Survivor Winner Todd Herzog Dating Tocantins‘ Spencer Duhm?


AfterElton reports that current Survivor: Tocantins contestant Spencer Duhm is dating Survivor: China winner Todd Herzog. Herzog tells AE what makes the relationship tick:

"We have
such extreme opposite tastes but so much in common. He LOVES sports and
I prefer the solo outdoors stuff, I like to dress super trendy he's
into plain T's, I love alternative music he likes Whitney! (shhh) We both love to keep active and busy, we love trying new things and
traveling. I was attracted to him the moment I saw him, mainly because
he's got this confidence that pours out of him and a piercing stare
that you can't help but notice so I went 'fishing'! Started talking
with him and reeled him in! He's coming to stay with me all next week,
and I with him next month. I'll be in New York for his finale in May
and we are planning a huge trip this summer … So hopefully things go
well! I'm like a wall that usually wont let anyone one close to me, but
he's doing a great job at breaking it down so I have high hopes."

In a recent interview with Reality Blurred, Spencer said: "I don’t like come across like most of the gay guys but I am, so I’ll probably be like—but then again, JP was gay and nobody knew
that on the show; he was about the straightest I’ve ever seen. … But I
won’t be Todd, I surely won’t be Coby. I won’t be Charlie. Holy shit. I
talked to my parents and I was like, ‘Mom, do I sound like that?’ she
was like, ‘Sweetheart, no, I would never let you go out in public if
you sounded like that.’ Thank God."


  1. David T says

    I think your mom should be more concerned that you can’t get through three words in a sentence without saying the word “like.”

    Like, you and your mom are like creeps.

  2. patrick nyc says

    ANDY why do you give coverage to these douche bags. It’s bad enough gay kids hear this shit on national TV, they should not see it on a progressive blog like yours.

  3. GM says

    It was a the drag divas and nelly Village queens who uprooted parking meters and hurled rocks at the NYPD at Stonewall. Respectable white-bread types were uptown sipping cocktails and would only later benefit from the antics of the truly brave individuals who probably talked in a way that would make this little dipshit and his mom purse their lips and wag their fingers. Oh — and another thing: Stop listening to your mother!

  4. says

    Men who tout how they aren’t like “most gays” are as homophobic as any straight redneck. They’re taking pride in not being identifiable as gay because in their mind, being gay is bad. You guys are right…giving shitbags like this coverage is terrible for kids trying to come to terms with who they are.

  5. scar2 says

    I’m glad he’s changed his mind about nelly guys. Herzog was far from ‘straight acting’ but exuded a lot of confidence. Still a stupid interview though.

  6. schmee says

    Oh cmon, hes what 19? Who hasn’t said something politically incorrect? You’ve never said something about how other people act?

    People forget that for a lot of gay people under the age of 25 (maybe even 30), they have never lived in a world where gay had to be their defining characteristic. For them being gay is like having red hair, its just how things are. Gay “culture” means a lot less to them

  7. Dave says

    Fascinating. Please continue to bring us more intellectually-stimulating accounts of these accomplished, brilliant and newsworthy personalities in the future.

  8. Bill says

    Being GAY means everything to me and I’m under 25. I love it! Spencer is self-hating. He needs to stop using “straight-acting.” Heterosexual males don’t own masculine behavior.

    Gay men in general have higher levels of free testosterone than straight males. Free testosterone gives males their gender typical attributes like a deep voice, dense bones, musculature, angular facial features etc. Gay men also have larger penises than straight men.

  9. David T says

    Um, Schmee, just because many of us call out those who make “politically incorrect” statments, doesn’t mean gay is our defining characteristic. I suppose if I call out someone who calls me a wet back, being Mexican American must be my defining characteristic? That’s the height of stupidity. And guess what, 19 is a perfect age to start learning you’re a jerk. We learn many of life’s lessons by how society views us. So you go ahead and stay silent, while we do the work that’s needed.

  10. Rich says

    Spencer sounds like he confuses “straight acting” with inarticulate. There are plenty of gay guys who sound like dim valley girls , too. Andy includes these guys because they’re cute and shirtless. By definition, the vast majority of contestants are narcissistic idiots who’ve got rap sheets or done porn, which makes for potentially good scandals and silliness, and makes it easy to make fun of them.

  11. says

    thanks for your comment Bill. I’m well over 25 and being gay means everything to me. I guess I’ve transgressed every rule there is….. but we gays are as diverse as straights, so no surprise that we all make strange pronouncements. And even GM above is right: it was the nelly queens at Stonewall who fought so the rest of us could be free. All deserve our respect.

  12. says

    I began my obsession with “F-List” serial dater Lance Bass when he came out with a barrage of statements about how he and his friends were the kinds of Gays that no one knew were Gay. Ha. Ha.

    Lance at least has (hidden?) talent to make it through life and some money obviously put away to attract marginal boyfriends well into middle age. This idiot Twink (and his mom) may not be so lucky. Would anyone be surprised if in a couple of years he ends up pulling a “Breedlove” for Unzipped?

  13. paul c says

    Give me Charlie and JP over these two any day.

    Oh, and thanks to the predictable turdmunchers who questioned Andy for putting this story on HIS website. You guys never disappoint.

  14. Strepsi says

    Aw, those douchey comments are old news.
    Everyone’s said shit we regret later.
    The puppy love is new!
    I say “Awwwwwww, cute puppies!”

  15. Andy in Vancouver says

    To quote: “Men who tout how they aren’t like “most gays” are as homophobic as any straight redneck. They’re taking pride in not being identifiable as gay because in their mind, being gay is bad.”

    No, I think you really misunderstand this. They don’t think being gay is bad. That is your projection. In reality, they take pride in not being reduced to a stereotype. A lot of gays understandably resent the ones who act really flamboyantly and then try to project this “queer performance” on to other gays as if it’s required or something. Whether you are attracted to and have sex with men or not determines whether you’re gay, not how you behave otherwise.

    Gays who think like you are like black people who only hang out in the black community and tease their black friends for becoming “whitewashed”. No, they are just not subscribing to an illusory stereotype and instead have the strength to forge their OWN, individual personality. Times have changed for younger gays like us and we are accepted by our straight peers, even sometimes revered at this stage. There is no need for us to inherit your heterophobia, even though we respect those who fought so hard at stonewall 4 decades ago.

  16. troschne says

    My only comment on this is, MAN I don’t care!!! 15 minutes and counting for both of them, and they will no longer be relevant, and we’ve all wasted too much time even commenting on them.

  17. schmee says

    Um… don’t accuse me of being silent, I’m out in a very religious town which takes a lot more work than listening to Kylie while hiding in a gaybourhood. You don’t change peoples minds by running away.

    I find it really interesting that people complain about Peter Griffen being too gay in a cartoon about hypocracy, and then slam this kid for saying he doesn’t want to be a gay stereotype.

    All I’m saying is he’s 19, cut him some slack for his comments instead of calling him a douche.

  18. Ben Jackson says

    Let’s remember that the closet buys you alot of access to more power and money in our culture. It all comes down to money folks. Sad but true for all of us.

  19. Jason says

    I disagree Schmee. Clearly gay culture DOES mean a lot to him –Just not favorably. I have no patience for this homophobic elitist attitude. Unless your the ghost of Roy Cohn, these guys think this way because they’re just too stupid to see the truth — that their definition of “gay” is very narrow. I’ve tried channeling Julia Sugarbaker on guys like this when they start tossing around terms like “straight-acting” and it’s nearly pointless. Homophobia is like bacteria. It keeps adapting to stay alive.

  20. Ryan Jaymes says

    A lot of you are so judgemental and yet here we are in a world where we asking hetrosexual people not to be so judgemental towards the homosexual community.
    “Let he without sin, cast the first stone”
    We all as a race talk differently, whether it be describing ourselves or other people. I constantly hear phrases like “Straight acting” (I personally don’t believe in that saying as how we are, is not an act) Just think about the ages of most people.
    I read somewhere on here that “Gay men also have larger penises than straight guys” Really, how stupid are you…. really. get a clue. that’s like saying straight women have smaller/bigger boobs than lesbian women.
    Everyone is so quick to judge on how others talk, dress, walk etc etc So I reiterate “Let he without sin, cast the first stone”

  21. jbrowder24 says

    SWIMINBUFF – I believe you are thinking of Colby. This guy is mentioning Coby, a different contestant from a later season. I am not sure about Colby – I couldn’t find anything confirmed either way – but Coby definitely is confirmed.

    The real shame here is that he does express his attitude in such a negative manner putting down other contestants. I myself had similar attitudes when first coming out – I grew up in small town Iowa and was so afraid admitting I was gay would transform me into the stereotype I’d seen in entertainment at that point. Though I’ve grown, we can’t just blame a young guy when our culture perpetuates that to be popular or successful as a male, you should be masculine and muscular. That said, his mom should have taught him that old adage about if you can’t say anything nice…

  22. Anonygiraffe says

    During the civil rights movement, there were many stereotypes of black people. They were labeled as violent criminals, thieves, stupid animals and so on. Every single time a black person actually murdered, raped or mugged someone, people who supported racial equality cringed a bit… because the stereotypes, their weaknesses, they were trying to escape kept on coming back.

    When straight people look at gay men, the stereotype is “femininity,” they see tulips and tutus. They see limp wrists, high voices, low musculature, and the inability for them to defend themselves physically. They see a victim. They see a weakness. Whether or not they can defend themselves is irrelevant, it’s the perception.

    I cringe whenever I see a limp wristed gregarious queen. Because I’ve been trying to show people that you don’t have to be in theater or choir to be gay. The people at my mother’s church still believe that I’m straight, because I’m “not like them.”

    By acknowledging to the masses that homosexuality is NOT just filled with people who sing and dance, you open doors for other men to express themselves.

    Murder/rape/thief is not the same magnitude as femininity but it is used by homophobes in the same negative manner that racists do with racial slurs.

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