1. paul c says

    It’s so disappointing to click on this and see that no one has made the obligatory “why is this here/who gives a shit” comment yet.

    I like Brendan and Taj, but since they’re both rich, I’m pulling for Stephen.

  2. BobN says

    Obviously homophobia causes gay people more trouble, but it’s also a shame that it has affected how men relate to other men, regardless of sexuality.

  3. Catalyst says

    Stupid stupid stupid. Spooning is a minimalist survival technique while in the wild. We did it by 2,3,4 guys when I was in the army and nobody ever thought this was remotely sexual. It’s cool though because you feel the secureness of brotherhood. Guys are so frightened AND obsessed with sex that even gay dudes giggle like teenage girls because of the slightest contact.

  4. B says

    “contesant Spencer was kicked off the show a while back”…
    NOT TRUE! He was kicked off the show one week prior to the above episode. That really isn’t “a while back”.

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