NY Archbishop on Catholics: ‘We’re Not Anti-Gay, We’re Pro…Marriage’


New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan told the New York Post this week that same-sex marriage advocates are "asking for trouble" in their quest for equality.

Said Dolan: "We believe that human beings are hard-wired with a sense of right and wrong. It's sort of in our DNA. And there are certain things that deep down we just know, because nature, and nature's God has implanted that sense within us. That's what philosophers, not even Catholic ones, like Aristotle, call natural law. There's an in-built code of right and wrong that's embedded in the human DNA...Hard-wired into us is a dictionary, and the dictionary defines marriage as between one man, one woman for life, please God, leading to the procreation of human life. And if we begin to tamper with the very definition of marriage, then we're going to be in big trouble. We're not anti-gay -- we're pro the most basic definition of marriage."

Watch the interview, in which Dolan says "we're not against gays" and "the Catholic church would defend the human dignity of gay people," AFTER THE JUMP...