Rep. Eric Cantor: GOP Needs to Be Inclusive on Gay Rights

On This Week, George Stephanoploulos asked Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor, the House Minority Whip, if he agrees with some fellow Republicans, like Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr., that the party needs to rethink its approach and broaden its base by moderating its policies and reaching out to groups it has excluded in the past.

Cantor Asked Stephanopoulos: "Are you prepared to [move to the middle on positions like gay rights] in the House?

Said Cantor: "There is no question the Republican Party has to return to be one of inclusion, not exclusion. And we are a party with many ideas. And we have in that a commitment to make sure that we have positive alternatives, if we don't agree with this administration, or the House Democrats, and to continue to put those ideas forward and again the problems facing this country...are not just Republican or Democrat problems. They are so big. They are so challenging...Let's come up with solutions that actually produce results for a change, instead of making matters worse, which Washington is famous for."

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