SLDN Criticizes Gates Remarks on ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

Executive Director of Servicemen's Legal Defense Network (SLDN) Aubrey Sarvis criticized Defense Secretary Robert Gates for his remarks yesterday on FOX New Sunday with Chris Wallace. Gates' remarks, which I posted about over the weekend, indicated that repeal of the discriminatory law was not near the top of the list of the Obama administration's  priorities.

Sarvis Said Sarvis: "Sec. Gates hardly gave a sound reason for kicking 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' down the road -- or essentially back tracking on a campaign promise made by his Commander in Chief. I trust the secretary was not speaking for President Obama, who, hopefully, will issue the call for repeal when he sends his Defense Department budget to Congress in a few weeks. This is about timely leadership. It's also called multitasking. Right now is the time -- while we're engaged in two wars -- we need the most qualified men and women serving. This is not the time to keep firing linguists and intelligence analysts because of their sexual orientation. The longer the president and Pentagon delay the issue, the fewer linguists and intelligence analysts the Pentagon will have to call on to fight terrorism in Pakistan and Afghanistan."

I've reposted the Robert Gates clip, AFTER THE JUMP...