1. Nick says

    I don’t understand how washboard abs are “characterless” but a spare tire isn’t. Many more people are chubby than in shape. So in the grand scheme of things abs are actually unique.

  2. clint says

    And anyway, who really needs “abs” but models anyway? Oh look, you have the genes and no life to cultivate your hott abs, wow.
    I think he’s perfectly delicious.

  3. Andre says

    “I don’t understand how washboard abs are ‘characterless’ but a spare tire isn’t.”

    They aren’t. Nothing on the outside demonstrates character; that is found inside. But it may be a way for people out of shape to make themselves feel better. It takes a lot of commitment to develop a particular body; some do it obsessively, and others find a good balance.

    Don’t judge a book by its cover–it goes both ways.

  4. Andre says

    “And anyway, who really needs ‘abs’ but models anyway?”

    Many reasons. There are reasons models have them: people, generally, find them attractive. And if you want to get someone who has was you find attractive, you’d better do the same. As well, people who just generally love to do a lot of physical activities (sports, biking, tennis, yoga) may develop them.

  5. Mamma Rice says

    He’s a New england Patriot…so OBVIOUSLY he’s in fine physical condition-and he’s attractive enough to find himself on TV and other widespread media sources.

    All this, without a sixpack/abs.

    No one needs abs. You get them from not eating enough and going to the gym to much..and more often than not they are used to hide a less than entertaining personality.

    Am I wrong?

  6. Gabe R L says

    Actually, a lot of U.S. professional footballers are not in good shape, read some of the articlesabout that some time. Like what was pointed out by an earlier poster, a lot of men who have abs do so out of much athletic practice,a good example being olympic athletes, not because of vanity. Even if it is vanity, so what? They look good and feel good,so people are always going to want them. It only seems sour and catty to put down pronounced abdominal muscles. That said, Tom is in fine shape.

  7. Chris says

    Everyone has washboard abs – it’s just a matter of how much subcutaneous fat is on top of them.

    Anorexics and death camp survivors have amazingly well-pronounced washboard abs.

  8. Drew says

    You anti-ab people are completely insane with your excuses. Just because you don’t exercise and eat right doesn’t mean that people who DO those things and HAVE abs are hiding something or experiencing a war with their inner demons, lol. Actually, they’re more in control of their lives than somebody without abs is, as they can literally achieve what they want through hard work and perseverance.

    Don’t forget, being muscular burns more calories, so they can actually eat a bunch of shit and not gain weight while non-muscular folk just get fatter.

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