1. rudy says

    Congressman Barney Frank would have more credibility on financial regulatory matters were he not dating the lobbyist paid by Fannie Mae at precisely the same time he traded off lesser regulation for Fannie and Freddie from the Repubs with lesser regulation, proposed by him, of the SEC. Call it legislative deal-making but it is no more acceptable than having other lobbyists write evironmental legislation, for example, for the Repubs when they controlled The Hill. Barney should be held to the same standard that he proposes for others.

  2. Sean says

    @ThisHotMess,If that shit is more important to you.You must be living under a rock.There are more important things to worry about than that MTV narcissistic bullshit.But I guess a homo who calls themselves “thishotmess” speaks for itself.So many gays stuck of stupid because they cant deal with the real world.But yet,we have some gays who are childish little basket cases who milk the “whoa is me,Im a victim of society” thing for all its worth,rather than getting up and making some contributions to help the rest of us turn these homo-hating jackasses around and put them in their places.

  3. patrick m says


    Ugh – really? That allegation of corruption on the basis of who Barney was in a relationship with is a canard from the far-right talking points that is both malignant and moronic to repeat, let alone on this site, and deserves to be refuted.

    Barney was in a 10-year relationship with Herb Moses but they broke up in 1998, ELEVEN YEARS AGO. If you remember, that was in the Clinton years, where we had record surpluses, and long before there were any changes to the mortgage industry lending standards that led to the recent housing collapse.

    Even more, Herb, who I have met and is a perfectly nice person, only ever reached a middle-management position at Fannie, with a title of assistant director for product initiatives. He even LEFT Fannie the same year, 1998, ELEVEN YEARS AGO.

    Barney is not a perfect person, but these allegations of corruption are plainly ridiculous. They are based on homophobia plain and simple, and should be refuted strongly.

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