1. Sean says

    ok, now, who is this child, and why do I need to know about his lack of comfort on a movie set where he made likely more in ten weeks than I made last year. And yet his issues with playing gay are something I need to read about. the phrase “F*** him” certainly applies here. Ingrate.

  2. jimmyboyo says

    He blew it for me with his Oscar performance. It was a performance as vs a presentation of an award.

    His whole purposeful head tilt and trying to be smoldering puckered james dean esque looking into the camera was so overdone and obviously fake.

  3. peterparker says

    “…why not try to do something weird. And there’s all these gay sex scenes.”

    What a tool.

    I have to say, I’ve never understood his appeal with that smushed, crooked nose and the hair that belongs on a Texas debutante. Ugh.

  4. Rad says

    Douche bag does come to mind. “I didn’t know what I wanted to do, so just to keep the money coming in, I took this role”?

    That and the photo puffing on a butt tells me… low class, moron.

  5. JTlvr says

    I’m kinda getting tired of hearing straight actors complain about how hard and awkward it is playing a gay character. Get over it, and yourselves… I’m sure many gay actors would love to have the work.

  6. Kyle Sullivan says

    Yeah, right — Antonio Banderas had no trouble doing naked gay sex in Amoldovar’s films and he wound up an international movie star. Poor Mr. Pattinson — who pouts his lips like the latest girl model and tries to come across as a version of James Dean to let people know he’s really straight but there’s nothing wrong about being gay so long as you don’t think HE is — was all freaked out about it.

    I’d say he’s got a half-life of ten months as an actor.

  7. alex in boston says

    Perhaps over the past few years the two actors which come to mind as being “superstars” and in high demand are Daniel Radcliff and Robert Pattinson! Now look at how each has approached their respective careers and their fame! World of difference and the better man of course is DK! Afterall he launches himself directly into full nudity on stage and LOVES it! Loves the “Opportunity the Stage presents”! Pattison acting as if it too difficult to present a gay character may well be singing his “Swan Song”! Actually having seen him in interviews he is very low key and exudes an aura of “I do not want to be here!”!
    “Say good-night Gracie”!

  8. jimmyboyo says

    kyle exactly!

    His oscar “performance” had him puckering his lips and sucking in his cheeks while tilting his head and staring so intensely into the camera = so f’ing FAKE and obvious. It was a put on and not natural in any way.

  9. Michael in SC says

    Wow, what a bunch of haters. I’m gay and I didn’t get any negative vibes from Robert. Here’s a young man without a lot of experience saying he took on a very demanding role almost out of the gate. He’s describing a low-budget indie film, not bitching about it. He’s talking about performing a role that required him to truly apply his craft because he’s personally never experienced the situations or people portrayed in the movie. He’s reflecting that the film is going to get a lot more notoriety (and probably make ten times what the producers could have expected before Twilight) because of his celebrity. That’s just a fact and not bragging. I personally am very much looking forward to seeing this movie.

  10. Marco says

    I also don’t understand this guy’s appeal. Maybe if I was a 13 year-old, but as a 37 year-old, he’s just lost on me. He’s no James “cocksucker” Dean, that’s for sure.

    Also ad me to the list of the sick and tired of hearing about how “weird” or “brave” or “tough” it was to play poor, unfortunate gay us. You’re an actor. Act or shut the fuck up. We don’t want or need your pity and yeah, a lot of gay actors would have killed to get a part like this.

  11. jimmyboyo says

    david Ehrenstein


    true dat

    Dean also liked the s/m scene on the sub bottom side. He especially liked to get burned by cigars on the covered up parts of his bod.

  12. EM says

    Why is anyone who dares say their opinion that Pattinson is an embarrassment when he equates being gay with “weirdness”, drones on about being straight and seems panic-striken at the thought, a hater?

    Nobody forced him to play gay with a gun to his head? Why not be more dignified in approach and say ‘it’ a role and I played it’. I don’t want to hear another Jake Gyllenhaal PR-coached charm-school offensive about how alien it was to play gay. Unless of course this IS a PR-driven interview to bat away any suggestion about himself. It would just be nice to have someone NOT feel the need to get preachy about playing gay in a film, and have to outline thieir own supposed sexuality in order to throw a safety net around themselves. Hell fire, we’re not gonna turn up on your doorstep and rape you! Not with that fucking hairdo anyway.

  13. alguien says

    after having read the section of inteview posted here a few times, i am still at a loss as to what everyone is so up in arms over. i’ll take the same stance as michael in sc.

  14. hank h says

    I got the impression that Pattinson was complaining more about the open set than the gay sex. Generally, sex scenes-gay or straight-are filmed on closed sets . Many actresses (and some actors) have specific nudity clauses in their contracts. A quick Google search found Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, Sandra Bullock & Sarah Jessica Parker. Sex scenes are tricky & difficult to make realistic. Closed sets allow the director to work with the actors to help achieve that realism. If Pattinson & Beltran were only wearing the traditional tacked on codpiece while simulating sex in front of dozens of people no wonder he’s made the comments about giggling electricians.

  15. Lovely says

    haha you people crack me up. with your analysis of his poses and acting like you know anything about him.

    jealousy makes people say desperate things i guess. like you will ever be even HALF as hot as him? lmao

    go ahead, keep thinking you are even remotely important, and pretend people care what you think. rock on with your sad dillusions, gas pumpers of tomorrow:]

  16. Stan says

    Is there any actually proof or confirmation that James Dean was gay? Not trying to be bitchy, but it seems like more of a gay rumor ala “hot guy who has been dead so long there’s no way to confirm or deny”.

    so what’s the proof?

  17. sparks says

    I love this guy. I love that he speaks his mind honestly, and that he’s not trying to impress anyone, not trying to please anyone, and has no angle. He’s not trying to give the “right” answer that will sell tickets or make people like him more. He’s not trying to project any particular image.

    That sort of openness if very, very attractive. Those who don’t get the appeal, probably believe the fabrications they read in typical celebrity interviews.

    I hope he stays this way for a good long time. It’s refreshing.

  18. p-money says

    first and foremost he IS dead friggin sexy!

    secondly, how many of u queers out there would feel 100% comfortable getting naked and doing doggy style with a WOMAN *gasp* in front of strangers???
    i don’t think i could, and yeah i would consider myself brave if i could.
    so give the guy a break.
    and actually i’m happy none of you like him, that just leaves more for me!!!

  19. gg says

    i’d do him for sure! you guys must all be some lookers bitching about this one…
    so i guess i’d do all of you too 😉
    too much hate, we need more love in the world.

  20. says

    Sean, pretty much everything this kid does is pr bs, this included. What this interview tells me is he doesn’t want this movie to screw over his carefully-crafted media persona, or the millions he’ll make with the Twilight franchise.

    He’s pretty hot and, despite the harsh words I just had for him, I don’t think he’s anything different than most celebrities out there… I just don’t think we should give him credit for trashing his own movie when he’s clearly doing it in favor of his much larger movie franchise.

  21. ariel says

    you’re all so rude.. he’s incredible and honest, which makes him different from these other stupid actors and celebrities.. go get lives and dont comment if you’ve got nothing useful to say.

  22. sean says

    Ryan, you are incorrect. Robert doesn’t even have a publicist. He refuses to get one and adhere to “media training.” I know a couple of publicists working on Little Ashes and they’re very pissed off about RobPat’s comments.

  23. Lea says

    I’d go straight for a guy like him. The man is hot, even with a nasty ciggy hanging out of his mouth. Oral fixation is hot. I thought his story about his gay sex scenes were funny. You all are being too sensi.

  24. John says

    Wow what a bunch of bitches on this site. I found nothing whiny or defensive. Simply an actor telling it like it was. He said he’s never done any sex scene before. His first time and it’s a gay sex scene, open set and giggling observers. I think he had the right to be uncomfortable. This film is a low budget indie film, that would likely not be seen at all if not for Pattinsons success.

  25. Giovanni says

    I suppose he could have been more artful in his recollection of making the movie but I am not really offended by it either way. Frankly if you had never filmed a sex scene before it WOULD be weird.

  26. Jimbo says

    “Antonio Banderas had no trouble doing naked gay sex in Amoldovar’s films ” EXACTLY. The ‘look at daring me and my homosexual acting challenging’ shtick immediately telegraphs: moronic self-obsessed luvvie.

  27. Bayley says

    This story has me livid and any self respect gay man who doesn’t find the blatant homophobia in these comments needs to realize one of the only reasons this piece of dirt is as (over) exposed as he is is due to gay bloggers on the internet who truly made his career come into fruition blog after blog.

    “weird”….”ridiculous”….”uncomfortable”….and above all, to say the film is nothing due to it’s nature? ONLY Post Prop 8 would these kind of interviews with those in the public eye go blind sighted. They now realize they have the masses on their side and there will be no consequences for talking like a bonafide bigot.

    I was expecting to read “I had to take a bath after playing a fag in this film. It was horrid!”…

    F*ck this hyped loser who truly has one busted looking face.

    James Dean WAS comfortable with gays back in the 50s, this douchenozzle can’t be paid to PLAY gay in 2009.

  28. Bayley says

    and for those of you saying how hot he is, and you don’t care he just said gay sex is weird…

    Uhm, ya might wanna reread that interview. You have absolutely no chance with him and are fawning over a dude who is uncomfortable ACTING gay. Probably wouldn’t even have so much a conversation with any of you out & about for fear of being precieved as one.

  29. TikiHead says

    “Proving that he is as dumb (and uneducated) as he is unattractive.

    Posted by: rudy | Mar 12, 2009 12:53:02 PM”

    Rudy, if you know any similarly unattractive men, is there a chance you can fix us up?

  30. rudy says

    T’head, There are numerous much more attractive men in any gay bar in Atlanta, Chicago, L.A., Manhattan, Rio, London, Rome, Prague, Budapest, Amsterdam, Mexico D.F., Berlin, Athens, Tel Aviv, Singapore, Moscow, Barcelona–hell, even DC, on any given Thursday night.

    Sorry, my yenta days are over now that I have gotten all my friends married off (that wedding dress couldn’t take too many more pressin’s!).

    Nevertheless, I would have advised them all re: twink-du-jour Robt Patty that, “It don’t get that dark, you don’t get that lonely.” He is not even worth a one night ceiling chacha. Raise your standards and they will be met and you will be rewarded.

  31. AG says

    Wow. As someone pointed out, most intimate scenes are filmed on a closed set with only the bare minimum of crew needed for the scene.

    It would be awkward to do any sex scene with someone you don’t know personally. They also might have multiple takes and multiple angles, of the same scene, that can consume a lot of time.

    How can you take something serious if the crew doesn’t do the same?

  32. Caren says

    Give the kid a break! As a straight woman I’m here to tell you, He’s Hot! and will have a long acting career as long as the female multitude show up to see his film’s. Trust me, we will! He was just being honest about his own feelings towards filming certain scenes and meant nothing personal toward the gay community. It’s one thing to not like his acting but another thing to question his sencerity and personal comfort level. I cannot wait to see Little Ashes. Give the guy a break! Robert is new to the game and deserves the benefit of the doubt. My goodness he’s only 22 years old and totally out of his element in cut-throat Hollywood. Stand by for great things from him as he matures and develops his talent. He couldnt be any more gorgeous or sexy if he tried, so stop all the HATIN!

  33. Anon says

    I really think most people here took it totally out of context. In another interview he praises the movie and talked about how he was so comsumed by the role of Dali.

    Because this interview had few sentences about him struggling in a gay sex scene doesn’t mean he’s a loser or he’s a homo-hater. I can understand where he’s coming from, having to do something so extreme and so unfamiliar with.

  34. Taylor says

    “I love this guy. I love that he speaks his mind honestly, and that he’s not trying to impress anyone, not trying to please anyone, and has no angle. He’s not trying to give the “right” answer that will sell tickets or make people like him more. He’s not trying to project any particular image.”

    I agree completely!!

    and Bayley, I’m sorry but I’m pretty sick off seeing this “homophobic” nonsense. As a gay man, I don’t find this offensive at all. He’s a straight 20 something year old BOY. He’s never had a sex scene before!!! Do you think if his sex scene was with a woman he would have explained it any differently?! I doubt it. Sex scenes are just that- awkward; and imagine having people watching and laughing at you?? I’d would say that’s pretty uncomfortable!

    If he was homophobic in the least he would never have taken this role! Honestly, some people will find anything to complain about.

    I believe this film will be fantastic for his career and I’m glad he is growing out of Twilight already.

  35. Taylor says

    oh and PS. I completely agree that this film is going to do fantastic, if only for his fan-girl base alone.

    Fan-girls are a force to be reckoned with (as we’ve seen from Hannah Montana, Harry Potter and Twilight) They really get their teeth in a guy a never let go. I’m sure the percentage of under 20 year old female viewers of Equus was HUGE. I’m positive this will get a lot more attention with him in it then it would’ve without him.

  36. Ash says

    Stop hating on rob pattinson! The poor guy is a only a little overwhelmed wit all th e sudden fame. Give him a break. .i think hes hot and talented

  37. twigran says

    Robert Pattinson is a very young man who is dealing with more or less losing his anonymity almost overnight. While some might see him as a loser, and some as a junior “god-in-training,” I think it would be best to remember that he IS young and he IS human. He’s allowed to make mistakes this early in his career. He’s trying to maintain and carry on with his normal life as much as possible. He just hasn’t realized that he can more or less go with it and still feel justified in his feelings and observation. I think it’s wonderful to see an up and coming star who doesn’t come across like the world owe him something. When you look at a young person like Lindsay Lohan and the mess she’s made of her life, Robert Pattinson is doing great. Let him live his life.

  38. jennifer says

    oh my god you people are so freaken mean what did the poor guy ever do to you nothing except be himself i guess you are all entitled to your opinion but rob is still fairly new to stardom and to do your first sex scene with a guy when you are straight could not have been easy i personally give rob high marks for doing what had to be done even though it was uncomfortable. GO ROB

  39. says

    i juz wonderin why the gay like u guyz hate him? bcz he is not gay? or bcz his comment bout wasnt being comfortable on the sex scene? come on americans, he is straight! juz thinking ure doing it with female, maybe u find it ridiculous, but not for me..

  40. Shauna says

    If he was so uncomfortable doing gay sex scenes, why’d he take the part? there are plenty of actors out there, and far better ones than this guy, that would have loved to be in this film.

  41. katherine :) love u rob says

    are you people joking?! Ill admit it. I am totally robsessed. BUT, WHO DO U THINK YOU ARE DISSING ROB!!!?? He is just an ordinary 23 year old guy. THIS INTERVIEW JUST MAKES ME LOVE HIM EVEN MORE!

  42. erva says

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