Iowa Supreme Court Unanimous in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage

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Lambda Legal Senior Staff Attorney Camilla Taylor:

"Today's victory is a testament to the strength of love, hope and
courage — our clients have shown an abundance of all three for many
years and now at long last they will be able to marry. This will go down as another proud day in Iowa's long history of protecting individual rights."

New York's Empire State Pride Agenda:

"We are thrilled that the Iowa Supreme Court has done the right thing and ended discrimination against thousands of loving, committed same-sex couples by allowing them access to the literally hundreds of protections that come with marriage. We are happy that another state has joined Massachusetts and Connecticut in declaring that nothing short of full marriage equality will put an end to the hardships that many of our families experience on a daily basis. New Yorkers can now go to yet another state, get a marriage license that will be recognized as legal and valid here at home and have access to the vast majority of the 1,324 rights and responsibilities New York provides with it. We believe, however, that our families should not have to leave New York to get married; we should be able to get married here at home with our families and friends around us. Governor Paterson, the New York State Assembly and a majority of New Yorkers agree that it is time to do this. So too do both of our U.S. Senators, Attorney General Cuomo and Comptroller DiNapoli. The State Senate needs to get on board now with everyone else and pass marriage equality legislation this year."

GLAAD's Neil Giuliano:

"Today's ruling affirms that loving, committed gay and lesbian couples should no longer be excluded from marriage. GLAAD congratulates and expresses our deepest appreciation to One Iowa, Lambda Legal, the Interfaith Alliance of Iowa, and the other organizations, leaders and courageous couples whose work and perseverance culminated in today's ruling. GLAAD urges local and national media reporting on this historic story to ground their coverage in the stories of the Iowa couples whose enduring commitment is at the heart of today's decision."

Human Rights Campaign's Joe Solmonese:

"This is a truly historic day for Iowa and a proud day for every
American who believes in the promise of equal rights and fairness for
all. The Iowa
Supreme Court did its job by recognizing that gay and lesbian couples
who form committed relationships and loving families deserve the same
level of respect afforded to heterosexual couples.  The unanimous court
made forcefully clear that the state constitution guarantees the same
rights and protections for all Iowans. This decision strengthens Iowa
families and makes a strong statement for equality all across the

Rea Carey, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force:

"This ruling marks another watershed moment in the struggle for full
equality. No longer will same-sex couples have their relationships
treated as less than equal by the state. The court rightly affirmed
that no loving committed couple should be denied marriage and the
critical protections only marriage can provide. This ruling also
affirms our common humanity by providing same-sex couples with the
opportunity to participate in the shared hopes and dreams of making a
public commitment to the person they love. We are thrilled that
equality has come to Iowa!"