News: Project Runway, Panther, Hugh Jackman, Twitter, Maine

 roadApril 15: Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party planned.

 roadThe fate of Project Runway has been decided.

 roadMaine's same-sex marriage hearings approach: "With just over three weeks to go before a hearing on a gay marriage
bill in the Maine Legislature, both proponents and those opposed to the
measure are urging people to contact their local legislator."

 roadAfterElton catches up with the Top 15 most popular gay reality TV stars.

 roadUgandan Catholic priest accused of being a homosexual defended: "Father Francis Ssemuddu, the head of St. Matia Mulumba parish in Old Kampala, said the accusations 'were untrue'.
Ssemuddu said the church was clear about aberrant sexual practices
and how to guide offenders get out of 'the abnormal behaviour'."

 roadBeau Breedlove to sign copies of his porn magazine at Portland 'adults only' store.

 roadUK rugby team fined for homophobic jokes in match program.

 roadKevin Federline has ballooned.

Panther roadBlack panther roaming New York's Hudson Valley?

 roadMargaret Cho sings a NSFW ditty at the GayVN awards.

 roadObama brokers compromise between French and Chinese at G20 Summit: "During an afternoon session of the G-20, Obama took aside French
President Nicolas Sarkozy and Chinese President Hu Jintao, first
separately and then together, to secure tax haven language in the G-20
communiqué, according to a senior administration official who recounted
the scene to reporters and cast it as pivotal to reaching an agreement
on the larger, nine-page document."

 roadGay bar opens in Huntington Beach, California.

 roadWhen you're really f-ing proud.

 roadYesterday I posted that a DVD-quality print of S-Men: Wolverine had leaked. Now come these juicy nude caps of Hugh Jackman (possibly NSFW).

 roadHayden Christensen: Who knew you had to get so athletic just to shoot a fragrance campaign?

 roadPFLAG's Steve Ralls goes after Elaine Donnelly over her attacks on the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell: "Yet, while it's easy to use her rhetoric as fodder for news media
comedy, the furor she spews is also based on outrageous bigotry that is
not just inherently anti-woman and anti-gay. It's anti-military, too.
Which is why it's all the more perplexing why some of those who have
worn our country's uniform have also signed on to her campaign of
disregard and disrespect for our country's troops . . . and given her
more fuel to fire up her campaign of irrational fears."

 roadAustralian study: Using Twitter and Facebook at work increases productivity by 9%.


  1. James Poppinga says

    Hayden is very cute and no matter how many times he gets engaged still seems pretty gay!

  2. tony the tiger says

    the reports of black panthers in rockland county doesn’t surprise me: black panthers are now indigenous to rural parts of Wales and Cambridgeshire in England because so many were released into the wild in the 1970’s (Wales benefits from gulf stream weather) there was even a bbc special that the panthers may have spread as far as Scotland

    same thing will happen hear all along the adirondacks they’re very adaptable

  3. pdaku says

    Isn’t the Tax Day Tea Party just a front for well-financed wingnut groups? It’s my understanding that this was all planned before Rick Santelli started his ranting and is all about transferring more wealth to the rich. I’m not sure why you linked to it, unless it’s some play on the terms tea bagging or tea dance. The folks promoting it are the same ones who use things like gay marriage as wedge issues while they’re busy in the background screwing us all financially.

  4. mike says

    You’re right, PDaku, “Tax Day Tea Party” is right-wing sponsored “event”. They’re trying to make some kind of statement about President Obama’s stimulus plan. Ironically, the stimulus plan actually CUTS taxes for a broad swathe of middle-class and blue-collar Americans. But, the wing-nut Republicons will try anything to get their “alternative” message out there. File “Tax Day Tea Party” under the gimmick file titled “Contract With America”.