1. scar2 says

    I know he says he’s straight-acting, but his teammates have to be idiots not to suspect anything.

  2. Mike says

    Having watched the show I can see what his motivations are… personal information is a weapon in Survivor and you can never tell how people will react… plus he’s a 19 year old kid talking about issues with others’ homophobia on national television, I think that’s pretty out of the closet, eh?

  3. Eric says

    What? Like they’re gonna play smear the queer after you’ve just said you like cock? WTFE. Grow a pair, Duhm-ass. And NO, he does NOT get a free pass for being 20 years old.

  4. says

    This guy is an asshole. I don’t care that he’s 20. In fact, I think he is doing a huge amount of damage to other 20 yr olds with his self hating (evidently learned from his mother-see earlier post) homophobic ways.

    I truly can’t stand this guy and wish he would just shut up.

    What exactly does he know about “the culture we live in”? I am a light skinned Black who looks like I’m anything but Black. I could easily have “passed” because “there’s not much to gain” by people knowing that I’m Black. I didn’t and don’t. Why? Because I am Black. And Gay.

    If I thought like this jerk I would be just another self hating Black Fag who wants desperately to be someone or something that I’m not.

    Please do not turn him into a Gay celebrity by continuing to pst about him. As it is he will be sought out by the MSM when this is over and be treated as a “Gay spokesman”.

  5. Mamma Rice says

    Oh boo! “Grow a pair?” he’s on and island, covered in dirt, climbin trees and all that other bullsh!t. How big does his balls need to be?
    If he’s 20, and not out cause it’s gonna help him win, then make that money and win.

  6. alex in boston says

    Ok so now that Spencer has been eliminated from “Survivor” lets get the real scoop on both he and Todd Herzog (a previous winner! I find this all too interesting that a previous winner (the last seasons winner no less) and a current contestant (who happens to be the youngest in the history of survivor no less) are Dating!! I want the bottom line scoop on this whole thing!!! When did they meet, how did they meet, how did spencer get on the show so quickly following last seasons win, etc… Any info out there?????? Will we see Towleroad or another site pick up the exclusive interview with them both>????

  7. tjc says

    So what’s the deal w/ Survivor (or other reality “tv”) and gay (/L/B[no T, AFAIK]) winners?

    How many winners has our family had, and how does that seem to compare w/ the quantity of contestants?

  8. says

    Um…yeah, it’s fucking SURVIVOR. The comments about him not being a good representative are well-taken, but this dude is on a (lame) reality show to win money. He’s not a gay activist. It is not his responsibility to ‘represent gays’ any more than it is any other gay person’s responsibility once they get a little bit of media coverage. If one is a self-avowed activist, that is one thing, but there is always constant bitching here every time anyone on TV says anything about the gays, about being gay, about knowing gay people, etc. For being so picky, I don’t see any of your lazy asses running out to “represent us.” So, yeah…get the fuck over it. Some 19-year-old isn’t doing your work for you. Boo-hoo.

  9. Des says

    Just like real life. We’ve all been in that situation – to tell or not to tell? Not all of us can be 100% brave all the time when faced with possible unpleasant consequences. Sometimes you have to evade, not just with sexuality but with other things too. Who can’t understand that?

  10. Eric says

    Thank you, Derek. Couldn’t agree with you more. I’m old enough to be this pathetic little douchenozzle’s father so I’ve been out longer than he’s been alive and I sure as hell don’t need this kind of celebutard representing me in public.

    It is precisely this kind of amoral behavior, Mamma Rice, that perpetuates the belief that gay people should just stay in the closet and that nobody should have to know about it. Yeah, it’s a stupid gameshow for fucksake, but twatzilla’s gayness is being USED by the show’s producers for buzz appeal and that pisses me off.

  11. Des says

    He’s out of the closet on national television, for goodness sakes. And you call him a coward??

  12. Joseph says

    He’s a douchebag who clearly has been indoctrinated with some issues regarding being gay. Two previous winners of Survivor were out gay men. Didn’t hurt them at all in the contest. That he’s chosen to remain in the closet and insult effeminate queens (despite it being pretty obvious for himself) speaks a lot.

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    “Why is this even being discussed?”

    Even more pertinent, EVERETT, why are you and I reading it? I should be cleaning up this raggedy office…it’s unfittin’ for a queen. We’re supposed to be neat and prissy.

    Let the boy come out when he wants to. Y’all already said that his mother is a effemophobic Joan Crawford (and I loved Crawford–sitll do). Leave the confused lad alone…the blond bitch’ll “come out” to the other idiots on that show when he’s ready.

    Anything else in the news? What about the sexy Treasury Secretary?

  14. johnny says

    I don’t get how announcing you are gay on one of the top rated shows in the US could be “in the closet”… Has logic completely disappeared from Towleroad reader’s minds?

    Ok, he didn’t come out to 6 other people in the game, but came out nationally to over 20 million at the same time. With a million at stake (the purpose of the game) I’d do exactly the same thing.

    Survivor isn’t exactly the podium for gay activism. Being gay does not automatically come with activist responsibilities. Anyone who thinks those people would have been OK about it is ignoring the fact that they figured his sexuality out pretty quickly after the girl questioned him and immediately made him the one to vote out – over and above the woman who barely tried on the challenge or the geek who stood there and did absolutely nothing. It’s a reality show which shows EXACTLY the reality that putting out that kind of information in a sparsely populated “winner takes all” situation may lead to. With previous gay winners, the contestant figured out whether or not it was a safe place to come out and did so. Spencer decided it wasn’t safe for his game plan. Some of us have to do this daily, with much more at stake than money.

  15. Stan says

    Here we go with the “your primary identity should be gay and you must must put that above all else”. Uh, no, It really does depend on the situation and circumstance. What is to be gained by telling his teammates? Sure, they could all suspect, but until he confirms it, it’s just speculation. In this game, all info is a weapon to be used against them (just like in real life, I might add). Like someone else said, you can’t expect a 19 year old to carry the banner for the community. The point for many young gays is not to have their identity worn like some scarlett letter but to make it just like any other part of themeselves, no more, no less.

    And the whole “light-skinned black passing thing”, uh, were you able to pass as white? “cause that’s the point of passing. Looking non-black is not the same as passing for white (which is what passing is about).

  16. Strepsi says

    This guy did not say there is nothing to gain in life by being out, he said that HE had nothing to gain by being out IN SURVIVOR at that time. Given that it’s a game, with a winner, personal gain is the only thing that matters at that point…. or are y’all thinking Survivor’s motto is “Outwit. Outplay. Out Role Model”.

  17. Derrick from Philly says

    “And the whole “light-skinned black passing thing”, uh, were you able to pass as white? “cause that’s the point of passing. Looking non-black is not the same as passing for white (which is what passing is about).”

    How do you know? Many black people who couldn’t pass as German could pass as Portuguese. If you’re going to pass for European–atleast try to look like the pretty Mediterranean ones.

  18. paul c says

    He’s lame.

    The very first winner of Survivor, Richard Hatch, was a naked, in-your-face, gay guy. He was openly gay and didn’t even try to suck up to people and he won.

    The guy this turd is supposedly dating, Todd, is very openly gay and extremely effeminate…and he won also.

    Being gay obviously isn’t a hindrance on Survivor. He was the real bigot on the show — stereotyping straight guys and southerners as some kind of moronic hate machines.

    At least Spencer can go home and rest assured that his big fat fucking loss had nothing to do with being gay, and everything to do with his own personal shortcomings. It’s just you that sucks, Spencer. Not gay people.

  19. schmee says

    People get so pissy about how out someone else is, jeeze calm down. Like when you were 19 you told everyone you met, especially people like your boss who controlled your paycheck (which is exactly what the other contestants are in this situation)

    Just because someone doesn’t do it exactly the way you would, doesnt mean they’re wrong. Calm down… and encourage him to take his shirt off

  20. DR says

    Spencer was an alternate on the show, and did not meet Todd Herzog until well after filming. As Jeff Probst explained in his EW blog, Spencer auditioned and was an alternate with hopes of making it next season. At the last minute one of the male contestants failed his final physical and Spencer was called up to participate.

  21. Mamma Rice says

    “amoral behavior”!? Eric, honey…it’s a game show, a “reality” game show set on an island? How does his decision to “play the game” equal “amoral”.

    “…I know that that’s not the best option for me in the game at this point..”–he’s not “hiding” for ratings or because he’s afraid his parents will beat him or something, he’s not addressing his homosexuality because

    A) Who you wanna hump doesn’t matter on a reality tv game show island.
    B) He’s trying to make some quick cash-on a game show.

    I understand that we as homo’s don’t have the luxury, due to the political climate, to stay in the closet just to suit our personal needs.

    However, this is a 20-year reality television personality trying to play a game. Seriously, it just ain’t that deep.

  22. Bosie says

    This is a self-hating homophobe….”Sound-gay” or “Act-Gay” “No point of coming out?” HE IS AN IDIOT!~

    nothign wrong with sound, acting or being gay…..Straight-acting is sad because we shouldn’t be acting…the point of coming out and being who you are is that ….BE YOURSELF.

    THIS GUY SHOULD BE ASHAME OF HIMSELF…i’m sure some “str8-acting-Str8-wannabes” will find him appealing.

  23. g_whiz says

    So the moral of the story is, always have good PR representation present? Because seriously, the “I’d kill myself if I sounded like that commentary” wasn’t anywhere close to what I’d consider constructive. How many other gay kids his age reading that went further into the closet? Or deeper into the angst and self loathing? So he’s 20 and he hasn’t fully come into his comfort zone. Him dishing the whole “straight acting gay guys are better than …gay acting gay guys” credo just perpetuates this ridiculous hiearchy of gayness. Its completley reductive.

  24. John in CA says


    There’s great diversity within African populations as well. It is not always the result of interracial marriage either. Both Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu are considered fully “African” (with black parents). But Mandela is only slightly darker than Barack Obama. Whereas Tutu is the same color as Shaquille O’Neal.

    So, I look forward to the day when whites (other than rappers) try to “pass” for black

  25. says

    Thank you Derrick! I NEVER said I could pass for white. I never could. I am however to pass as pretty much any Latino ethnicity or as a Pacific Islander. I don’t see the point in it. I am proud of who I am and the history of my people who helped build this incredible country.

    So Stan, shut your piehole.

  26. jim says

    God, you guys are a tough crowd.
    I suggest waiting until you’re in the same situation and then see whether you would be comfortable being out or not. Some people are saying the same thing about Adam from American Idol – upset that he hasn’t blared his gayness to the camera every 5 seconds. If I were him, I’d keep quiet until I win.
    Gay men are such judgemental fucks sometimes. Do as I say, not as I do.

  27. says

    Most of these comments are ridiculous. Do those of you complaining even watch Survivor? If you did, you’d know that he had nothing to gain in the game by coming out to his tribe. They have clearly chosen JT as their leader and he’s an Alabama redneck who likely would have put a target on Spencer’s back just because he is gay.

    thank youto all of the commenters who said that it is hardly “in the closet” to come out to a TV audience of more than 20 million before you are even 20 years old. I think he’s incredibly brave and I think those of you that think every gay person needs to be an activist are crazy.

  28. RP says

    Quite honestly I was offended by his reasoning for remaining closeted on the show. To just presume JT would not like you because he is from the South is a moronic generalization. And with that, this twerp’s 15 seconds are over.

  29. ugotmeinsd_619 says

    Sad, Harvey Milk dedicated his life so that kids can be who they are, and this guy has a chance to be out & proud…instead he says that in “today’s culture” there’s no advantage to being out. SAD SAD SAD.

  30. Marc says

    RE: Post by: schmee | Mar 13, 2009 12:47:08 PM

    Actually you big fat pussy, you’re Goddamn right I told every motherfucker I came in contact with when I was 17. Not because it was obvious, but because it was the right thing to do. And you know what? Pussies like you who were the ones quickest to bend over for cock up their ass, were the ones who derided me as being a “model” gay.

    Fuck you ya POS ‘tard!

    It’s asshole, closet-case cowards like you and Duhmass that create the incendiary, misogynistic and homophobic attacks on us.

    People like Derek W will always have me at their back while if I saw you on the street I’d out you myself to the biggest homophobic jerkwad I could find… WITH YOUR MANCUNT PROFILE!

  31. Asphyxia 8 says

    Enough about admitted cutie Spencer already. He’s gone. Now what about the other dreamy contestants? My favorite’s J.T., altheaux I’m quite certain he doesn’t play for our team.

  32. Contrarian says

    If I have to listen to another whine about how effeminate men are “oppressed”, I may actually burn my back issues of Architectural Digest and subscribe to a gun or car magazine. Show after show we get metallic voiced screamers (the blond kid on MTV Denver Real World somewhat of an exception) on these “reality” shows and the regulars on here never complain about the producer’s stereotyping. Let a kid who has a more masculine self-image (delusional or not) show up and he is public enemy No. 1.

    You queens should really know what oppression is: try Iran,or a village in Darfur or rural India or war-torn Congo. Your middle class queenly angst is really too much. Finally, who are you to read out of the community guys who find effeminacy off-putting. If you want to enforce some sort of acceptable orthodoxy join a church.

  33. Derrick from Philly says

    Hey, hey, heeeeeeey, MARC! Calm down, darlin’. SCHMEE did not say that he did not ADMIRE gay people who come out of the closet at an early age. He just doesn’t believe in villifying those who don’t. From your very testimony you should understand how difficult and painful and ALONE “coming out” for a teenager can be.


    Effeminate, feminine-acting, sissified, queenie, soft-n-sweet, flamboyant butch queens, drag queens & transwomen have lost their lives for just coming out the front door. I believe that some sissies loose their lives in childhood because a father, brother or uncle tries to beat the “sissy” out of them.

    “Your middle class queenly angst is really too much.”

    What if the sissy is growing up on the Southside of Chicago or a trailer park in Arkansas? Life can be pretty dangerous for a sissy boy in such circumstances. We don’t have to go to Iran or the Congo to be mutilated, crippled or lynched for being queens.

    As a queen who has been out since I first heard Judy singing “……Rainbow” ( ’bout the age of two in 1960) I don’t care if Survival’s blond bombshell doesn’t explode in “outness” until he’s ready. All I ask is just don’t put down those gay people that you think are “too light in the loafers”–which is just what the wannabe macho blond bitch did. But he may grown out of his rank smellin’ little balls someday, and he does–we’ll forgive him….unless he’s as bad a homo as J. Edgar Hoover.

  34. schmee says

    Hey Marc ya fucktard

    I was out in a CATHOLIC school where nuns taught sex ed, I’ve demonstrated for gay marriage (in a place where we actually won), I’ve been fired for being gay and I’ve got scars on my forehead from a brawl with a redneck over gay rights. Don’t assume things.

    Just cuz Spencer doesnt live his life the way you want doesnt mean hes wrong. Jeeze, what are you… republican or a christian right wing loony?

    Not everyone has to do things the same way you would, time to grow up a little

  35. Joseph says

    As a matter of fact, when I was 19 I DID tell everybody that I knew that I was gay, including my bosses. I’ve never hidden it, because it’s not something I’m ashamed of.

  36. Kyle says

    As much as I hate to say it, I would probably do the same thing. It’s fairly obvious many of you either are not living in the real world or otherwise forgot what it was like to be 19 in a society that generally hates gays. I can attest to that because I am 19, still in the closet, and doing a very good job (if I may say so myself) of masking anything that might lead others to believe I am gay. I don’t hate myself anymore, I have gotten over that phase of wanting to be someone I am not long ago; now it is just weighing the pros and cons of saying something that could cost me everything I have and everyone I love.

  37. Wheezy says

    If the little twit wasn’t 19-20 years old, I would not forgive him…however he IS 19-20 years old (with a nancy-hatin’ mamma to boot) so I can choke down my righteous indignation just a bit…for now.

  38. travis says

    this situation is bloody ridiculous. it’s unnecessary for everyone to make this into something bigger than it needs to be.

    spencer said some stupid things that he’s apologized for. he admitted he was wrong, and yet everyone still calls him a self hating homophobe. not every gay man is going to be the same, so stop being a bitch.

    what bothers me the most about the situation is how everyone is expecting him to act a certain way. spencer is not the gay community, and anyone who says he should watch himself just so that he can better represent the gay community needs to step back. he’s not alive and on television to be a martyr, he’s there for himself, and that’s it. he makes mistakes like everyone else, but since he’s gay, his mistakes are ever more costly because a large portion of the gay community seems finds it necessary to act like complete tools just because he’s not being the perfect example of a gay man.

    sometimes i think the people here can be worse than PETA.

  39. steven richmond says

    “”there’s nothing really to gain, or not much to gain from people finding out that you are gay.””
    this young (ignorant) –defined as–ignorant–
    lacking knowledge or awareness in general;
    he obviously doesn’t mind that people will never really know who he is. and though he’s not actually lying he is omitting a huge part of his being.
    also it’s not “ADMITTING” that you’re gay. admitting means to confess a crime or a fault. SO, STOP USING ADMIT… PEACE AND LOVE TO ALL MY GAY BROTHERS AND SISTERS…

  40. stef rich says

    “”Straight-acting is sad because we shouldn’t be acting…””

    THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “STRAIGHT ACTING…” there is masculine and feminine in all of us. and alot of crazy fockers too.

    What fuels homophobia? The desire to discriminate against gays and lesbians, and thus to reserve special privileges to heterosexuals, appears to have many causes. Some are: 1) Inability or unwillingness to change the information received during childhood. 2) Fear of people who are different. 3) Promotion of homophobia by a religious group. 4) a heterosexual’s natural feeling of repulsion at the thought of engaging in same-sex activity. Realizing that homosexual behavior is unnatural for them, some people generalize this feeling into the belief that homosexuality is wrong for everyone. 5) Actual homosexual feelings that a person cannot acknowledge or handle. 6) Low self esteem leading to a need to hate other group(s).