1. Paul says

    This was a very interesting story but I think that AC is ignoring how his network (CNN) and others have really helped to fuel an environment where anti-gay hatred has become acceptable. They give endless airtime to hatemongers like the guys from Focus on the Family et al. without ever challenging them on the ramifications of their hate speech. Maybe the next time Tony Perkins is on AC’s show, he should be confronted with images of bashing victims or children who take their own lives due to anti-gay harassment. They need to understand that there are real life consequences to their hateful speech and it is about time that the networks take them to task on this issue. paul

  2. says

    I’m sixty-two years old and I still don’t believe I’m completely over the terror I experienced every day of my school life. When I turned sixteen I dropped out of school, but it’s not just in school where people experience bullying. Out in the wide world, and at home, for years after leaving school I was the object of taunts and harrassment, mostly by christian identified people. I can’t believe it’s actually gotten worse. My sympathy and thoughts are with these grieving families.

  3. CJ says

    Danial, stay strong. As Derrick stated, it is your strength that gets you through it. I lost my best friend in high school to suicide, and after his passing he was still made fun of and not just by the students but by some of the teachers. Humanity can have a dark, dark side, but we can’t give in to them. We need to stay strong for ourselves and for the children experiencing the same difficulties we experienced.

  4. Thomasina says

    I completely agree with Cooper’s guest that we need to educate bullies and hold them accountable for their horrible actions. I also think that we need to take it farther than that, though, and educate everyone–bullies, bullies’ victims, and bystanders–that homophobia is wrong and evil, and sexual orientation is not a legitimate basis for derision. I am in NO WAY blaming the victims of these suicides for their own miseries and deaths, but if being called gay wasn’t considered to be such a terrible thing by everyone in their schools (including themselves), they wouldn’t have thought their only recourse was to take such drastic action. I hope to live to see the day when being called gay (whether the recipient of the adjective is or isn’t) is no more “hurtful” than being called “red-haired” or “brown-eyed.”

  5. liz templin says

    i constantly remember hearing anti-gay slurs thrown around in my high school. it didnt matter who you were. If they didn’t like you, then you were a fag, a flamer or whatever harsh word you could think of.

    the thing is, there would be teachers who couldn’t do anything even if they wanted to. suspend them, fine. when they came back, it would start again. there really is no solution i think besides getting the person out of that school. expelling the bullies won’t solve anything either. i guess that is the battle. *sigh*

  6. Tom says

    Not that it’s a real solution, but when I started being teased in middle school for being a “fag,” my mom enrolled me in mixed martial arts. I was a blackbelt by the time I was a sophomore. I was called a “faggot” once more after that. Of course I got suspended for kicking the sh*& out of another kid, but I think for me that was healthier in the long run than suffering constant teasing. Ironically though, even though I was gay, I was closeted pretty heavily and the whole fighting thing just added to my beard – so a mixed bag all in all.

  7. says

    I want to stand silently with a stick across my shoulders, with 2 red scarves hanging from each end. Sign on front and back reads:

    “Two 11-year-old boys committed suicide due to Anti-Gay Bullying.

    Does your child’s school allow Anti-Gay Hate Speech to go unchecked?” – Thoughts?

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