1. CPT_Doom says

    I was appalled at this example of yellow journalism. I have been a dedicated watcher of Today for years, but this morning may have been just too much. The only point of this piece seemed to be for NBC News to yell “the Craigslist killer is a FAG!” Thereby making him less human and more of a freak, rather than reporting any real news.

    The news here was that there may have been Trans victims of this sicko (at least that’s what the poor reporting seems to be indicating – it’s not clear if he approached men who were not advertising on the transexual/transgender/transvestite parts of the site). Instead, the piece implied that the worst thing this guy could do was approach men, rather than the murders for which he’s been accused. The way the correspondent noted the wedding with his fiancee was off also implied it was because of this new information – what, she was willing to marry him if he were just a murderer? Please.

  2. Midland says

    Strange that the interviewer mentioned that the alleged killer’s fiancee would be shocked by revelations he tried to pick up guys on craigslist. I would have thought that the biggest shock was that he was standing trial for murder.

  3. Jake says

    I felt this all along! There was something STRANGE about his two “friends” who were interviewed on Larry King several days ago. Especially as a gay man I’m not saying there’s ANY connection between straight guys who have gays friends and that straight guy actually being gay, but after hearing these two guys in the interview I really felt there was something hidden beneath the surface concerning Markoff’s sexual orientation.

  4. Midland says

    ‘The Today show reports that Craigslist killer Philip Markoff…’

    The man hasn’t even stood trial yet. Calling him the killer already would appear premature.

  5. Please! says

    Yes Midland, that’s true but with the huge amount of proof they have (ballistics from the gun found in a hollowed out book in his apt. , fingerprints on the plastic ties of his victim, etc…) it’s a pretty safe bet, to say the least.

  6. Ian says

    Hmmm…both comments I added today were there…and now they are both gone. Neither was inflammatory in any way, although not like that gets your post deleted from this site.

  7. Midland says

    I’m not saying whether he committed the crmes he’s accused of. But as a reputable news source, towleroad should really wait until the jury has decided this man’s guilt before christening him a killer. Until a court has ruled that he is, the man is innocent.

  8. JT says

    I don’t think this will have much of a bi=psychopath effect in the public mind. I could be wrong, but…there are so many worse killers (if you go by number of victims) who were gay, bi, even lesbian. And the arguments about THEM were always lame, because the percentage of heterosexual killers (out of the hetero population) was always the same.

  9. Will says

    “Hey, we think your fiance killed a whore”
    “No way. He is beautiful inside and out. He wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

    “Hey, we think your fiance does dudes and trannies”
    “Ahhhhh! the wedding is off!”

    Whatever. Nothing in this piece has said anything about his sexual orientation. He had a larger pool from which to draw victims. He didn’t have sex with the women he robbed, he probably didn’t with any men he victimized.

  10. Gabe R L says

    My impression is that he was looking for easy prey to target, not sex. Since he didn’t have sex with women victims, he probably wouldn’t have had sex with the male victims either. Simple logic tells him that it would be easier to prey on women and gay men, maybe trannies as well, than on straight men. Hate to say it, he does look hot. I thought that when this case first started too. If that boring, gold-digging fiancee of his broke off their engagement to him because of the same sex allegations, but not because of the murder allegations, then she deserves her suffering.

  11. Phil says

    Will, just a thought ~ Why would he send naked pictures of himself to guys and not just the shirtless photo we have all seen? The shirtless photo would be enough to lure another guy somewhere to rob him.

  12. Trent says

    You really need to get your facts right before commenting. Markoff’s fiancee was also in medical school so clearly she was not a gold digger. Clueless as she may have been, she is also a victim here, show some compassion.

  13. noah says

    Why make this into him being bisexual? The guy was a thief. He targeted sex worker because he thought that they were easy targets. One of the robberies ended in murder.

  14. JS says

    Yes . .his nipples are HOT . . .and that tuft of pit hair. Mmmm. Bet he has a nice happy trail and a light dusting on his ass . . which is now being dusted by a new “friend” in jail.

  15. Brad says

    CPT_DOOM up above has a particular point of view and not a generic view of the Matt Lauer report. For most of us it shows that Markoff targeted not only female prostitutes but gay men as well. I don’t think the vast majority of people in the US would be horrified if he were known to be a gay man. When Andrew Cunanan case became known the enphasis was in him being a killer and not a gay man with killer tendencies.

  16. GregV says

    “For most of us it shows that Markoff targeted not only female prostitutes but gay men as well….“

    Actually, I didn`t take that from the story. I found it more confusing since the person being interviewed said they met on a site not for MSM but for men seeking transexuals. It was unclear to me whether the interviewee is a transexual (MTF or FTM I don`t know, since the identity is obscured}… unless it was Markoff billing himself as an FTM, which seems unlikely}.

    It could be that Markoff sought women and transexuals because he thought they would be weaker than males and most vulnerable to being easily attacked and robbed.

    The reporter (and Lauer} both seemed to go off on an as yet unsupported tangent by suggesting that men (in general} were a target, and the interviwee seemed on the verge of correcting the reporter when that came up.

  17. Andalusian Dog says

    “Straight” men solicit sex from other men all the time. Does no one in here chat online? Come ON people, is it going to take the murder trial of a douchebag to get us to how fuzzy the line is for some people?

  18. Will says

    He sent naked pictures because he needed attract the interest of his victim. With the working girls he didn’t need to get them interested, only book the event. You don’t send naked pics to an escort, but you do for someone just looking for a hookup.

  19. Wheezy says

    I gotta sat I don’t think he’s gay either. The motive of the crimes he (allegedly) committed was robbery. He posts picture of himself to lure in victims, not hook up. The killing was a robbery gone bad, not a sex crime, even though the victim was “masseuse”. I doubt he cared whether his victims were men or women, just that they had cash to steal.

  20. Chris says

    Not withstanding the crimes he more than likely committed, yeah, the dude is hot!

    Really … what are the odds that he only sent nude photos of himself to just one very lucky guy online? There are probably dozens and dozens of guys right now who have them … so start sharing!

    Since he’s so hot, and looked like he had everything going for him, that’s kind of what’s made this story so interesting … and it just keeps getting more interesting by the day. This is going to be like the best Lifetime movie ever! I wouldn’t be surprised if some sleazeball in Hollywood isn’t already negotiating the rights to it. Can anything top this?

  21. Gabe R L says

    Trent, get your facts straight before trying to give a lecture or a scold. I’m well aware that she was in medical school. When I called her a gold digger I was referring to her enjoyment of the lavish lifestyle Markoff offered her, which reporters commented on and which undeniably helped attract her to him. I was annoyed about the possibility that she cancelled their wedding because she found out that he may have slept with men, but not when he is accused of murder, despite all the evidence that supports the murder accusation, when she insists he is a wonderful person. It made me upset because it reminded me of how despised male homosexuality and male homosexuals continue to be despite the so-called ‘progress.’ Calling her boring was a bit mean, but it was unfortunately due to my mood at that moment. You might try to be understanding and compassionate yourself, jerk, before you jump on others.

  22. BostonDude says

    I saw him near Boston Medical Center…..100% positive

    And yes, he is a hottie look-wise.

    He’s also a sick puppy and I feel for his victims.

  23. Xanvier says

    Its been more than a year, i still remember his cutemess – i still cant believed he killed people, . and yes his thick suckable nipples are so hot! why he ended up robbing people? why? he came from decent family. DOES ANYONE HAS A COPY OF HIS SHIRTLESS PHOTO, I NEED TO HAVE ONE, PLEASE SEND ME THE LINK. THANKS

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