1. Wayne says

    Backtracking on campaign promises? Get used to it. Obama promised to be a “fierce advocate” for gay people, but the only one Obama has advocated fiercely for was Rick Warren! Obama has backtracked on DADT, and the Obama administration has flat out lied about DOMA (Obama said he would end all of DOMA, yet as president, the Obama admininstration is actually citing DOMA as to why they plan on denying a recent federal judges’ order to issue benefits to gay couples)! It’s called political betrayal. And the Democrats should be put on notice. If they expect ANY help, money, or votes, from the gay community for the upcoming midterm elections then there better be some REAL CHANGE on LGBT issues before then

  2. DR says

    I see three issues regarding this topic:

    1. Criminals and high school dropouts have an easier time getting into the military than a qualified LGB person. Many of these will wash out of the military. But since they make good infantrymen, they can stay.

    2. The DoD is considering a move which would allow non-citizens to join the military to fast-track them to citizenship. The DoD is especially interested in those who are fluent in Arabic and Urdu. We wouldn’t have such a high need for non-citizens who speak these languages if the DoD would repeal this stupid ban, which has had a huge impact on the intelligence branch of the military.

    3. This was a major Omaba campaign promise. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t take a lot of effort to address this issue. It’s just another thing for him to ignore.

    I’ve sent emails to the White House regarding this. Not sure what else there is to do besides vote third party next election, which I will.

  3. ObamaTheFraud says

    Obama is just another Constitution shredding asshole like Bush. How long befoe the self-hating, self-deluded gay men Obama butt sniffers like 24PLAY and NIC show up here to rationalize his homophobic delays to grant our basic human rights. Why do we have to wait? We are talking about basic human right purportedly guaranteed by the Constitution. What’s this crap of an excuse about the President having a lot on his plate? I thought Obama said he could walk and chew gum at the same time. I’va always thought Obama was a fraud, and I never understood why so many gay men took his promises at face value.

  4. says

    Just a tiny hint at how S-L-O-W-L-Y and cautiously we will crawl on our bellies towards full federal equality if we continue to “protest” instead of revolt.

  5. nic says


    do you have an original thought? do you think that if you keep repeating the same splenetic hokum, it will magically eventually make you sound smart? do not be surprised if people stop responding to you. i know i will not.

  6. D.O. says

    SLDN has become another impotent gay group joke. It’s so-called leader Sarvis keeps huffing and puffing in the Huffington Post and nothing changes, except more and more of his staff keep jumping ship.

    Those left claim to have met with “members of the administration” yet here’s another story proving the administration hasn’t moved a goddamn inch toward repealing D.A.D.T.

    Ellen Tauscher, the sponsor of the repeal bill in Congress that SLDN held a poorly attended Capitol “rally” about a couple of weeks ago, didn’t even show up for it. Neither did any of the members of Congress like Murphy and Dodd and Collins who forcefully condemned DADT in the hearing last summer. Even Tammy Baldwin and Barney Frank didn’t appear. And none of them attended SLDN’s big fundraising dinner the next night. Didn’t even send representatives or videos. What does that say?

    We’ve got a commander-in-chief who’s gone MIA on getting D.A.D.T. repealed and an army of defenders with empty guns led by a toy soldier.