1. jimmyboyo says

    yeah dan ban

    Brazil doesn’t cut everyone like the US unless specifically a Jew. Either he is a Brazillian Jew or the cock is totally computer generated by a non brazillian while sitting in some office here in the states.

  2. JW says

    Okay. . .he is perfection. However, why does everyone get so caught up on whether or not someone is cut or uncut. Unless it was done later in life, it’s not exactly a choice. Also, your opinion is just that: an opinion. Some like cut; some like uncut; some (like me) find beauty in both. Different strokes for different folks (same with the hairy vs. smooth debate).

    Meanwhile. . .and again, I think this guy is utter PERFECTION. . .I wish an underwear company that specifically targets gay men could find equally hot out and proud gay models to model their designs. Having had a brief stint in the modeling industry, I found it very upsetting how homophobic the industry is even though the work is often intentionally homoerotic and obviously directly targeting gay men. I could easily grab 10 GAY guys from my gym that could do the underwear and ads equal justice–total packages with the body, hair, eyes, smile, and. . .ahem. . .’package.’

  3. Turo says

    and yet another reminder im crazy..I think he’s a little fat in the stomach to do this campagin. He’s got great upper ab definition but his lower stomach needs some tighening up.

  4. jeffers says

    I suspect he’s got a “semi” erection, making his package look even bigger… here’s more pics and a vid of him modeling underoos… in a couple shots, he’s partially erect and similarly impressive. In others he’s clearly not, and the shots aren’t nearly as… enjoyable…

  5. says

    He’s the face of Guess AND N2N?? GUESS (being the larger company), must be pissed! Models/actors generally have to sign a contract stating they won’t appear in campaigns for any other companies selling the same product. Aside from that, it’s a beautifully lit/shot campaign and Edilson, as always, looks gorgeous.

    As for the circumcision debate, uncut people can appear cut when they’ve got a semi. I’ve shot Edilson nude, and he’s very…Brazilian!

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