1. Junior says

    As a member of the Miss California committee who was there to witness Carrie Prejean (the blubbering idiot captured above) compete and ultimately win the title of Miss California in Palm Springs last fall, I can tell you Carrie would be better served working on her own internal shortcomings (like how she treated her fellow competitors, and her diva fits throughout the three day pageant weekend) rather than worrying about two loving people in a committed relationship who most probably treat one another with more respect than I have ever seen this young “lady” treat anyone she’s encountered. To say she’s been a pill to work with would be putting it mildly, and I can only imagine her equally outspoken, very gay (in a long term relationship) pageant director is none too fond of Ms.Prejean right about now either.

    She’s so Christlike, she’ll tell anyone who will listen about her not so pure run ins with Michael Phelps and every other celebrity she has dated.

    Way to represent Cali, Carrie.

    November 22 (Date of Miss California 2010) can not get here fast enough!

  2. says

    You can see Perez’s disappointment upon her answer. I could not believe a beauty contestant, who knows for a fact that a lot of gays are involved in the beauty pageant biz, would come up with such an answer.

  3. freddy says

    Well, she does represent Americans’ opinion.

    And it doesn’t help when “same-sex marriage” works into way into the lexicon. It sounds like a separate stream of rights. “Marriage equality” drives the point home better and makes good Americans really consider their values. “Gay marriage” is not different than “straight marriage”.

    Perez: fail on the phrasing of that question.

  4. says

    It’s time for some action – I think it’s important that we all directly respond to the anti-gay comments showing up on this YouTube video and standing up for who we really are. Times are starting to change a little bit, and these horrible comments are not going un-checked anymore, as they should never be un-checked.

  5. joe c says

    Well you gotta give her props for being honest and saying it flat out. But that’s all you can give her.

    BUT she gets F minus minus for her ignorance and prejudice. Something tells me that’s the last time they get a Miss California of that opinion and the last time Perez Hilton gets invited to that show; next time they’ll get a less politically in-your-face gay like Bruno from DWTS. I’m very disappointed she even got as far as first runner up.

    Perez says on his site that she could have been smart and said something like “that’s something for states to decide” which would have been more tactful for sure. What pisses me off most is that she said this and kept that pasted-on smile on her face.

  6. chris says

    Perez’s phrasing of the question?

    What about the phrasing of Miss C’s answer? Not only was the content of her answer stupid, but always the way she said it!!

    “ya’ll we get to choose between same sex and opposite marriage.”

    Yea, I know what she meant, but the way she said it, it madee the two sound mutually exclusive (as if in Mass and Vermont straights are no longer allowed to marry). LOL!

  7. Andy says

    Obviously not everyone agrees with her answer.

    But she answered honestly and now she is getting crap for it. Would you have rather she lied because the judge was gay, so she could win?

    It is going to take time to change minds on this issue and not everyone will agree. But I don’t think people should be scared shitless to express their views either. I know we don’t like to be scared to express our views.

  8. says

    A LOT of people cheered for this answer, and the applause lasted from when she left the microphone until the hosts began speaking again. That was a lot scarier than some random Barbie’s oh-so-clearly-informed opinion and answer. And this shit was held in VEGAS!!! We all know how convervative those Nevadans are when it comes to even “opposite marriage,” as Ms. Prejean likes to call it…

    PS I just have to say Miss Arizona’s answer was totally retarded (“It’s about INTEGRITY!!!” lol) and failed to address the question COMPLETELY, yet she still placed 3rd. Uh, yeah.

  9. says

    “I think it’s a sad commentary that Perez Hilton is a judge of anything.”

    Thank you. I was thinking the same thing.

    I also don’t mind that Miss California said what she said. Prejudice should be displayed center stage under a follow spot, so that all of America can see how repugnant it is. The fact that she was booed, and the fact that she lost, shows how holding on to idiotic bigotry is really starting to hurt the bigot in substantive ways.

  10. B-rod says

    I can just about expect the Mormon Church to be calling her to be their spokesperson. Just wait.

    But I agree, she has a right to say what she wants (that’s the USA) and I applaud her bigotry being displayed in the full spotlight. Bring it into the light and let it wither.

  11. says

    It is not easy to tell from this crappy video, but she did NOT get boo’d! There may have been a couple in there but watching it live on actual TV, it was clear the audience roar was in approval and not condemnation. You guys saying “Oh well, at least she got boo’d” are wrong. (Not to harp on this point or anything, I was just shocked at the audience’s response last night and remember it clearly.)

  12. patrick nyc says

    “Well, I think it’s great that Americans are able to choose one or another. Um, we live in a land that you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage. And, you know what? In my country”


    I’m not sure which is funnier, her lack of knowledge that we are ‘able to choose’ or that CA is not a country. Idiot. Who watches this shit anymore?

  13. johnnylee says

    don’t just voice your opinion here, where you’re ostensibly preaching to the choir. Reach out to her…. contact her on facebook. She has both a fan page and a personal page.

  14. says

    If she doesn’t support marriage equality (and, yes, Perez should have phrased the question that way–will some gay people never learn?), her obligation was to articulate concisely and effectively why she opposes it. But, my god, listen to her nonsensical response! Never mind her opinion, she deserves boos for idiocy of expression. She did, however, successfully fulfill the stereotype that beauty pageant contestants have cheap champagne bubbles in their heads in lieu of brains.

  15. slm says

    Now wait a minute, because she does not agree with your lifestyle she is an idiot? Who is promoting division here? Why are you all that have posted here so full of personal insults and hate???? Because of a different view? You ask us to be tolerant of your views but you fail to embrace ours?? What gives…. you ask for equality yet fail to give it?

  16. Guest says

    She’s a very brave young woman who finally said what everyone is scared to say because of gay terrorism. And if 1 ru is a bad place in Miss USA then you are not so well informed.

  17. says

    And this answer came from a female jock–a college basketball player, not that sports would make her gay. But it is possible that she is one of those people like Ted Haggerty that speak out the loudest to make it easier to hide in their own closet.

    I agree with Perez’s response, but think it hurts him in the long run for call her a b*tch. He sounded so articulate until that came out of his mouth. Guess his 15 minutes of fame are over. Nobody will want to hire him after that rant.

  18. says

    “Now wait a minute, because she does not agree with your lifestyle she is an idiot? ”

    Yes, and you are too.

    Denial of our civil rights is not an “opinion.” It is evil and deserves all the vitriol it gets.

  19. whatever says

    first off media Whore Perez shouldn’t had ask that question, the question had no place there, to say that is the only reason why she didn’t win is wrong as hell.

    I can see now why NOM say what they said that we are forcing the issue.

  20. woodroad34 says

    Beauty Pageant? Where’s the beauty in that mean-spirited answer? Hardly Christian, and decidedly backwards. Booing and the drek thrown at her in this blog are proper responses to her. So she told her own truth…I don’t applaud her for that. She’s ugly inside and pinched outside–first runner up–the Dick Cheney of Beauty Pageants.

  21. BD says

    Good for her, she gave a true and honest response based on her belief and how she was raised. How can you fault her for that, should she have lied to appease Perez? Why is is that when someone does not give the answer they want they resort to name calling, everyone showed there true colors and Perez lost that round

  22. John says

    Well..I helped on mock interviews with this young lady prior to the pageant. One of the things we insisted on is that she have an opinion. I didn’t have to agree with the opinion, just have one. She did. I applaud her for that and would debate her to the death that it’s the wrong one.

    Personally, I think if this cost her a pageant title, that’s bad for her and great for equality rights. If a panel of judges won’t award that kind of opinion out of Miss USA, I think the tide is turning in favor of equality in some small way.

    It is sad tho. She has worked closely with the director of Miss Ca, a man I consider a friend, in a committed same sex relationship, raised two children and also produced “So the Bible Tells Me So”, a very popular documentary on the very same subject! She has had plenty of exposure to positive gay relationships and yet those beliefs are still deeply rooted in her mind…that’s the troubling part for me.

  23. Robert says

    Um…here’s an idea (are you taking notes, Perez?). How ’bout we quit asking straight people if they think we oughta be allowed to get married. I don’t care what they think, and I don’t recall their asking andbody for an opinion about what they consider their god-given right.

  24. Marilyn says

    God Bless Miss California! I think the first part of her answer where she spoke of America being a land where people could choose reflected that she believed changes of these sorts should be from the people, not legislated from the benches of state Supreme Courts, but it took guts for her to say she believes marriage should be between one man and one woman. She was clearly articulating a religious value instilled by her family, despite overwhelming pressure to reject her faith. The audience reaction was mixed, and her answer probably cost her votes.

    I have trouble believing that it was just a coincidence that Miss California was stuck with that question from openly homosexual blogger, Mario Lavandeira (a.k.a. Perez Hilton). I’m confident that Mario/Perez docked her points every chance he got after hearing that answer.

    It’s very sad that homosexuals are demanding that Christians reject their faith, even to the point of attempting to force them to say they endorse lifestyle choices that are incompatible with authentic Christianity and/or that they desire to see those choices elevated to a protected status under the law that is equal in value to Christian marriage. I realize homosexuals want civil marriage, but Christian marriage always includes civil marriage, and elevating homosexual unions places Christian churches at risk, as they may lose tax exempt status if they do not bless homosexual unions if the law creates an artificial equality between marriage between one man and one woman and homosexual unions.

    In so far as equal rights, marriage is not essential to human dignity. Lots of people never marry. That doesn’t make them less than human under the law. Additionally, when marriage is correctly understood in law as a union between one man and one woman, this doesn’t exclude anyone from getting married. It just means that in order to be married, one must marry someone of the opposite gender. People with homosexual tendencies can get married. They just have to marry someone of the opposite gender, just like everybody else. If that’s not what they want, they don’t want marriage.

    Society is benefitted by recognizing and promoting stable marriages between one man and one woman, which is the only way marriage has always been defined throughout thousands and thousands of years of human history, because the family unit of one man and one woman raising children promotes healthy social and psychological human development and prevents the poverty and societal destruction that stems from single motherhood.

    Homosexuals basically want to force people to endorse their lifestyle choices and say their feelings are okay. The hypocrisy is that the homosexuals who want this won’t endorse my lifestyle choice as a practicing, believing Catholic, and they won’t say it’s okay for me to believe or feel that all Catholic teaching on matters of faith and morals is the truth. They want to demand that I say their beliefs are good, which requires rejecting my beliefs. It’s true that embracing my beliefs would demand that they renounce theirs, but I’m not trying to force them to embrace my beliefs.

    Homosexuality, as a life choice, is nothing like race or national origin. There’s no choice in race or national origin, but lifestyles are always choices. Feelings may not be choices, but it’s ridiculous to say a person should be able to act on any feeling he or she may have. Eating disorders involve feelings, so do drug addictions, so do adultery and fornication, both of which are unbelievably destructive to society (adultery, by destroying marriages and families, and fornication, by promoting poverty and bringing children into the world without a stable family unit for healthy psychological development). Feelings don’t necessitate legal rights or benefits.

    Homosexual lifestyles involve choices. They involve beliefs. They are more like a religion or political convictions than anything to do with race or national origin, and religion and/or political convictions can’t and shouldn’t be forced on adults in a free society. A free society should also not be allowed to interfere with religious beliefs and/or political convictions taught to children. Religious beliefs and/or political convictions are a choice. If people with homosexual tendencies want to chose to live a homosexual lifestyle, nobody can stop them right now, as the law currently stands. American law should not be required to endorse the religion/political conviction of homosexuality, just as it can’t endorse any religious belief and/or political conviction.

  25. John K. says

    The fact is, if she said, “You know, people can do what they want, but I really believe the races shouldn’t mix in marriage. It’s not what God intended.” She would have been run out of the state. It’s not a matter of free speech versus on free speech. She has a right to her opinion, but speech is not completely consequence free. If you say mean, nonsensical, bigoted things, you will not win this type of competition, and people will not want to really have much to do with you. She may still have a lot of people who agree with her in this country, but make no mistake, people with her views are going the way of the racists of the ’60s. We’re already seeing people getting away with saying things like this less and less, and rightfully so. Regardless of what those opposed to gay marriage may think, freedom and tolerance are THE American values, and people who are intolerant will not be tolerated (and it is not at all hypocritical to refuse to tolerate intolerance).

  26. John K. says

    Marilyn: I’m not going to read your garbage post, but I happened to see the last sentence. “Just as [the government] can’t endorse any religious belief.” I CALL BULLSHIT ON YOU! By ONLY allowing your Christian view of marriage to prevail in law, the government is doing EXACTLY what you say it can’t do. Only by ALLOWING same-sex marriage is the government being neutral to religious views. Right now, gays have no choice but to be DENIED rights by the government. If gays were allowed to marry, YOU would still have the exact same choice of whether to engage in homosexuality or not (presumably not). This is what tolerance and neutrality in government are really about, not your perverted notion of it.

  27. Marilyn says


    It’s intellectually dishonest to say you aren’t going to read what I wrote, but call it garbage.

    It’s also intellectually dishonest to assert that anyone who disagrees wit your worldview is bigoted.

    Please prove that assertion.

    It is not the role of American government to endorse one religious belief over another. You have your beliefs and I have mine. Our government doesn’t endorse mine and it shouldn’t endorse yours.

    Granting legal recognition to homosexual unions doesn’t benefit society. It benefits only homosexuals who wan to force others to change in ways that make homosexuals feel appeased.

    Society is benefitted by recognizing and promoting stable marriages between one man and one woman, which is the only way marriage has always been defined throughout thousands and thousands of years of human history, because the family unit of one man and one woman raising children promotes healthy social and psychological human development and prevents the poverty and societal destruction that stems from single motherhood.

  28. Marilyn says

    Marriage isn’t a right that can be had by anyone who wants it. There are many people who would like to be married, but nobody wants to marry them. The unmarried people who long to be married don’t have the right to marry anyway, despite everyone else’s complete disinterest in marrying them, and not being married doesn’t diminish them as human beings or their status in the eyes of the law.

  29. Dave says

    I guess you’re not allowed to be a Christian and win the Miss USA. I hope she sues since the only reason she lost was due to Hilton’s anti-Christian bigotry. PS-I support gay marriage, but bigotry goes both ways.

  30. Ivi says

    No matter how she answered that question, she would have made someone mad. There are those heavily for and against. She could have been politically correct to impress her gay judge. I’m glad she gave her opinion just like her judge asked her to. It took courage.

  31. a. davis says

    Man this is too funny to watch all the homos crying!! BOO HOO! hey she said it and most of us believe the same thing. It’s just simple biology. Male male, female female don’t fit. Who says homos should have marriage? YOU? And who are you to force your morals on me? Maybe one of you will want to marry your grandma next and then your dog! Wow, just wanting for that next. You homos are really mixed up in the head

  32. says

    Her response is so dumb and angering because she claims that gay people in America somehow already have freedoms to equal marriage, and then just says, “sorry, gay people shouldn’t get married.” The first part is just not true, which is exactly what we’re fighting for, and the second part is just another statement of how she thinks she’s better than gay people and don’t deserve the same rights. Sure, she sticks to her guns, but stubbornness in a belief that HURTS society isn’t a virtue.

  33. Shirley Smith says

    What is this? America has gone mad. What do the gay rights movement want? to erase straight people.can they not give their opinion? isn’t it a free country for straight people also. If we want to stay straight is it a crime?

  34. DVM says

    Unfortunately, the population in this country is short-sighted, ill-informed and unable to make decisions that are for the common good. If I were to depend on the will of the people to promote meaningful change, on any level, me and my family would still be in chains and not be able to even look at people of a different race, let alone marry outside of our own. I will continue to push for marriage equality on all levels. Injustice for one leads to injustice for all!

  35. Mike Nourin says

    She should be applauded. Since when did we all get turned around on what should be a civil right and what is a morality issue. The color of skin is an easy one. Whether someone can sodomize another man is quite another. I have witnessed much of the gay lifestyle in south florida and must say that it’s very unfortunate to have it spun as a mainstream civil right issue. It undermines so many young people and creates such perversion. I invite any of you that have questions to come down and witness white week. The first time I saw it I was with a friend and he started crying. So many young men so lost with a need for intimacy and love without perversion. This young woman represents a very rare group of individuals who whether they know it or not, are protecting a moral fabric that has declined dramatically in a short period of time. If you are gay thats your choice. The unfortunate thing is the conversations I have had with so many young men who were preyed upon and then turn up later to find out that they aren’t gay and were confused and taken advantage of. Its much worse to be preyed upon and then find out that you are hetersexual than the other way around. Homosexuality should not be a civil right and should not be thrust into the limelight. It is morally destructive and ultimately we will pay a price. This isnt me speaking this is history speaking.

  36. GregV says

    Mike Nourin, Your arguments may persuade some of your church circle who don1t know anything about gay people. But when you`re talking to gay people like me and others here, you need to realize how nonsensical this sounds. It would be no different than if I went to Mardi Gras and told you I cried looking at all those empty hetero women baring their breasts for greedy straight men whose lives are consumed with sex. Why oh why can`t everyone be gay so they can know meaningful love like I have in my life… So many women I know have been molested by straight men (and yes, that is true.} When will straights ever see the light and know how empty their lives are… I could do the same thing to criticize your race (no matter what it is} by refering to a Caribana festival or St. Patrick Day drunken night, or if you`re Catholic I could make it sound like you`re all a bunch of molesters, etc. etc., etc.
    And the most gullible reader, especially those who know little or nothing of you and your community, might fall for it, believing that everyone of your race or culture or religion or orientation is just like what I say.
    But I don`t generalize like that, as you have done in regards to gay people.
    My life has nothing in common with anything you cite in your post. Your argument holds no water withy anyone who`s really been around and understands what being gay is about.

  37. Ritchie says

    It is sad to see many people who have the right to openly express their belief in same sex marriage to condemn someone who expresses her belief only because it differs from theirs. I find that hypocritical. That was also a question that did not belong in the pageant because regardless of the answer it would be a losing situation.

  38. pam says

    I thought Carrie answered honestly with grace and sincerity. She didn’t slam homosexuals, she didn’t use names and mock them– which is what Prez the judge did to her as soon as he possibly could. Marriage is between a man and a woman, it has been for centuries. It still takes an egg and a sperm to create a new life– the human race needs that to continue. thanks for stating the obvious Carrie

  39. Flipper says

    “I think it’s great that Americans are able to choose one or another. Um, we live in a land that you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage”

    You mean I could have just chosen to get married all along and I just didn’t? Or some how as an Arizonan I no longer qualify as an “American” Cause I don’t remember having been given ANY choice.

  40. Paul says

    Dear Marilyn,
    Homosexualtiy is NOT, I repeat, NOT A CHOICE. It has been proven through science that attraction to the same sex is biological and genetic time and time again. Conversely, the belief that a supernatural power that somehow runs everything is a choice. Moreover, condeming an entire segment of the population because of their DNA is not only a choice, it is mypoic, it is shameful, and it is evil. Uneducated people such as yourself, and Carrie Prejudice, missguided California, who choose to believe in falsehoods while discriminaing and exploitig others are the true disease that plagues the social body. You are as shameful as you are ignorant. May god, which I believe is an Ellen-like Lesbian, bless your soul-less body, for I sure as hell can’t.

  41. Chris says

    It seems that Carrie Prejean, Miss California, has spoken out against Homosexuals. Well, isn’t that special! Since she goes to the Sand Diego Christian College (a fine “educational” institution of lower learning), why doesn’t she take it upon herself to speak out against people who wear mixed fiber clothing, something the bible likewise condemns. It is rumored that Miss Montana’s evening gown ensemble was replete with polyester padding. One can only pray that the authentic conservative Christian judges on the panel would automatically disqualify her for such a violation of god’s law. Moreover, Miss Michigan nibbled on a tray of prawns prior to taking the runway. Needless to say, consuming shelf fish is a biblical no-no, which could likewise land her in serious trouble with the judges, as well as the almighty lord. And let’s not forget about the alleged sin that Carrie Prejean herself committed. Apparently, Carrie’s father failed to offer
    his daughter up to a stranger who came to their home in California seeking shelter. Providing Carrie was an authentic christian, she should have disqualified herself, sparing the audience of her embarrassing self righteous condemnation of people who are gay. No I don’t mean to offend anyone here, but being uneducated is a choice not a sin. Being gay, conversely, is not a choice. Lord only knows, San Diego Christian College has abolished such subjects as science from their curriculum. Besides, it is easier to retell fables of arcs, and ribs, and eternal fires, than base anything in reason, truth, and facts. Besides cognitive reasoning, skepticism, and good old fashioned thinking have been proven to burst the champagne bubbles that ostensibly float around Carrie’s head. Moreover, being self righteous and pious, in the name of all things “good” and god, and stuff like that, is just plain more fun. Regardless, when individuals completely
    cede their agency to institutions like San Diego Christian College, then no one, least of all Perez Hilton, should be shocked by the hateful and offensive dribble that spews out the mouths of such misguided souls. In the case of miss guided California, it is relevant to note that this was a beauty contest, not a challenge of wit or intellect. Although Carrie will never prove the existence of god, or all the hateful baggage that her beliefs carry, she did prove that within the context of Miss USA, boobs will always donald Trump brains. All I can say is praise the lord that Miss North Carolina won.

  42. Swami says

    How come none of the Women’s Organization are saying anything to Perez Hilton for calling Carrie Prejean names? There’ such hypocrisy floating around that it makes me sick. I don’t know how an idiot like Perez was a judge? It’s very clear that he didn’t like the response. But being a judge, he should have kept his darn mouth shut. He spewed hatred and if there are any sensible people left in this country, they should sue this guy for “hate crime”

  43. Swami says

    Carrie Prejean needs to be applauded. She spoke her mind out for which she paid a price.
    Perez Hilton…who the heck is this guy that he comes on to national TV and spews venom? Advocacy groups should take up the case and sue this man for insulting a woman. This guy should be ashamed of himself. If it was any other country he would have been lynched for such comments. He should not be allowed to be a judge and should be disqualified in future.Where is the national media in all this? What about the women’s organizations? Now all that they are doing is bash this young lady because she has spoken. The truth surely hurts. I’m glad that she spoke out.

  44. bobby west says

    I cant believe the load of garbage I read in these posts.I dont think that this flaming little queen perez or any of you sexually confused people understand what a normal healthy marriage is. It actually involves intimate physical contact that God willing will produce a child.Get that by bending your buddy over! Homosexuallity is wrong no matter how much you all want it not to be and I applaud Miss California for telling it like it is.

  45. John K. says


    I didn’t read your post because I knew it was garbage just by reading the portion I cited. However, I did read your responses to me, and my suspicions were confirmed.

    American government DOES endorse your religion! Only recognizing marriage performed by your religion is an endorsement! There are several religions that recognize gay marriages, and the government does not recognize them. That is religious discrimination by the government, and it would be intellectually dishonest of you to say otherwise.

    Since gay people exist as part of society, allowing gay people to marry benefits society! Gay people raise children. Children do better in stable homes, no matter what the gender of the parents. By not allowing gay couples to stabilize their homes by marrying, you are denying children their optimal setting. But, you wouldn’t care about THOSE children, now would you?

    You know what else is intellectually dishonest? Saying that marriage has only been defined as the stable union of one man and one woman throughout the thousands of years of human existence. What about the polygamous marriages that existed in the Bible itself, as well as many, many, many cultures throughout the world? How about divorce? Used to be a lot more difficult, didn’t it? The stability itself has changed (through no fault of gay people; we weren’t allowed to participate).

    Then you cite poverty caused by single motherhood as a problem that keeping gays from marrying is supposed to solve? Talk about intellectually dishonest! No one is disputing whether marriage as a stabilizer is a good idea, just whether EXCLUDING PEOPLE FROM IT is necessary to get the desired stabilizing result. How can excluding people who want to stabilize their relationship from the institution help stabilize relationships? You force every lesbian with children to be a “single” mother.

    And, in your last bit of intellectual dishonesty, you talk about people not having the right to marry because not everyone can find someone who wants to marry them. Are you serious? Is this really your argument against a right to marry? What does this have to do with government regulation of marriage? Answer: NOTHING! More garbage. There IS a right to marry (if you can find a willing partner) that is WELL-SETTLED AMERICAN LAW! This is not in dispute. You are right about one thing: not being married does not diminish anyone’s personhood. However, not being married when you want to because your government has denied you that right IS degrading to one’s personhood.

    With that, I’m done with you because you are not even worth the time I spent writing this. Have a miserable life until you change your bigoted ways.

  46. Fan says

    She stated her thoughts. Not everyone needs to or supports gay marriage. Everyone has a right to their own opinion. It should not influence the Crown. All this shows is how ignorant and prejudiced gays are against homosexuals. Hilton is far from a professional and it shows by his actions and words.

  47. John K. says

    Fan: Of COURSE it should influence the crown. I suppose physical beauty shouldn’t influence the crown either? What about the millions of women who were not pretty enough to even make it onto that stage?

    Whether it is her fault or not, Miss California does not possess the inner beauty necessary to win this competition.

  48. DJ says

    I am a happily married woman in my fifties and have been with my husband for 26 years. I was brought up in a very traditional family but was fortunate to have parents who taught me to embrace and respect all individuals regardless of their age, race, religion or sexual preferences. I was encouraged be open to the views and opinions of others, regardless if I agree or disagree with their perspective. My parents explained to me at a very early age that I could learn from those differences and enhance my view of the world.

    I have gay and lesbian friends and feel quite strongly that they should be entitled to the very same rights, benefits and opportunities we enjoy, and yet sometimes take for granted. This is just my opinion. I do understand there are many individuals who do not share my view and I have no doubt they are as passionate about their beliefs as I am about mine.

    With that said, I feel compelled to express my opinion about the Miss California/Perez Hilton controversy. Perez Hilton asked Miss California her opinion of the gay marriage issue and she responded with exactly that…her opinion. I was under the impression that an opinion is not something that can be proven to be right or wrong. Clearly, Hilton adamantly disagreed with her response as it was not one that (in his opinion) was correct.

    Hilton was quick to voice his opinion on his blog with a video in which he not only judged Miss California once again, but did so in an offensive, degrading rant, filled with expletives and personal attacks. After claiming that he was “The U-tube moment of the entire pageant when he asked her the question” he went on to say, “She gave the worst answer in pageant history, and was the first contestant ever in Miss USA to have been booed.” He spoke of how she alienated so many people when it was her role to unite. Hilton said, “If that girl would have won, I would have gone up on stage, snatched that tiara off her head and run out the door.” He made other negative comments I do not feel comfortable repeating here.

    I am unaware of the qualifications required to be a judge for this event. I do however, question why this organization would select and have their name associated with a judge who is unable to be objective, prone to personal attacks, and uses his own venue to keep judging long after the competition is over.

    While Hilton has every right to express his opinion, he appears to be unaware that Miss California may do so as well. I find it rather hypocritical that while he is campaigning for equal rights, he is so judgmental of one who is exercising her very own. While I don’t agree with her views on gay marriage, I do respect her right to express them, stand behind them and not compromise them to win a competition or attempt to be “politically correct.” Unlike Hilton, she was able to communicate her opinion without using foul language and personal attacks. She responded to the specific question about legalizing gay marriage. She said nothing negative about gay and lesbian individuals, nor did she use derogatory slurs or any anti-gay sentiments.

    I do understand the emotion, frustration and anger felt by the gay and lesbian community having to fight for the same rights, choices and freedom that others have been given. I support my gay friends who want to marry and I know they will be wonderful, loving parents. I wish for them the same happiness and joy I have experienced with my own husband and children.

    While the Miss California/Perez Hilton controversy will bring attention to this issue and get people talking, I am not convinced Hilton’s public tantrum and attack was the most effective way to positively influence public, religious or political opinion. Perez Hilton does not represent or speak for all gay individuals any more than those opposed to gay marriage represent all heterosexuals. His video tirade does little to further the cause and it is my hope that the message isn’t lost in the delivery.

    Of course, this is just my opinion.

    DJ Ross

  49. Andrew says

    This question has no place in a beauty pageant; why not ask her opinion on abortion and gun control as well? Shame on Perez for asking that question; why is he a judge again? And shame on Ms. California for not having the presence of mind to call out Perez and say “my political views are private”.

  50. Aaron says

    My opinion is that gay men and women should be able to marry. Miss California holds a different opinion. So what? I do not feel the need for everyone to agree with my opinion. Hiton’s response was, IN MY OPINION, exceedingly rude, uncouth, and childish. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

  51. John F. says

    Aaron: This is the problem, this is not simply a matter of preference and opinion. Her opinion is that Perez (and I) shouldn’t have equal rights. He’s just supposed to agree to disagree with that? Bullshit! This isn’t my favorite color is green and yours is blue, or I really like the Eagles and you like the Cowboys. These are people’s rights and lives we are talking about, and her opinion is destructive to me and to Perez, and we both have every right to be mad as hell about it.

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