1. Hugo says

    where is Henry Cavill’s codpiece? I thought they were never seen without one in Henry’s days?

    I would imagine the last season to be visually rather unappealing. H.VIII. didn’t look too good, in the end.

  2. philberto says

    It is an entertainingly inaccurate show so it’s easy to get sucked into the many distortions of history this series manages. Course the occasional displays of male nudity helps!!!!

    Henry became the slovenly pig most of his images reflect starting around 1536. It will be interesting to see if the series porks Johnathan out to the 54″ waistline Henry ultimately had in his later years.

  3. says

    Wow! I love the 16th century Manscaping! Henry the VIII keeps his bush shaved? Who knew!

    I found that watching “The Tudors” through Netflix rental made for a much more enjoyable experience. It was easier to follow the story arcs and bypass the mare’d in one sitting than to wait and watch it at the broadcast pace.

    Great fodder for the eyes, and a little more flesh would not necessarily be a bad thing.

  4. Marco says

    I love Jonathan and cannot wait till his next film with Takeshi Kaneshiro comes out. They play two gay porn stars who end up stranded in a hotel together with nothing to do but…

    Oh wait, that’s a recurring dream of mine, not an upcoming film. Damnit.

  5. Jeff says

    I for one am not too keen on how JRM is looking (as Henry) these days.

    BUT, or BUTT, give me Henry Cavill any day, any week, any month, any year, with or without the codpiece. Howz about Henry and the other actor, eye patch dude, Alan Van Sprang? He makes my sprang go sproing too!

    I can see it now, Lord Charles Brandon and Sir Francis Bryan forcing me, their privy chamber (what’s the male version of bed-wench?) steward, to serve their every need and fulfill their every sordid, lewd, and luscious command.

    I do declare (I know, I know, I’m switching continents and historical periods) but it’s gettin’ awfully hawt in he-ear.

    Oh yeah, they shoulda removed King Henry’s little pee pee cloth. I was wanting to see just how kingly and royal his scepter really is. I know, how cliche!

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