1. DC Guy says

    Don’t be fooled…if gay rights are important to you, only vote for Repugnant party once you read their platform and agree with it. Cantor is a fool if he thinks the fundamentalists running the party will bend one inch on gay issues.

  2. says

    Note how he doesn’t include anything specific in that quote. This is right up there with McCain saying that gays can go get married… just not legally or officially. But they can for pretend! And without benefits! Inclusion!!!


  3. says

    Blah Blah Blah . . . He says the Republican party is a “party with many ideas,” yet in 3 minutes he says absolutely nothing of substance, offers no ideas, and never mentions gay rights in response to George’s question. Surprise, surprise.

  4. says

    Didn’t Michael Steele say the Republican Party should be more inclusive? He followed that a few weeks later by saying “why would we do that?” when asked about civil union legislation. Inclusive is a word that means nothing to the Republican leadership. They have no intention of opening up to gays because the only issues they have left are gay hate and abortion.

  5. sean says

    Cantor – “We have to put forward real solutions to real problems REAL families have.”

    Does anyone think for a minute he’s including LGBT families under that code word “real?” Bull. Shit.

  6. M. Bergeron says

    Total non-answer. Positive alternative to what exactly? We want equal rights, what’s his positive alternative to that?

    Just like the rest of them: Douche.

  7. Pender says

    I think we may be reading too much into a very generic answer. Michael Steele also talked about wanting to be inclusive and not exclusive, and then he suggested that the GOP would have to be “crazy” to support even the barest measure of respect (civil unions) for committed gay couples.

  8. Joe says

    Funny that he voted FOR legislation in Virginia that prohibited marriage between same sex along with Tim Cain. These guys are great at putting a finger in the air and seeing which way the wind is blowing.

  9. psgoodguy says

    except he didn’t answer the question. besides, all one has to do is remember pat buchanan’s 1992 Rep. convention speech to find out their true feelings.

  10. Chris says

    Misleading headline alert!

    Andy — He deflected. Cantor didn’t say a damn thing about gay rights — he blathered on about “inclusion”, which I’d bet to him means not trying to actively drive away Latinos and hiring Steele as a mouthpiece……..that’s what he would call progress. I thought you would listen a bit harder………….??

  11. wilbur says

    That was totally a non-answer, not to mention the fact that he keeps suggesting that the GOP can suggest positive alternatives!? To what!? And it is obvious by his mention of ‘real families’ that he has no interest in include alternative family structures…. It always upsets me when cuties like Cantor are void of intelligence.

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