1. liz templin says

    the interview was so uncomfortable for me to watch. he kept saying “uh, i don’t know…i guess…i don’t know…”

    it’s like he has no idea what he wants to say. so weird.

  2. Scott says

    You know, he’s dumb as a post, but he actually seems like a decent guy and I can’t help but feel a little sorry about him.

  3. Jack says

    No it’s not just you, Andy. This boy is just straight up stupid. He’s hot enough for a one nighter, but I think I would have to say “thanks, but no thanks on that bridge to stupid”. Stupid is such a turn off!

  4. DCOMics says

    Agree Scott. Now if he comes out for gay marriage then I’ll like him completely. I’m sure he’s out to get a little attention but at the same time I’m happy about what hes doing. He’s going around telling us how lucky we are to dodge the bullet called McCain/Palin.

  5. says

    Poor thing. If the Lord doesn’t give you brains, He gives you dimples. I hope his life gets a little brighter… he sure did step in it when he started banging the Palin girl. Wow.

  6. says

    He looks like Jesse Metcalfe, but probably without the ridiculously luscious man titties. Sigh. Those are the best part!

  7. woodroad34 says

    He seems uncomfortable in the spotlight, so either his mother pushed him into it or somehow this is truly a reaction to the agressiveness of that moose, Mz Palin. After his rant about anyone messin’ with him and his mother’s arrest on drug charges back in December, I’m bettin’ it’s payback time by Momma Johnston.

  8. Buster says

    Why are people still talking to and about this boy? He’s not particularly cute, he’s not smart, nor is he interesting, accomplished or talented.

    At best, he’s a secondary character in a third-rate plot in a story that’s been over for almost six months.

    Oh what a world, what a world…

  9. gunnarjet says

    he made the impossible possible:

    now everyone knows not to trust sarah palin. GLAD he destroyed her reputation !

    everything happens for a reason…

  10. Rico says

    He seems like a nice enough kid, but not too bright, or articulate. The kind of guy who would ignore his siter because his girlfriend said so is a p-whipped redneck. There is not much fight in him. Yeah, he is proof the kind of toxic vice-president Palin would have been, but I didn’t need any proof beyond her own actions and words.

    You just gotta love these folks who call themselves Christians, and are the most hatful, unmerciful,. toxic people out there.


  11. Mark says

    Clearly a command of the English language isn’t high on his to-do list either. His sister and Bristol “fighted since day one.” Yeah you’re not white trash. By the way, where’s the barefoot toothless banjo playing boy?

  12. dego says

    I’m betraying my age.. but to me, he looks like a younger, dumber version of Jeff Stryker.

    And @RICO you’re right about christians (the small “c” is deliberate). I always remember a quote from Ghandi…

    “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

  13. Scott says


    I honestly think that the issues of teenage parents, poor sex education and custody/parental rights are all worthy conversations that we should be having.

    And I’ll sheepishly admit that I think he’s kind of cute. But yes, dumb as a rock, I’ll agree with you there.

  14. jimmyboyo says


    who pushed him into it =

    1- Romney
    2- Jindal
    3- huckabee
    4- hell maybe even NEWT since there is talk of him running 2012

    Probably all 4 in cahoots since Palin rates #1 in all repu pre-primary polls

  15. says

    I’m so tired of people claiming “Well, so and so is a retard, and probably doesn’t come off very well, but I’m glad we’re having these discussions.”

    Um, depending on who is talking and what they’re saying, just “having these discussions” can do a lot of damage. Not really thinking of this case, more the Pigez Hilton thing. Why anyone thinks that bringing up these issues alone solves anything is beyond me…especially since it always the same damn crap. Yeah, I’m glad we’re FINALLY talking about abortion and marriage equality and teens/sex education and gays in the military. That hasn’t been going on for about 30 years now or anything. THANKS LEVI!!!

  16. says

    They put that kid on air for a full half hour show? He’s just not that interesting — but I loved him on that reality show on MTV.

    As an aside, who knows what’s going on between those two families, but while I can understand what they suggest is anger over not seeing the kid, I would not let my baby alone with his mother. I don’t leave babies with people who have drug problems.

  17. Jeffrey says

    Bless his heart, I really feel bad for him after watching the interview. He sounds like an ordinary person (neither all good nor all bad) who is caught up in something way bigger than himself and is up against power he has no clue how to deal with.

  18. paul c says

    Larry King’s staff is incompetant at everything except their uncanny ability to repeatedly scrape the bottom of the barrel dry.

    King is a half-dead zombie meat puppet and CNN needs to ditch him or find better puppeteers.

  19. Daws says

    I never realized how cute he is! I didn’t bother watching the whole thing but I figured any prolonged exposure to Sarah Palin is bound to fry some brain cells. Poor, sexy guy.

  20. Oscar in Miami Beach says

    He’s dumb but not ill-intentioned.It is the Palin family the ones that are evil to the core.This poor guy was used to provide a baby that will be good looking although it may be a bit dumb.That can be remedied with the proper education.I was very sorry for him and the mess his dick got him into.I felt like hugging him.He felt so helpless.I’m so sorry for him.

  21. tony the tiger says

    This interview was an absolute low for CNN and fully explains why they are now last in the ratings.

    I hate Sarah Palin as much as the next gay but I was disgusted that Larry King spent an entire hour with only one brief allusion to the criminal charges against the mother (for possessing and selling narcotics–word is it was meth) at the end of the show.

    I understand not discussing it was a condition to having her on the show but it permitted her to spend most of an hour whining about how she didn’t get to take the baby for a day at a time. Where? Back to her meth lab? Same for Levi. If he took the baby back to his mom’s house and it was crawling along the floor and ingested some drugs he’d be a goner. Any parent wouldn’t permit that.

    Again I hate the Palins but I am also disgusted that CNN permitted such a one sided flat interview. Shame on them.

  22. mike says

    So what’s with all the elitist a-holes putting this kid down for being “dumb”? Would it be that the boy could be as smart as all the Einsteins commenting here! He could solve the world’s problems and still have time left over for brunch. Levi Johnston is no dumber or smarter than millions of other guys his age. Maybe he won’t amount to much in his life (well, obviously not enough to satisfy all the PHDivas here), but he seems to be nice, sweet, honest and unpretentious. Give the kid a break!

  23. Beef and Fur says

    Put this into perspective if he got YOUR 17 year old daughter pregnant. You wouldn’t be turning cartwheels when she tells you some big and stupid Neanderthal is your grandchild’s new baby daddy. Yeah, he needs to be afraid. I would be plenty pissed and I’m sure the Palins were no different. Now, add to the mix you just happen to be the right wingnuts choice for VP and the drama increases exponentially.