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NYC Launches Gay Travel Campaign Around Stonewall Anniversary


Openly gay New York City Council speaker Christine Quinn and NYC & Co today launched the city's first-ever gay-specific multi-media tourism campaign as part of a yearlong initiative recognizing the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising. Rainbow Pilgrimage, as the campaign is dubbed, "will emphasize a visit to the destination as a 'rite of passage' for the gay and lesbian traveler" and is accompanied by a microsite intended to facilitate travel to the city.

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  1. "You're not equal ... but we'll take your money!"

    Posted by: freddy | Apr 7, 2009 3:29:11 PM

  2. No shit Freddy. Maybe Christine Quinn should stop concentrating on being a fat dykey A-Gay and try to help out something other than her stomach and her pocketbook. Oh, and the city REAAAALLLY needed this ad campaign - New York has always had a problem attracting homosexuals, and I'm sure most of them have never even heard of the place!

    Posted by: Ugh | Apr 7, 2009 4:15:12 PM

  3. There's nothing specifically gay in NYC for people to come see, anyway, besides the normal things any tourist comes to see.

    Posted by: JT | Apr 7, 2009 4:25:31 PM

  4. Where else are you going to see Chelsea boys though?

    Posted by: anon | Apr 7, 2009 4:29:50 PM

  5. I think this is a great way to welcome people to the tri-state region. In addition to the regular tourist traps, the region has a vibrant gay nightlife and community. I think many people from around the country and abroad can learn from the New York experience.

    Posted by: Found in Yonkers | Apr 7, 2009 8:45:42 PM

  6. I love how bitter homos are about a city they either
    A: Probably have only been to once or twice in their entire lifetime

    B: Have never been at all

    C: Only know of one of their troll friends coming here and bad mouthing it when they leave despite the fact they were only here for 48-72 hours.

    Frankly I feel the less Anti-New York tourists this city attracts the better off this city will be in the future.

    New York is packed with gays all over in this city (NOT JUST IN CHELSEA) for all of you ignorant FUCKS,who actually believe thatthe only gay area in town.We are spread out all over even in the boroughs and New Jersey.What makes me laugh is how bitter queens are so quick to put down New York when they most likely have never been (but possibly once in their lifetime) In the real world New York is no different from Chicago.Oh and not just tourists visit the museums around here,my friends and I go to the different museums around here a few times a year and there is the Auto Show starting April 10th-19th (for the masculine gays who love cars as much as I do) For those of you who are into the dance music scene or general nightlife we do have that (but judging by the bitterness of almost every commenter here,Im quite sure thats no interest to you) (I remember that article posted about Roxy last July and remember seeing nothing but bitter comments bashing the place) For those of you who cannot except and or lost touch with reality.Roxy was a staple in New York's Gay nightlife scene and was just that for the 20 years that it operated as a gay club til the day it closed.Also,Fire Island is about 45 minutes to an Hour away from Manhattan,which is a nice get away from the summer madness of the city.That little Island alone draws gays from all over the country (besides New Yorkers ourselves)

    I wanna know: What is so MUCH GAYER about another city in comparison to New York (Besides nude beaches).

    For the record if you are going to come here with a bad attitude,dont expect a good attitude from those of us who actually live here,if you want a warm welcome CHECK THE EXTRA BAGGAGE AT THE DOOR.Otherwise stay the FUCK away from my town completely.

    Get alittle educated before putting down New York.

    P.S. Yes Christine Quinn is a 2-faced Bitch and Bloomberg is a big fat sack of shit and a Moron plus 50.But Unless you plan on moving here,I dont see how that affects the Likes of you.SO GET OVER YOURSELF!!!

    Posted by: Vinnie | Apr 7, 2009 9:14:58 PM

  7. Oh, my, Vinnie, get a grip. I live in NYC, and can safely say it jumped the shark YEARS ago, gay or straight.

    Posted by: freddy | Apr 7, 2009 9:18:41 PM

  8. Oh yes,and we are fighting for gay marriage rights here.for those of you who like to know and we are dealing with anti-gay discrimination (just like many other parts of the country)

    try reading

    gives you more of an idea of what is going on in the area

    Posted by: Vinnie | Apr 7, 2009 9:22:36 PM

  9. well then Freddy theres the door sweety

    Dont let it hit you where the good lord split you on the way out sunshine.

    Posted by: Vinnie | Apr 7, 2009 9:23:59 PM

  10. Vinnie : I was born in NYC and still live here, though I've travelled extensively all over. Other cities aren't MORE gay than New York, but I don't see New York as MORE gay. There's nothing specifically gay here for tourists. New York is good for restaurants, historical sites, and the opera (if you can afford it). Maybe a few Broadway shows. For nightlife you'd better go to Miami. Manhattan is really just a place now for very rich people to live closer to work, and a lot of the interesting, more oddball, stuff is gone.

    Posted by: JT | Apr 7, 2009 9:28:55 PM

  11. LOL, Freddy. Jumped the Shark. It really did. (When I was a!....NYC was fascinating, mysterious, dirty, dangerous. Now it's like a Disney store).

    Posted by: JT | Apr 7, 2009 9:32:39 PM

  12. Vinnie did get one thing right, though. I forgot the Museums. They're quite good.

    Posted by: JT | Apr 7, 2009 9:35:55 PM

  13. You mean this isnt just gonna be one great big Rainbow High? Maybe they could get Madonna to do Evita again but on Broadway this time. Couldnt get much gayer than that!

    Posted by: OberonOZ | Apr 8, 2009 6:42:56 AM

  14. Ober- I think Towle would prefer Lady Gaga.

    Posted by: JT | Apr 8, 2009 9:48:19 AM

  15. I find it really bizarre that more of a fuss is not being made about the 40th anniversary of Stonewall.

    For the 25th anniversary there was a huge parade, conference and cultural festival called STONEWALL25. I remember--I was there!

    I guess we'll have to wait until STONEWALL50 (will NY have gay marriage by then??) to honor our past and celebrate our future.

    Posted by: Mad Professah | Apr 8, 2009 10:45:25 AM

  16. Note to NY Legislature: You want gay visitors, pass the marriage bill and your economy will skyrocket.

    Posted by: charley | Apr 8, 2009 12:13:22 PM

  17. In light of the 30-50 false arrests for prostitution of middle-aged gay men in New York City over the past few years, of which at least a handful were tourists, perhaps the city should rename their marketing brainchild “Stonewall-Back to the Future”. As part of the marketing, they could direct gay visitors to adult video stores where the vice squad will treat them to an authentic Stonewall Era experience of targeting, intimidation and arrest for doing absolutely nothing illegal.

    It seems likely that the annual 30 billion in LGBT tourist dollars will more than make up for the paultry few hundreds of thousands the City and NYPD were able to gain in fines against the adult stores from nuisance abatement suits that used as their foundation these false arrests of gay men in 2008. Have these arrests really stopped, or “slowed down” as the NYPD claims? We do not know for certain. In any case, the Stop the False Arrests Campaign urges, “Tourists Beware!”

    Posted by: Robert Pinter, Stop the False Arrests Campaign | Apr 8, 2009 4:23:49 PM

  18. for help, ideas check out-

    Posted by: sammy | May 1, 2009 10:21:28 AM

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