1. Matt says

    Between this and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, if they make a movie about the Great Jam Sandwhich, my childhood favorite books will be totally relived through cinema!

  2. Sargon Bighorn says

    One more item on the Homosexual agenda is now complete. – Big Homo author has big Homo movie made from his big Homo book. Children love it everywhere and want to become Homo adults when they grow up – .

  3. alguien says

    this was one of my very favorite books when i was a child so i will be watching very critically. spike jonz is a pretty trustworthy director though so i have high hopes for this movie.

    now if i can just find a kid to take to it i’ll be set.

  4. says

    Huh? I’ve seen this trailer all over the blogosphere today and I’ve never heard of this book. I guess it’s an age thing. I never thought I’d be the old guy going, “huh?” I used to be so hip and in touch… Aah, the good ole days. Shucks!

  5. MrRoboto says

    I’ve seen this on so many blogs today and watched the trailer with breathless anticipation several times. I absolutely can’t wait to see it.

    Oh, and Alguien:
    now if i can just find a kid to take to it i’ll be set.

    Just look in a mirror and find the kid inside. Sorry to seem hokey, but this one’s for us big kids too. As the slogan says: “Inside all of us is a Wild Thing.”

  6. says

    I feel as though I missed some part of my childhood because I never read these books. I remember vividly when they first arrived in our school library, the pictures were really, really cool, but there was lists for it backed up for weeks! It wasn’t even a new book… I was a child of the late 80s/early 90s… I think we just got a new copy and the librarian started reading it to us, but never finished (she would often do that, trying to get us to finish it on our own). I probably won’t go to see it, unless I read it 18 years too late =p

  7. RIO says

    OMG! This looks amazing!! And I don’t what you’re talking about Webster, this Arcade Fire song is perfect.

    Ryan, honestly, this book takes less than 5 mintues to read. When you are done reading it you’ll wonder how they can make a movie out of it. I love the book, as a child I was scared yet drawn in by the Wild Things, but the movie is going to be a completly different animal, and so far I like what I see.

  8. nic says


    perhaps you may want to reconsider the photo. why do you want to have an ape with a huge, bulbous w.c.fields nose. alcoholism or rosacea? you be the judge. don’t you recall that fields only liked kids parboiled? i don’t know why that picture makes me uncomfortable, but it does.

  9. Chris says

    Rio’s right, the book takes two minutes to “read” (since it’s mostly pictures).

    This trailer made me pathetically cry with excitement, and part of it was probably the Arcade Fire song, which, also agreed, is perfect. My only fear: dressing up as Max is the perfect Halloween costume, and this will make any effort seem lackluster.

  10. g_whiz says

    I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to see a trailer in my life. I’d heard this book was going to be optioned for a movie, and given CGI and special effects lately, I wasn’t AS worried…but I was worried. Apparently for nothing. This trailer has restored my faith that one of my favorite books as a child, will be one of my favorite movies as an adult. I can’t wait to take my neice and nephew.

  11. rudy says

    I love this book. My mother (an early childhood/special needs teacher gave this book to every one of her “different” students). She re-gave it to me when I was fourteen and I understood that she knew and that she loved me and accepted me as I was.

    I hope this movie lives up to my very high expectations.

  12. MT says

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who was so excited he cried a little when he saw this.

    I didn’t even know they were making it into a movie. Had I known I would have been horrified. The trailer looks amazing and if the movie is half as good, we are going to be in for an amazing ride.

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