1. Paul R says

    Pure class.

    He looks like crap in that picture, either because of the angle or because he’s just not all that attractive. If he can make the cover of Unzipped, then so can 95% of gay men under 40. And a lot of the ones above 40 look way better.

    “Strap on, Get off”—wow, I’m sure that’s an elightening article.

  2. RJP3 says

    Sam Adams not realizes this young man is an idiot and self serving … as should all of us.

  3. RJP3 says

    Sam Adams NOW realizes this young man is an idiot and self serving with total disregard on how his choice to do this spread will impact others … we all should realize now he is nothing but an opportunist who does not care about his friend Sam.

  4. KFLO says

    Pathetic attempt to extend 15 minutes of fame. What a disgrace, say goodbye to a dignified job.

  5. Jack says

    Wow. Could the man sink any lower? Welcome to the sewers, Beau. Tell the boys at Falcon we say hello.

  6. Marcel says

    That is seriously a very bad picture. It’s only worse with this prick as the subject. I’ve never bought or read Unzipped, so I’m not familiar with its pictorial and editorial history, but this cover and the stories it’s publicizing do not make me want to even bother. And some wonder why magazines and newspapers, gay or otherwise, are going under.

  7. crispy says

    I’m more interested in what Johnny Hazzard gave his mother for Mother’s Day. Hopefully not herpes.

  8. Morgan says

    “Creepy Clown Sex” was the only thing that caught my eye. I have a fear of clowns already and now it just got worse!

  9. TANK says

    You’re just jealous and angry. Good for him. Yeah, I wouldn’t wanna have a conversation with him, or sleep with him, share a bathroom or state, for that matter, but what does he have to lose? People say it haunts you, blah blah blah. I seriously doubt he’s got a political future…why not cash in on his three seconds of fame?

  10. TANK says

    And the “taste” component and suggestion that this runs afoul of good taste…you trashy hos have done so much worse, you just never got caught…or did porn…and some of you have, actually, so get over yourselves.

  11. says

    start counting backwards from 15 now, Beau, because you’re time in the spotlight is running out. do you want me to spot you any of the numbers, or can you do it all by yourself?

  12. CJ says

    I love how everyone came to the defense of Breedlove and Adams when the story first broke, calling everyone who didn’t defend them “puritanical”. Guess what kids? :)

  13. Really? says

    “Giving Headlines.” Really? The only thing really about that is its a really, really dumb tag. I’m sorry. Who’s writing this stuff — Henny Youngman’s gay ghost writer?

  14. paul c says

    He looks like Ahmet Zappa.

    Maybe he can keep his sad “fame” going by doing a duet with Ashley Dupre.

  15. Rich says

    “Ultimately stayed on” is somewhat misleading. As a new mayor, Adams can’t be recalled for 6 months. He has decided not to resign before he is subject to recall.

  16. C. Foley says

    Based on looks alone, I can finally see why he would’ve gotten involved with an intern.

  17. dan says

    please-let the other tabloidy blogs cover this story-it’s a non-story and it’s elevating the stereotypes of the community-lay it to rest

  18. KFLO says

    The picture is horrible. We’re looking at half his face, up his nose, and he’s sneering down at us. Not to mention the bag straps, the bag, and the tie jumble everything up and makes it look like he’s tangled. HORRIBLE! The photographer needs to be fired.

  19. says

    Skank. ugh.

    I guess Vanity Fair wasn’t interested.

    I mean THIS was the best he could do? Not even a book deal? So sad.

  20. says

    Yeah, I think he should have held out for Vanity Fair. At least they would have brought in Bruce “Pervie “Weber to take the pics. Whoever shot that one should be banned from photography for life!

  21. says

    Derek, seriously.

    If I had to drop trou for the camera, I would demand a good photographer. That was my beef with Lindsay, Paris and Britney. Look if you need to flash your vag, have the decency to get Steven Meisel like Madonna did and make a coffee table book out of it. I mean good lighting and some photoshop can be your friend!

  22. Rolph says

    The editor or photo editor should be fired for approving that
    Horrible picture. Just not a cover shot.

    Love you cut out the other big story featured on the bottom
    Half of the cover: boffing Blake Rileys sextoy ( he has a rubber
    ass molded after the real thing, complete with hole that retails
    for several hundred $$$) after boffing the real Blake Riley.

    Yep, this issue exudes class.

  23. Mikos says

    looks like Beau stills need a mentor. If your not making good decisions you need to ask a wise and older man. Or ask yourself what your mother would want you to do.

    but the naked cover, no

  24. anto says

    Bad pic and what’s with the bag??? Is he gonna do a Monica Lewinsky and launch his own range of handbags next? :)

  25. johnny says

    Amazing. This is all the guy could come up with as his next big career move. Lowest common denominator wins again. I’d have at least tried the talk-show circuit first. Oh, maybe he did. I don’t personally have anything against porn, it has it’s place, straight or gay. But I’m tired of the whole “Gay=porn/sex” mentality that seems pervasive in the media. Gay is more than a sex act, but sadly that’s what all gay people are reduced to when the public hears about this idiot’s decision to pose naked for next month’s rent.

  26. rudy says

    B. Breedfool is merely proving himself to be a SLUT: Stupid Lying Ugly Tramp. The pity is that there are men who should know better (looking at you Sam Adams) who fall for the supposed charms of such offensive little twinks.

  27. DR says

    Why are we surprised? Anyone with a brain could see this one coming…this kid is redefining the term “media wore”.

  28. Rex says

    Assuming that the readers of this site are mostly gay, and the comments are mostly from gay individuals, it’s nice to see the gay community is so judgemental. His life, his decision, is all I’m saying.

  29. Dignan says

    Beau Breedlove is not someone who should be idolized by the gay community. This cover is disgusting and pathetic.

  30. anon says

    That wasn’t NSFW, but you made us click thru 3 pages to see it. Trying to up your page count, Andy? Getting low

  31. Ed2 says

    Eh, I still think he’s pretty good looking despite the not so flattering picture but did he consult with any high profile pr flak???

    I can’t at all think that this is a good idea for him. C’est la vie or better translated; Who Cares!