The Real World‘s Eric Nies Saves Dog from Frozen Lake — Naked

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The Real World: New York's Eric Nies (yeah that was a long time ago) saved a dog from a freezing lake in Bear Mountain, NY after it chased some geese that were out on the ice.

TMZ reports: "As Nies noticed the pooch struggling to stay afloat, he immediately stripped down to his birthday suit and dove in after him. Nies eventually grabbed the pooch and got him back on the ice, where the scared little guy could run back to dry land. Eric suffered a couple of scratches -- and mild case of popsicle crotch -- but he proved that has-been reality stars can not only be relevant, but downright heroic.

The final two shots in this series, AFTER THE JUMP...

And if someone has the uncensored ones, please point us to them!