1. woodroad34 says

    I see a calendar in the making. I wonder what the San Diego firefighters would say about this? Oh, right. The people in the audience were straight women, so it’s alright.

  2. Farnk says

    The bizzarity of it was that while this was going on…in the same building on the opposite side was Nina Flowers Drama Drag. Some of us caught glimpses of the Firemen and were wondering when they would be coming on stage. They never did…:(

  3. Jennifer says

    Mikeinsanjose: Objectified by women bleh?

    Indeed. Have a fuckin’ taste. We’ve been under the male gaze for years. That’s right. Women are the train the cows watch go by as they dumbly chew their cuds. Moooo!

    You may be gay, but you still have a cock, buddy and you just waved it around, dintcha? Misogynist fuck.

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