Towleroad Guide to the Tube #454

ED HENRY: Keith Olbermann analyzes CNN correspondent Ed Henry's rationalization of being publicly humiliated by Obama.

IT BURNED: Quizno's ad explores dom/sub relationship between a man and and oven.

MARIJUANA: Obama says it won't be legalized.

MONA GREASA: A fattening piece of art.

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  1. JOE 2 says

    Too bad about the marijuana. I’m an Obama fan, but I think he’s mistaken about legalization being a poor idea for growing the economy. Legalizing marijuana would bring in huge amounts of tax revenue and eliminate huge expenditures on enforcement, prosecution, and punishment.

  2. Alex says

    I am sorry, but President Obama’s smug attitude really burns my ass. First of all, why isn’t the question of legalizing marijuana something we should take seriously for many reasons? He laughs at it as if it’s a ridiculous question and then goes on to question what it says about the online audience. Well since he’s admitted smoking weed, I guess it’s says they are not that different than he is. In any case, since the American taxpayers are about to foot a 9 trillion dollar budget, the least he can do is take the question seriously and not be so dismissive. The longer this goes on, the more and more like Bush he becomes. The smugness is not appreciated.

  3. Rob says

    I’m a huge Obama fan, but I admit that this clip of him really disappoints me. That was the type of smug answer that President Bush would have given.

  4. Ken Atkins says

    As a manager for Pizza Hut the first time I saw that Quizno’s commercial my jaw dropped to the floor. I think it’s sexy as hell.

  5. DJ says

    While I think Obama should have taken the question more seriously, I don’t think he was being smug.

    And just because he answered like that does not make him like Bush…give me a break.

  6. Mike says

    Regarding Marijuana, he should have responded without the joking. People weren’t kidding around when they wrote about legalization – and he should have taken it more seriously. His response and the reaction of the crowd reminded me of a bunch of teenagers taking about having sex… the laugher was more “nervous” than “humorous”. Everyone knows it is the right thing to do, but right now no one has the balls to do it. My belief is he doesn’t think the country is ready to take that step. We can’t even agree that gay people should have equal rights – which should be a slam dunk… the right wing would have a major cow, and it would be a major distraction. This of course could change as more and more states pass Medical Marijuana laws and decriminalize. It will happen, I just don’t think during Obama’s admininistration – and definitely not his first term. Dana Rohrabacher and Barney Frank both support, so it has bipartisan support – and over the years support will continue to build. On the positive side however, at least the Feds are no longer busting patients who conform to state laws…

  7. Mike says

    I agree he should have taken the legalization question a bit more seriously. His response and the reaction of the crowd reminded me of teenagers talking about sex. The laughter was more “nervous” than “humorous”. I don’t he believes enough momentum has been reached to force it through the legislative process. As more and more states decriminalize and pass medical use laws, I think that will change. Dana Rohrabacher joined Barney Frank last year in a bill to leave it up to the states – you can’t get more bipartisan than that… so eventually it will happen. Don’t hold your breath though, I don’t see it happening during his administration, let alone his first term. On the positive side, at least the feds aren’t busting people who conform to state laws. That is a MAJOR achievement and will bolster passage of medical laws in other states.

  8. dk says

    I still don’t get what was wrong about the CNN reporter pushing Obama on the delay in admitting he knew about the the AIG bonuses. Just because I’m a Democrat doesn’t mean I think that Democratic presidents should get away with cover-ups.

  9. paul c says

    I only hoped for three things from Obama:

    1. Decriminalize marijuana.
    2. End the ridiculous embargo on Cuba.
    3. End the ban on gays in the military.

    Seriously…are those so much to ask? I just wanted proof that he had common sense and wouldn’t be another tool going along with the illogical status quo to get ahead.

    This is just one more case of him confirming my worst fears about him. He sucks.

  10. Alex says

    I think the fact he responded with an emphatic no with zero reasoning and his silly Bush giggle is both SMUG and a very Bush-like response. Think what you want…but it isn’t fitting of someone of his intelligence and position to brush that aside in such a way, especially when it’s a legitimate question. Ignoring the positive impact it would have on the fighting in Mexico right now, it most certainly would improve the economy to legalize it. And like someone here said, it has bipartisan support. What is wrong with having an intellectual debate about it?

    Smug. Period.

  11. nic says

    it’s been years since i smoked weed so i don’t take obama’s comment personally, but, that response was much less than satisfactory.

  12. Brandon says

    Maybe he’s just playing it cool to throw off the conservatives while he does what he wants to do.

    I can’t remember what site I was on but sometime yesterday I read an article that said that Obama just submitted some sort of bill for review that would make change the way people are prosecuted for growing and possesing weed. The change is supposed to be that u will only be prosecuted if u violate both state and federal laws regarding the possesion and sell of marijuana. So this in effect offers a loop-hole by leaving it up to the states. If ur state allows it than it’s cool. Did n e 1 else read this? I can’t remember the source but this would be a pretty slick strategy so that he wouldn’t take alot of heat from the right-wing for legalization but it could still in effect be legalized on a state-by-state basis. CA and AZ would def b on board I think.

  13. PatrickPatrick says

    Actually, he doesn’t say that it won’t be legalized. He just says it’s not a good strategy to improve the economy.

    Now that the semantics are out of the way…I’m still not holding my breath that it might actually be legalized during his admin.

    However, I did get some hope when I heard that the Attorney General said the Feds would not prosecute drug laws unless BOTH state AND federal laws were broken.

  14. jimmyboyo says

    exactly patrickpatrick

    He did not say it would not be illegalized. He said No on it stimulating the economy. Though he is wrong on that.

    The laughter was not at the question, it was laughing WITH!!!! the audience who started laughing. Find me a human that won’t start giggeling themselves if everyone else in the room is giggeling (even for no reason). That person you find isn’t human but rather a robot.

    I am surprised he mentioned it at all and quite seriously till people started giggeling which of course caused him to laugh.

  15. nic says

    the qiuznos ad, totally hot. “put in in me Scott.” ahahaHAHA. now, say my name, bitch.

  16. JT says

    Paul C. : A lot of people are disappointed in Obama. Even Cindy Sheehan is now calling him just another war-monger for the wealthy.///Still, though, it’s still early. And I don’t see him as any worse than most Presidents.

  17. PistolPetey says

    Just saw the Quiznos ad on TV. They changed all the good lines:

    “I’m not doing that again. It burned.” became “I’m not rubbing you with that shammie again.”

    “Put it in me Scott” became “I’m waiting for it Scott.”

    “Say it sexy” became “Say it with passion.”


  18. rayy says

    Too bad Quizno’s caved. It was great! And I didn’t even pick up on it until i saw it here (i know, so naive).

  19. DJ says

    JT, speak for yourself. You and Paul C may be disappointed but I am not.

    As for Cindy Sheehan, I understand her feelings because of her son but her rant about Obama’s comments seems over the top.

  20. PM says

    N.B. Network executives : hire that team to re-remake Knight Rider right away.
    The world will thank you.

  21. Dback says

    OMG, that Quizno’s ad was amazing. These people aren’t stupid; using the deep male voice, referencing the “foot long,” etc. are all designed to create a not-so-subliminal response. They could’ve used a purring female voice, but they conciously went this route; even with the minor dialogue tweaks, it’s still a hell of a lot of homoerotic subtext for a “mainstream” ad. (I knew I liked them better than Subway.)

  22. lennie says

    Andy, Obama did not say pot won’t be legalized. He said he does not think it will boost the economy. Two very different things.

    Also, it would have helped if you had linked to the full video of the event. There were plenty of important and interesting things that were talked about by Obama.

  23. Keanon Pete says

    Love the Quizno’s ad and picked up on the sexual overtones the 1st time i saw it. I’m losing hope with the Obama administration. He has to be bold, let the repugs yell and stamp their feet! They will do so, no matter what Obama tries to do. If found the laughing and not taking it serious offensive because people are dying and lives are being ruined cuz of the drug war. No wonder this country is stuck in a rut, just look at the idiots behind Obama laughing like school children. Not educated enough to vote in their best interest or the interest of others. We don’t need a “change” president we need a change in the American people.

  24. PatrickPatrick says

    Quizno’s didn’t cave. What some of you saw on TV was just an alternate version for some channels. The original seen above is still airing. The original was still airing on Comedy Central as of Friday night.

    It’s common for altered versions of commercials to be made due to audience and to make shorter commercial lengths.

    As an ad exec, I can attest that this is completely normal. I think we can all agree that the funnier version isn’t appropriate for everyone, nor would it be appreciated by everyone.

    Only an idiot would air a commercial that offended its customers.