News: Megamouth, Iraq, No Doubt, Tony Blair, Pope, Easter Eggs

 roadNYT reports 25 gay men have been executed in Iraq in past two months. Vigils to be held for slain gay Iraqis in New York this Friday and in London next Thursday.

 roadExtremely rare megamouth shark caught, eaten in Philippines.

 roadDoes No Doubt's new track deliver? – LISTEN.

 roadColumbia, Missouri City Council passes domestic partner law in unanimous vote: "The legal recognition can allow partners to participate in health care
decisions, burial arrangements and other matters. The law is not
equivalent to legalizing same-sex marriage, and City Councilwoman
Barbara Hoppe pointed out that private employers don't have to follow
the registry."

 roadTexas Christian University to offer housing for gay students.

 roadTony Blair: Pope wrong about gays. "There are many good and great things the Catholic Church does,
and there are many fantastic things this Pope stands for, but I think what
is interesting is that if you went into any Catholic Church, particularly a
well attended one, on any Sunday here and did a poll of the congregation,
you'd be surprised at how liberal-minded people were."

 roadNPR's Terry Gross talks to Mike and Mel White from The Amazing Race.

 roadJonathan Rhys Meyers gets his game on.

 roadSix gay candidates were victorious in various elections nationwide on Tuesday. Victory Fund: "Salisbury, Maryland elected an openly gay mayor,  Jim Ireton.

In Jacksonville, Illinois, Scott Hall won  election to the city council. Robert Garcia won a race for a seat on the Long Beach, California, city council.
Shane Cohn will become the first openly gay alderman in St. Louis, Missouri.

In Nebraska, Barbara Baier advanced to the general election in her bid to retain her seat on the school board in Lincoln. She is the state’s only openly LGBT elected official.

Margaret Paul was elected alderman in the City of Berwyn, Illinois.

 roadIan Somerhalder looking more like a vampire every day.

 roadHugh Jackman "heartbroken" over Wolverine leak.

 roadI saw what you did: don't try to slip anything past the Jackdaw.

 roadOr this guy: the dude from Fringe.

 roadNYC rally tonight in support of Vermont marriage equality. Union Square 6:30 pm.

 roadTate Museum extension design gets green light.

 roadActor Kal Penn tapped as White House arts liaison.

 roadSyracuse man indicted in hate crime killing of transgender woman Latiesha Green last November: "An Onondaga County grand jury handed down the indictment Friday,
charging Dwight DeLee with murder as a hate crime, murder and a weapons
possession charge."

 roadSwiss philosopher Tariq Ramadan causing controversy in Rotterdam over his defense of a "European Islam" and his perspective on gays and the role of women in society.

 roadGay families get invite to White House Easter Egg roll: "White House officials said that tickets for Monday's Easter Egg Roll
event were distributed to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender
organizations, but did not specify how many or to which ones.
Representatives from Family Equality Council, Human Rights Campaign,
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and other groups confirmed they
were invited and encouraged to have their members participate. 'The
Obama administration actually reached out to us as an organization, and
said we want gay families there, and they are an important part of the
American family fabric,' said Jennifer Chrisler, executive director of
the Boston-based Family Equality Council, which is helping spearhead
the effort to organize families to attend."


  1. JR says

    I’m all for taking a song and reinventing it, giving it new life (maybe). But No Doubt seriously fucked that song up. Some things should just be left alone.

  2. Elijah says

    Blah blah blah. Invitations to an Easter Egg hunt are meaningless tokenism…Massa inviting us up on the porch for a couple of hours. Gays attended during the Bush Reich, too, there just weren’t “tickets set aside for them” that could be used for propaganda. Remember the lesbian couple invited to ride his train to the Inauguration…funny how only The Gays paid any attention to that and so many are still defending him even tho, functionally, strategically, legislatively he’s thrown us off the train and under that weary bus again. It’s way past time we stopped rating THIS Pres only by contrast with others. What has HE DONE?

    From the comments by Chrisler & other gay parents, it seems it’s not just their children who still believe in fairytales and don’t get yet that their ostensible host is as phony on actualizing gay equality as the guy in the WH bunny suit.

    Massa & the Mrs. can keep their Easter egg…and their invitations to the White House Poppy Garden to keep us asleeeeeeep…to keep us from demanding, “How about some changes to LAWS?”

    The Obamabots keep saying, give him time, he’s only been in office 60 days … but he’s had FIVE MONTHS…since the point on Nov. 4th when his election was certain…to mount the bully pulpit…or film another YouTube episode of the Barry Show…or interject in one of his many interview…or simply have replaced the “I don’t support marriage equality for the families who’ll be attending the Easter egg hunt” Iowa-decision bomb he dropped with:

    “Because I believe that all gays & lesbians should receive equal rights under the law, I’ve instructed Secretary Gates to immediately begin to prepare our military for repeal of DADT that the majority of Americans support and that I will work with Congress to implement. Likewise, I am instructing the IRS, Immigration, and every other relevant federal agency, to work with Congress to repeal DOMA. My legislative staff will be meeting Monday with the leaders of the Senate & House to pass a fully-inclusive ENDA & the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes bill.”

    Now how many MINUTES would that have taken from Mr. New-Speech-Every-Day? Until then, we’re left to say for ourselves:

    “You can’t discharge me—we rolled Easter Eggs on the White House lawn!”

    “You can’t deny us a marriage license—we rode the Inauguration Train!”

    “You can’t fire me—I have a picture taken with the President.”

    “Why am I bleeding to death through my YES WE CAN t-shirt?”

  3. says

    Ian Somerhalder keeps getting better and better looking – even if he’s over 30 now. God, I remember him from the Rules of Attraction (pretty good flick, btw), when he did that crazy underwear scene. I love that he’s let his hair grow out a bit in the back. It fits his head for some reason. Finally, people shouldn’t be allowed to have such beautiful eyes.

  4. paul c says

    I missed what Obama did while in Iraq to stop the executions of gays. Surely he did something, right?

    There’s no way he would be in Iraq and just pose for pictures and shake hands, while innocent gays are being slaughtered by an Iraqi government that is supported by the Obama administration. Right?

    Glad to hear about those egg hunt tickets.

    Gays are making huge strides under Obama.

  5. DJ says

    Elijah, your little rant is ridiculous. What exactly are YOU or Paul C. doing to help equality or to constructively get Obama to repeal DOMA, DADT, etc, etc.

    Until you both can post something constructive and helpful you just sound like bitter whiners.

  6. TANK says

    So apparently the criticism is that if you’re not working to repeal DOMA or DADT, you can’t criticize Obama for failing to do it… Idiotic.

    The book (rules of attraction) was better. Kenya believe that the book was actually better than the movie based on it?

    Iraq is lost to tryannical religious insanity. It’s going to get much worse. They’re going to be quite the security risk when paired with Iran and Saudi Arabia. We should thank our lucky stars we have Israel on our side.

  7. Joe says

    Per our Dallas/Ft. Worth ABC affiliate’s local news, Texas Christian University has temporarily shelved plans to provide GLBT student housing, citing “some reaction”; no further explanation was offered.

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