1. mak136 says

    I don’t care what anyone says. Howard says it like it is. Always has been a supporter of gays (even in dark humor). It’s great that he said this, it’s too bad it was on satellite radio and not the wider reaching aspects of FM radio.

  2. Frank says

    It may have been on satellite radio but it’s Howard f-ing Stern so it will get picked up!

  3. says

    Yes, have a look at You Tube and the young kids discussing their thoughts of suicide because they are gay…..and there are other kids posting encouraging messages to get them through their anxieties… in their teens, for fuck’s sake ! These are the vulnerable ones that Bachman et al don’t give a shit about. What fucking assholes in the Republican party! Sorry my fellow blogers, I’m mad as hell and going psycho.

  4. Marco says

    I love Howard, Robin and Artie and the whole show. I’ve been a fan for years and this is one reason why.

  5. Herbo says

    Howard is great.

    He had been a vocal advocate for civil-marriage equality for years.

    We have Stern, Perez Hilton and Judge Judy.

  6. Severine says

    Howard really is great. I SO wish he didn’t hide himself behind a pay-wall. I know he made millions, but his is a voice sorely needed. He’s always been fair and deeply honest towards gay people- he treats them like anyone else, and i applaud him.

  7. frank says

    He’s the reason I’m listening to Out Q on Sirius. Big Fan here- He could get a little annoying but so can Frank Decaro and Derek and ROmaine

  8. jimmyboyo says

    a pro gay people atheist

    What isn’t there to love about Howard?

    Oh, and he is rich to

  9. Blake says

    and prithee, do you know any ‘anti-gay people atheists’? maybe because THERE AREN’T ANY. We’re all pro-gay, some of us are even gay ourselves.

  10. BHR says

    In my experience, atheists are VERY cool, and, ironically, more moral and ethical than the majority of religion-believing people.

    This is gonna sound weird, but I’m a huge fan of atheists even though I’m not technically one myself. I just don’t see someone else’s atheism as at all incompatible with my own beliefs. I otherwise see rationalism being so important for creating a peaceful, happy, and healthy world.

    Anyway, Stern’s comments are much appreciated. In years past I found him, well, crude; but apparently he definitely deeply understands certain things.

  11. Brianr54 says

    And, really, this isn’t even new….Stern has been beating this drum for months now, and that’s a great thing. He often rants about homophobia and narrow-mindedness regarding homosexuality. I can bet he’s changed (or at least awakened) some minds.

    Good for him!

  12. jason says

    Howard is a great guy? Give me a break. Howard Stern, like Jerry Springer, was one of these media sleazeballs who promoted the “lesbians are hot, gay guys are not-so-hot” notion in the 90’s. It’s a notion that played right into the hands of homophobes who vote against our rights at the ballot box. Howard’s attitude to female-female sexuality was highly insulting and trivializing, reducing it to the level of the sleazy straight guy fantasy/fetish. I can’t think of anything that is more accommodating of those who vote against our rights.

    Keep in mind that those men who think “lesbians are hot/gay guys are gross” are not on the side of gay rights. They are not on our side. They view lesbianism as an extension of their patriarchal demands. Along with this demand comes the notion that gay men (unlike lesbians) not be allowed to kiss in public. If you think that this is good for our community, you need to get your head checked.

    So, in a nutshell, my advice to Stern is this: fuck off. You are NOT wanted by my community. You are one of these liberal sleazeballs who accommodated homophobia with the aforementioned examples. Take a hike, Howard.

  13. Paul R says

    Jason, from your words I almost sense that there’s a media-supported bisexual double standard, perhaps supported by liberals. Please elaborate.

    And when you do, could you explain what defines a narcissist personality? That’s another issue I feel hasn’t been touched on nearly enough lately on this blog.

  14. says

    Marriage is a very delicate topic to be discussed. Every side has his/her own POV’s. Even my guildmate in world of warcraft is planning to marry a guildmate (I just dunno if it’s just in-game) but they are having doubts due to discrimination.

  15. Paul in Marietta GA says

    Never cared for Stern, but he won new respect from me for this stand. Thanks Howard.

  16. Strepsi says

    @WARCRAFT GOLD — true, but whenever anyone talks to me about ‘POV’ or ‘Opinion’ I remind them that my RIGHTS are not subject to their ‘Opinion’.

    Good for Howard!
    I find him fascinating — he is a classic Jewish liberal intellectual in puerile Shock-Jock clothing.

  17. says


    You might have a better argument if Howard Stern only trivialized gay sexuality, but he doesn’t. He is equally exploitative of heterosexuals; maybe even more so.

    For example, he often brings straight women in to the studio, and he and his male crew vote on whether they’re “hot” enough to get free implants. That doesn’t sound like he’s reserving respect for the heterosexuals.

    This is the kind of thing he’s built his career on. You might not like his act, but you can’t deny that he’s an equal opportunity offender.

    And if we’re really honest, we have to admit that gays have been trivializing their own sexuality for years. The “sleazy straight guy fantasy/fetish” is pretty much on par with some of the sexual fetishes within the gay community: Bears, Twinks, Daddies, Lipstick lesbians . . . all preferences that center at least intially, on little more than physical attributes.

    All fetishes, gay or straight, do the same thing: they strip humanity from the equation. We all do this, every community. It doesn’t always have to be gay or straight. Some behaviors are just human.

    Don’t miss the larger point here, which is that a straight voice with many listeners is pushing for the same thing you are.

  18. troschne says

    Severine, you can listen to Sirius/XM for free on-line–you have to renew every three days (if you aren’t a subscriber) on a three-day trial basis, then just keep renewing.

  19. amanda says

    I think howard stern needs a dick in his mouth. This is ridiculous we morale people can not be blamed for people b/c they are going against God. They are the ones immoral and we have to stand up for what’s right. If Fags and lesbians don’t like what we moral people have to say then maybe they should have stuck with the opposite sex and if they are so depressed and want to kill them selves because they get teased and picked on then I think they have an underlying mental problem and us people like Miss California cannot be blamed for those suicides and kids getting beat up….

  20. david says

    I am straight, married and a supporter of gay marriage. I have 2 sons and if they are gay, I want them to be afforded the same rights my wife and I am.

    I am not a liberal or a conservative and I do agree with Howard Stern. High School is tough enough without having to worry about be ostracized because you are gay.

    I read 1 post that villifies the GOP with regard to gay marriage. They certainly have been no friend to the gay community, but Democrats, in my opinion, have only paid you lip service. Our president is against gay marriage.

    Now that there is (or will be) filibuster proof majority in the Senate, the Dems have no excuse not to codify equality for all. If they don’t, I hope you punish them come election time.

  21. Drew says

    Don’t anyone here respond to Howard-Stern-haters. They probably haven’t ever listened to him because then they would know the guy is really fucking smart when T&A isn’t the topic. Love that hook-nosed Jew bastard, lol…

  22. Howard fan says

    I’ve been a fan of Howard Stern for 15 years and I support his view 100%. I’m not gay but I think it’s terribly wrong that two people of the same sex who love each other do not have the same rights. People are people – damn those tight wads!!!

  23. nikko says

    AMANDA, you are a typically ignorant, bigoted heterosexual-not moral, but an idiot! Spare me your lies.

  24. CW says

    Homosexuals are genetic mutants. The prime drive for every member of every species on the planet is to reproduce, therefore, homosexuals are evolutionary dead-ends.

    Once the gene is identified in the near future then millions of women around the world can terminate their pregnancies if it’s determined that they are going to produce a gaybie.

    Isn’t scientific advancement wonderful?

  25. Yeek says

    Ah, but CW – the plot is a little more complicated. It turns out that female relatives of gay men are MORE FERTILE. That means that even with those reproductive “dead ends” the genes associated with male homosexuality provide a reproductive advantage.

    That means we’ll be a bit harder to eradicate than you think. Why not suggest camps and ovens next time? Oh, right, that one’s already been tried.

  26. siriusly says

    Jason, your comments were a perfect display of the same kind of ignorance that makes a lot of people say no to gay marriage. You obviously don’t listen to the show or you’d know that one of Howard’s best friends and a frequent guest on the show is the legendary George Takei, Mr. Sulu on the original Star Trek, who married his longtime partner on Sept. 14, 2008, shortly before the Prop 8 fiasco.
    He doesn’t treat gay people with any less or more respect than he treats straight people, as a previous poster said. Yes, he thinks lesbians are hot. Maybe the idea of two men making love makes him uncomfortable, but he’s never said it was WRONG, because he believes everyone should get to love who they want to love and live life to its fullest. He’s not paying lip service by pretending he has no feelings about gay people, be they men or women, instead presents his opinions about them (along with his opinions about everything else) as part of his show, THE HOWARD STERN SHOW. If you don’t like his opinions, don’t listen, but don’t accuse him of being derogatory towards gays!
    Ba ba booey! Ba ba booey! Ba ba booey!

  27. amanda says

    It’s nice to be called and idiot it’s okay. I think the true idiots are the ones who support gay marriage. The topic really is not one to argue with someone so stupid as a majority of everyone on here. I think people against gay marriage should be able to stand up for what they believe and all the idiots for it should be able to handle considering the rest of us to see it, hear it and witness all of their protest but when us non supporters want to protest against we get blamed for discrimination and hate crimes… It’s funny how all the outsiders have more rights than regular americans. They can be disliked, teased, beat up and threatened and it is okay but we regular americans can be charged with a crime if we do some of the same things to someone who a lesbian or fagot. The law has really got out of control….

  28. Jim says

    >>”It’s funny how all the outsiders have more rights than regular americans. They can be disliked, teased, beat up and threatened and it is okay but we regular americans can be charged with a crime if we do some of the same things to someone who a lesbian or fagot.”<< Possibly the most asinine and ignorant statement ever displayed on the internet. Amanda, before you start calling people ‘idiots’ maybe you should at least learn proper spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. You are not exactly representing ‘regular americans'(sic) very well. The good news is ‘a’merica will soon change for the better and single digit IQ dullards such as yourself will not be able to do a thing about it.