Matt Drudge: ‘I Do Not Love Sex with Men’


New York magazine's Intelligencer got a "quick response" from Matt Drudge after emailing him about his placement on OUT magazine's 'Power 50' list this year along with another glass closet inhabitant, Barry Diller.

Said Drudge: “False. False. False. I do not love sex with men.
My site is not anti-gay. I present both sides of the anti-choice-life
issue. I am not anti-tolerant! Except against big-government freaks. I liked Chaka in the eighties, and have not watched Young and the Restless in twenty years! But I do watch Judge Judy!”

OUT editor Aaron Hicklin talked about the 'Power 50' in a Sunday piece for the UK's Guardian and why he has no problem with naming those who haven't publicly acknowledged their sexuality:

"Much has changed in two years. For a start, four of the names
included in the 'Glass Closet' story
that accompanied the inaugural
Power 50 list have since come out, starting with Foster who finally
acknowledged, in December 2007, her 'beautiful Cydney, who sticks with
me through the rotten and the bliss'. Second, we are now in
Barack Obama's America, opening up a very different vista for gays and
lesbians, in which the days of being knocked back and forth between
evangelical Republicans and poll-sensitive Democrats seem, finally, to
be numbered."


  1. Jonathan says

    I don’t particularly care what Matt Drudge’s sexuality is. I don’t even care about his politics. I only desire two things: that he actually have journalistic ethics, any ethics… hell, I’ll settle for him being a human being, and, more importantly, he hire a decent web designer because every time I’ve ever gone to his website I’ve wound up with a headache, and not from his reporting.

  2. says

    “I do not love sex with men” is the most interesting denial since “I prefer to date in Europe.”

  3. Odsbjorn says

    ugh. I would call him a weasel, but don’t want to insult weasels. Can we return him for a player to be named later?

  4. Mark (another one) says

    Uh, Matt does mean you love sex with T-girls whose male anatomies are still intact??

    Just asking.

  5. says

    Some people straight and gay just do not enjoy sex. Pity for them!
    I would like to know what makes his, drudge, site anit-gay?
    and let me know when Obama changes things for gays in this country. Hasn’t happened yet and his stances say its not likely to happen. I just don’t understand giving him a pass.

  6. says

    Drudge was outed eons ago by Jeanette Walls. At that time he said he was “dating someone with breasts.”


    Walls talked to an ex-boyfriend of Drudge’s who revealed that not only is he gay, but he likes having sex fully-clothed in the shower, eating cake, and getting raw egss broken over his head.

    No, I am not making this up.

  7. GregV says

    I would hardly call Jodie Foster`s thanking her “beautiful Sydney“ a coming out. It seemed to me more like it was carefully worded to be vague to those who don`t know her life story. I`m sure if focus groups had been asked afterward what that meant, most would have guessed that she had either spent time in her beloved Australia or that she has a husband, son or daughter, dear friend, sister or brother or agent named Sydney.
    If she had said, “I`d like to thank my beautiful wife, Sydney, THAT would have been a coming out.

  8. latebrosus says

    Ah, I recall the early days of Matt Drudge’s reporting, when he would post to the ol’ trailer park in alt.showbiz.gossip. Pity he turned out the way he has.

  9. Freddy says

    The interesting thing about Drudge is that he gets a pass from most major news organizations who want to benefit from links to their content on his site. It’s amazing — all the outlets we respect will not touch him with a ten-foot pole.

    That’s the real story here.

    PS National Enquirer should assign a PI to follow him for a few weeks and see what he gets up to.

  10. woodroad34 says

    ‘I Do Not Love Sex with Men’

    No, he actually adddddooooorrres sex with men. Perez Hilton for the LCRs.

  11. says

    I do not love having sex with men…. Christ. I guess that means he might like it, dislike it, adore it… etc. Drudge’s mental development stopped at c. age 13. Typical of conservatives… so long as they are technically not lying, it’s OK to give a lying impression! (Bush did this the entire duration of his failed presidency). So if Drudge loves sex with boys, then his statement is technically correct. If Drudge likes sex with men, but doesn’t LOVE it, then he’s technically not lying –and I’m sure he can convince himself that he likes/not loves sex with men, if only to be able to provide a statement to the press that would lead one to believe that he is not gay. What a total phoney!

  12. anon says

    Is it too obvious to say that this supposed exposer of secrets is trying to keep a few of his own?

  13. Pheel says

    He does not love sex with men because he prefers sex with boys like all conservative men do.

  14. says

    The references to Matt liking Chaka Khan and the “Young and the Restless” come from my book, ALL I COULD BARE. But I make it VERY clear that this was from the time when we hung out in the 80s. For the record, I also haven’t watched the “Young and the Restless” in 20 years, but still LOVE Chaka Khan. – Craig Seymour

  15. George says

    Alec Baldwin said it best in The Advocate’s Big Gay Following when asked about Drudge’s alleged come-on.

    “Has he come out? I just remember thinking, Why is he so uptight about being gay? Who’s worried about that anymore? And I wasn’t calling him gay. I just said he hit on me, which I found unusual. Because he’s somebody who could vilify me politically, but he sure didn’t seem like he wanted to vilify me when we were in the hallway. And maybe he’s not gay. Maybe he just had some sort of moment there in the hallway.”

  16. David D. says

    Hmmm. Well, if Matt only hits on guys he would normally vilify, I can see why he wouldn’t love having sex with them. Also there’s the shower, cake and eggs thing. The dry cleaning bills must be horrendous.

  17. David C says

    Aaron Hicklin’s piece didn’t live up to its title. No where does he really explain why he feels the need, let alone the right, to out people.

    Hicklin’s piece was the sort of drivel one expects from an intellectually lazy leftist. The man comes across as a complete ass.

  18. jerry says

    he has a right not to like gays.i do not like them should be a man and a woman.

  19. jerry says

    can two guys have a baby. or two girls have babys.not with out out side help.and what a way to raise kids.a joke