1. Eric says

    Katy is where I grew up. I knew this kid. How terrible.

    I wasn’t expecting to get on here today and see the picture of a guy I knew and learn he’d been murdered.

  2. Mike says

    His brother Austin was one of my good friends back in high school. Spencer was made fun of a lot in school because he was deaf and gay. You’re in a better place now Spencer.


    My thoughts go out to the Vogt family, and the whole Cinco community who have been very supportive during this tragedy.

  3. Johnny says

    This is really awful and it seems like everyday I get a new reason to stay far away from internet dating.

    People are really scary. I just can’t wrap my mind around how someone could murder another person, especially someone they didn’t even know. Sick.

  4. D.C says

    Hey Eric. I live in Katy. Although I didn’t know the Vogt I remember seeing him online many times a couple of years ago. He seemed like an interesting character. We talked a little. Seeing him on the news saturday night was disheartening. On Thursday my school’s GLBTA club meets. I hardly talk during the meetings but I’m pressed to talk to the class about the dangers of meeting people online.

    Upon learning that I was using gay social networking sites my mother warned me “you better be careful or you’ll end up dead in a ditch”. That was 4 years ago and I scoffed at her. Now the possibility is very real to me.

  5. Anthony in Nashville says

    This case is another reason to exercise caution when dealing with people you meet online. The perp may be a homophobe who used the boards to find a victim.

    Frankly I am surprised this kind of violence does not happen more often.

  6. Matty says

    Anthony, this kind of violence DOES happen more often than we know, we just don’t hear about every incident. If you do a quick search you’ll see this type of thing has happened several times in the past year alone.

    I’ve said it from the very beginning, internet hook-ups are like playing Russian Roulette: the more you play the greater your chances of something going terribly wrong. It’s better to take your time and get to know someone in person than go for a quick fix with an anonymous stranger on the internet and end up dead.

  7. TANK says

    This is a tragedy. But as I said before, you’re likelier to wind up on a slab from food poisoning than hooking up online. But don’t eat bacon raw, nonetheless.

  8. Mom says

    The Chronicle today reported that the killer says that he shot Spencer because he wanted his car.

    Guys – spread the word to be really careful. Moms wouldn’t want their straight daughters to meet guys online, our gay sons are just as precious. And some Mom don’t know they have a gay son who needs to be warned.

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