1. Derrick from Philly says

    Beautiful! And it’s Pisces time for us fish. Although I don’t love the ocean like I should. I’m getting scared of everything in old age.

  2. John M says

    This animal must be cloned or otherwise duplicated in some manner. I want to live in a world full of pink dolphins, it would be such a better place.

  3. anon says

    The problem is that they have no natural sun protection, so their eyes get cataracts and they suffer sunburn. However, this one seems okay for now.

  4. gayalltheway says

    Could this be a sign of HOPE for us? With the reintroduction of UAFA, a bill to repeal DADT and possibly the overturn of Prop 8 in California, I think Pinky is here to tell us something — I am so hopeful!!!!! This could be OUR year!!!

    Sorry for getting all clairvoyant on you guys..It’s been awhile since I saw something so miraculous..

  5. hkgirl says

    hong kong is home to pink dolphins too! when they built the new airport there was massive hoo ha over it, as it disturbed and destroyed the waters where native pink dolphins lived. they’re not nearly as pink as this dolphin (CRAZY) but for those of you interested, check it out!

  6. Drakar says

    it’s not “pink pigmentation”, just like it’s not “white pigmentation” — albino is a LACK of pigmentation. you probably already knew this, but don’t let this detail become lost in the confusion of words…

  7. Mamma Rice says

    Bright pink prancing dolpins!! Aren’t they also the only other animal on earth that have sex for fun?

    If so,is this their version of the hankey code?

  8. sooz says

    hey unicorn rider the reason flamingos are ping is because they eat blue-green alge.
    I know that sounds stupid but it’s true.
    Nothing to do with shrimp

  9. shane says

    It’s beautiful. We should put some kind of protections on it because you know the Japanese will be over here trying to harpoon and eat it since it’s one of a kind.
    I’m just sayin.

  10. Will says

    Southeast Asia is the home for Pink Dolphins. There is actually a pink dolphin park in Singapore. Its considered an endangered spp. now. This pink dolphin is “pinker” than the ones in Asia, though.

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