Al Franken Declared Winner in Minnesota; Coleman Won’t Concede

A three judge panel declared Al Franken received the most votes and is the winner in Minnesota's drawn out and contentious Senate race. It's not over though:

Franken "The ruling isn't expected to be the final
word because Coleman immediately announced plans to appeal to the state
Supreme Court. He has 10 days to do so. That appeal could mean weeks
more delay in seating Minnesota's second senator. After a statewide recount and seven-week
trial, Franken stands 312 votes ahead. Franken actually gained more
votes from the election challenge than Coleman, the candidate who
brought it."

DNC Chair Tim Kaine released a statement: "Enough is enough. It is time for Norm Coleman to concede and for Al Franken to be sworn in as the next U.S. Senator from Minnesota.  The voters of Minnesota months ago elected Al Franken to the Senate – and during every step in the legal process that judgment has been confirmed.  Norm Coleman’s own legal challenge resulted in more votes for Al Franken and now a three judge panel has ruled Al Franken the winner.  Former Senator Coleman’s insistence on continuing his quixotic quest for this seat at best shows that he is putting his own political ambition ahead of the people and worst that he is complicit in an effort by national Republicans to deny Al Franken this seat for as long as possible so there is one less Democratic vote for President Obama’s agenda for change.  The people of Minnesota deserve two Senators and the people of America deserve 100 in the U.S. Senate.  More importantly, the voters who cast ballots on Election Day deserve to have their verdict stand.  Senator Coleman may have a right to continue his legal challenges no matter how hopeless they are, but the right thing to do here is to concede defeat and allow this saga to end once and for all.”

Oral arguments in Coleman's appeal aren't expected to happen until mid to late May.

Watch KTSP's report, and interview with Coleman, AFTER THE JUMP


  1. mnrocko says

    Minnesotans are so tired of Coleman. First he’s a democrat then he’s a republican, now he won’t leave office! I know he is fighting for his job but surely there is something he can do in the workforce!!
    Maybe his “actress” “wife” can find something for him!
    GO HOME NORM!!!!

  2. Good for Coleman says

    If the Democrats were real opposition party they’d fight as hard for the offices they’re elected to as the Rs fight for the offices they very often steal. Gore, with more votes than Bush, conceded and ran from even the appearance of fighting for his victory in 2000. Kerry refused to defend his win in Ohio in 2004, giving another phony “victory” to Bush. Obama, ever the polite Democrat, refuses to even investigate the blatant criminality of the Bush years, let alone arrest and imprison the murderous torturing war criminals and thieves. Rather than smug ridicule, our side would do better to take a lesson from Coleman on how a real opposition politician SHOULD behave. When we have representatives who will fight to the end for OUR interests, then our side might start winning some of the battles that matter.

  3. johnny says

    There’s smart opposition politics and then theres’s plain stubborn idiocy which derails the democratic process. Coleman exhibits the latter. His actions short circuit the political process of having another Dem Senator in DC and he knows it, it’s the only reason he keeps up the fight: simply to affect the outcome of senate votes as long as possible, knowing full well he’s not going to get the office in the end. It’s typical Republican tantrum throwing. “I didn’t win, but I’m going to make trouble as long as I can!”. Why can’t Franken take office and serve even if there’s an appeal?

  4. Mike says

    Al Gore was almost labeled a sore loser immediately -maybe now the press will start using that term with Coleman. One things for sure, he is never going to win another election. What a moron.

  5. Good for Coleman says

    Democrats are “smart” about looking “smart.” Rs aren’t afraid to win dirty. I don’t give one shit about Dems looking smart or about the supposed sanctity of the democratic process. Our side needs to start winning, whatever it takes.
    I care that Dems cave on our issues at the first sign of opposition–because we let them. Gays still don’t have employment protection. In all but a few places in the US we don’t have the right to live where we want to live or with whom we want to live.
    I’d sooner vote for a Dem who wasn’t afraid of being called “sore loser” while fighting for the victory we’ve given him than for another phony, polite Democrat whose first instinct is to cave, who runs from the fights that need fighting. I’ll take a dirty win.

  6. jimmyboy says


    Good luck with that

    The major mass media is hopelessly conservative.

    NBC, MSNBC, CNBC = owned by GE which is one of the largest producers of armements and war tech biggest international corp war pimp

    CNN = Time WarnerAOL = Majority share holder Saudi Royal Talal………..Saudi = love oil +++ royal family huge supporters of wahabists, put their lioteral seal of apoproval on saudi school books that say americans, liberals, jews are all dogs (can’t print a school book in Saudi Arabia without royal family stamp of approval), and members of the royal saudi family also connected to funneling and laundering money to/ for al queda

    Fox = ruport murdoch who of course openly admits to trying to change the world to his ultra conservative perspective via his tv and print outlets


    The only liberal leaning news outlets are via the blogsphere

  7. Crash says

    I really think that Norm Coleman is a sore looser.
    After election night, he called on Fraken to concede, because on that night, Coleman had more votes. Fraken refused. Now, 5 months later, and Coleman now refuses to be a gentleman and concede an election that has been ruled by three judges to have been won by Franken.
    I do hope that one day, all politicians learn that they are elected by the people to serve the people and not themselves, but I highly doubt that it will happen in my lifetime.

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