New York’s Natural History in Mannahatta


I've posted about the Mannahatta Project before, back in March of 2008.

Now, a book is to be released to coincide with the 400th anniversary of the arrival of Henry Hudson in New York Harbor on May 20 to accompany an exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York.

Pentagram has the details. Of interest to anyone interested in maps, ecology, history, urban development, or New York. Aside from that, it's just pretty.


  1. omgmofohomolol says

    Along with the “no New York” maps I also love maps of early NY (when Wall St. had a wall, Canal a canal lol); also, the mural in the Museum of Natural History.
    I do sometimes wonder about the complete idyllic sparseness of it all – all that emptiness…long before Hudson/Columbus there were, of course, CIVILIZATIONS in this here land. The final book appears to have smoke plumes denoting something of the sort – maybe there’s more about the subject in there? An Amazon reviewer points out that the book deals much less with how it all changed as to how we can make a green “Disneycity” for 2499 or something.
    Can’t wait to pick it up nevertheless for the pictures (gotta save for it in this economy and job my is shit … how sad that a book is a luxury now).

  2. shane says

    Pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind seeing Manhattan looking again like it did when Hudson arrived.

  3. ... says

    It’s funny how the first pic looks like a face and the second one looks like a condom w/ a reservoir tip.