1. Br!on says

    Supremely, sublime honest future accoustipop from someone naturally talented. Humor, pathos and abnormal cuteness from a really sweet guy. Sign me up. Fan since Shortbus.

    This is so much more my hero than any Rufus grandiosity.

  2. Paul R says

    So lovely. Please someone tell me that he’s a monster in real life so that it can mitigate my school girl crush.

    He could be a stand-in for C. Wentworth Miller. Perhaps they should start dating.

  3. Grace says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this. You’re a prince of a man. And no, Paul, he’s not a monster. He is as funny and sweet as you would think. So, crush on, and if you ever get the chance to attend one of his live shows, by all means do it. The only bad thing that I can say about the performances is that they are entirely too short. An hour is just never enough. Aside from his wonderful music, he also tells some of the funniest, self-deprecating stories I’ve ever heard.

    If you don’t own his CD and would like to buy a copy, go to his website – – and order it, or you can download it on iTunes. Obviously, I’m a huge fan and like many, I want him to keep making music and movies as long as he’s happy doing it.

  4. nick says

    Thanks so much Andy for posting this. I had the honor of seeing Jay in concert at Baruch College last month. We all agreed he was channeling a bit of Joni that evening. He is a stunning talent.

  5. buzzerme says

    Oh-oh, reality check…

    If Jay can’t have it all, oh lordy, then what are MY chances?

    Keep pluggin’, Mr Brannan, your time in the sun will come.

  6. nic says

    i love the shape of his head, his strong neck, his profile, his square jaw and the stubble that peppers it, his delicate yet strong fingers, the color of his skin, his voice, his lyrics, his sense of style and grace, his sense of humor. do straight women appreciate all of this about a man? and taking all of that in to account, can they sense the way he may smell? and do straight men appreciate how beautiful they are without some art director telling them so? how sad for “dudes”, because it is almost always followed by the concomitant vanity. guys like jay brannan DO get it: it takes more than looks.

    all of a sudden, i’m lonely and a little bit lustful. such is the subtle, insidious nature of talent.

  7. Sean R says

    He’s such a wonderful talent, my partner and I saw him when he last performed at Crawdaddy in Dublin (an intimate venue in Dublin 2). He was supported by Julian Bonds and Lady Jay, as well as an Irish guitarist, in support, Alan Matthews. He melted Irish hearts with his poignant rendition of Molly Malone, and that night, he definitely ‘had it all’ with this audience.

    The old sociologist in me loved how the ‘guys’ sang along to ‘Housewife’ with gusto, but just swirmed a bit, and mumbled the words to the songs about being one his knees and trying to eschew that the understood it was about giving head … ah Irish catholicism and sexual repression, you can’t beat it!

    All in all, I remember that his show was a great night, and I’m so pleased to hear he’ll be back at Crawdaddy on May 6, €13 a ticket. Go see him if you’re in Dublin!

  8. rudy says

    Good musical evocation of the two-out-of-three rule. One cannot have a great lover, great job, and a great place to live but two outta three ain’t bad [nod to Meatloaf].

  9. says

    Hey Sean, I try not to be smug too often but I’ve got my tickets for Crawdaddy in Dublin, yipeeeeee…..second row ! Jay is an incredible artist, his lyrics are original and sublime. From what I’ve seen of his recorded concerts he seems to be relaxed and intimate with his audience. His new vid above is really beautiful; I love that slightly alienated touch he embodies………and I may be completely out of tune when I think that driving off in his truck reminds me so much of Ennis driving away from Jack Twist in Brokeback Mountain. But I digress: Jay’s songs are potent and the best I’ve ever heard……my favourite ?……what he calls his new song; “Denmark”……for heart rending lyrics it cannot be equalled.

    “I shoulda strapped you to me with padlocks and glue….”
    Ahh, la recherche de temps perdue.

  10. Marilyn says

    Nobody can have it all. Nobody. Not straight people. Not gay people. If that drives you crazy, get used to disappointment. Fighting reality tooth and nail every step of the way by demanding that the universe bend to your own desires, without concern for whether those desires are reasonable, or even possible, whatever of the nature of those desires may be, will inevitably lead to frustration and some measure of insanity.

    You can’t have it all. People who tell you that you can are either ignorant of reality or skilled at self deception.

    Everybody suffers. Everybody experiences injustices. Some injustices are more serious than others, and it’s troubling when large groups of people ignore (or even support) greater injustices while incessantly harping on perceived injustices, like not being able to “have it all”.

    To paraphrase Wesley, from The Princess Bride:

    Life is pain. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something.

  11. Paul R says

    Thanks for the update, Marilyn. Because we are all morons, and your high-brow Princess Bride philosophy has clarified and negated our childish notions.

    As for other comments, please don’t sully this beautiful boy with references to Lance Black or Brokeback. Yuck.

  12. marilyn2 says

    I’d wager the comments would be much different if he had the same lyrics and voice but not the cute factor. I’ve seen the differences you vacuous queens display when you think someone is unattractive. The treatment I’ve seen of those people is childish.

  13. Nicole says

    I’ve been a lurking Towleroad reader for a while and I’ve never commented before. However I just had to say thanks for this post – I would never have discovered Jay Brannan without it and he’s so talented. I’ve already bought the album, which does not disappoint (and watched a host of his hilarious and beautiful videos on youtube – he’s taken over my free time for the last couple of days I must admit).

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