that you were a Christian and knew right from wrong. You no longer have my respect or my vote unless you have the guts to rescind your support publicly for gay marriage.

  14. nic says


    thanks for the update. of course, they’re all democrats. this is why i have always been a yeller dawg dem. liberal socialism will forever trump modern-day republicanism, and liberterianism is a diluted form of republicanism.