1. john says

    I’ll save you some time. The first pic in the gallery is the only half decent one there. And #12 and #17 are the same guy…guess the first pickup didn’t dissuade him.

  2. Mike says

    Can we be honest about something here? Those guys are hideous. There is a reason they troll parks for anonymous sex with strangers. If the first guy isn’t HIV+ then I must have learned nothing in my 39 years and seeing friends die from AIDS.

    These men give the entire gay community a bad name. It’s wrong for the police to target one segment of the population but I wish they would clear the parts of this bullshit. There are plenty of bars these guys could go to and hook up…with other guys who are just as desperate.

  3. CJ says

    It’s refreshing to read points I agree with that I thought I would be slammed for expressing. While I do not like the fact that it is the homosexual male crowd that is being targeted, let’s face it guys, I DON’T BLAME THEM. It is ridiculous that gay men are using public parks for sex, I wouldn’t like it if it were straight men, this isn’t a gay or straight issue. This is a decency and self respect issue. Leave it at home. The excuse that homophobia, et al is driving these people to have closeted trysts is ludicrous, maybe a decade ago, but even then you’re still risking the spread of STD’s and ruining a public place. It’s sad.

  4. timmany says

    I agree with you guys, this sort of thing really does not need to be going on in a public park I mean, haven’t these fellas heard of Manhunt?

  5. Mammarice says

    Okay fine, we’re educated, upptiy queens who’ve never cruised. Cause we’re out, live in metropolitian cities and aren’t “hideous” (Mike).

    But I have to question:

    A) If this place was called “make-out point” like you see in all the movies of the 50’s–or some movie drive-in like the days of “Grease”–if these where heterosexual couples making out on blankets or humping in the woods–would they be hounded by the local police?

    B) Is this ANY better than cruising online? (Eye roll to anyone who says they haven’t been pa-“trolling” on A4A, Manhunt or Craigslist. They got busted (well deserved) for public lewdness–but why are WE casting stones?

    Is it shady? Sure. Unsafe? You, bet. But they are targeting homo’s, or people who engage in homosexual activity. And in the eyes of the police or the conservative right, there is no difference between us.

  6. CJ says

    MAMMARICE. I wouldn’t care if it were the heterosexual community of the homosexual community they were targeting. Sexual activity has no place in parks and public bathrooms. The issue with your argument “if these where heterosexual couples making out on blankets or humping in the woods–would they be hounded by the local police?” falls apart as the heterosexual community isn’t engaging in full on sex in the middle of parks late at night, leaving used condoms in places were parents and children play. Making out if one thing, bending over and having someone spit in your ass is another. Take it home, or to a car if you must, there are lots of others places for this sort of thing. Something also tells me most of them just like the thrill of screwing outdoors and possibly getting caught. To paraphrase Ms Houston, “it’s not right, and it’s not ok”

  7. Brent says

    Yes, they’re “hideous” so they deserve to be publicly shamed… Self-righteous queens.

    Oklahoma faces much more serious problems like high rates of child neglect, but police aren’t putting pictures of strung out, neglectful parents online. The issue is really one of priorities. Yes, it’s unseemly to have sex in public, but go to a drive-in movie theater any night this summer and you’ll find heterosexual teenagers doing the same thing in their cars. The point is that it’s consensual, despite being inappropriate, and punishment should not involve placement on a public sex registry.

  8. CJ says

    and another point, why is it always men who are caught in these types of acts? Lesbians are just as segregated, why aren’t they screwing in public parks late at night if they can’t have committed relationships? I don’t know, maybe they’re too busy bringing u-hauls to first dates and building things…

    …and excuse my typos, the “of”‘s should have been “or”‘s

  9. timmany says

    A) News stories about heterosexual couples caught humping in the woods are unlikely to be reposted on this site.

    B)It is unusual (though not unheard of) for parents to take their kids to Manhunt or Craigslist for a picnic or a lazy afternoon of kite-flying.


    We “cast stones” at these particular men not because they are having themselves a good time, but rather because they purposely choose to cruise in public parks because it is risky and/or because they are compulsively exhibitionist.


    The “conservative right” views us as nothing more than a useful “other.” While most of these men are probably sex addicts of no particular orientation, you’re right–they don’t differentiate so we’re better off when men aren’t getting caught humping in the woods.

  10. paul c says

    What these men are doing is illegal and unneccessary. If the police were raiding homes or clubs, there’d be a story here.

    This is 2009…what is the excuse for what these guys are doing? Are they married men on the down low? Good, bust em. Are they too stupid to know how to work a computer to meet someone and then go somewhere private?

    Or are they just homeless and horny? That’s about the only excuse I can think of that would make me feel sorry for them in any way.

  11. says

    Okay yoiu sexually repressed prissy little queens. Can WE ACTUALLY LOOK AT THIS STORY FOR WHAT IT IS? The OK City Police Department Targeting Gay men for easy busts to look good?

    Okalahome City has one of the WORST crime rates in the country compared to all communities of all sizes – from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One’s chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 10. Within Oklahoma, more than 90% of the communities have a lower crime rate than Oklahoma City.

    So they go out and byst some cocksuckers in the woods. Make a few headlines and look better at the expense of some guys who are having fun in the woods. SEX is a NON VIOLENT Crime. Oklahoma City has MUCH more to worry about than some guys getting mosquito bites on thier asses.

    You may not agree with Sex Outdoors BUT you shoudl at least be miffed that they are picking on gay men as an easy target while they have much worse problems at hand to look good.

  12. alex in boston says

    In time we can measure the success of this “sting program” in the number of Suicides which come as a result of its’ HIGH PROFILE picture and name in the paper type of prosecution!! Christ you would think this was the 50’s and 60’s all over again!

  13. Bill says

    I completely agree with Jeff.

    “If this place was called “make-out point” like you see in all the movies of the 50’s–or some movie drive-in like the days of “Grease”–if these where heterosexual couples making out on blankets or humping in the woods–would they be hounded by the local police?” NO!!!

  14. says

    Here come the gay sex police again. You guys just don’t get it, do you?

    Just for the record, I am not hideous, I have a PhD, I teach queer theory (among other things), and I love cruising parks and think the police should mind their own business.

    Sex-negative queers should mind their own business too.

  15. gwyneth cornrow says

    I actually thought those guys were pretty hot. Especially the first one. Andy, could you also please post their email addresses and their phone numbers and maybe their Manhunt screen names so if any of us want to hook up with them the next time we’re in Oklahoma we can? Thanks, doll.

  16. paul c says

    @Jeff – Setting up a sting of suckers too stupid to control their own behavior is not restricted to gays. Ever heard of speed traps?

    When there’s an area that I know is a speed trap, I slow down so I don’t get busted. Then I go back to speeding!

    Unfortunately these people are too stupid to consider going somewhere more secluded for their sleazy trysts.

    @KevinVT – Parks are PUBLIC property. What you do in them is not your private business, it’s PUBLIC business. What you do on your own PRIVATE property is another matter.

  17. Michael says

    Umm, guys. They also target the prostitution areas. This not just about gay men having sex in parks. They want to make the place presentable to all people.

    KevinVT, you are hideous. Only you and your fellow wood trolls think otherwise.

    Jeff, I’m not pissed off that they are targeting gay men. STOP BEING A TARGET. They are not raiding gay bars. They are not breaking down the doors of private homes.

    Jesus,guys. Have some fucking respect for yourself.

  18. dc8stretch says

    The Stepford Fags on this thread are as uptight as Miss California. Go push a stroller all day long, gush about their ‘husband’, wash your A&F in Tide Total Care in your Bosch washers, bide their time til the’husband’ falls asleep so you can log onto Manhunt.

    I’ll be sucking cock in the park- out of sight from both the cops and your IVF children.

  19. says

    Damn, these days it’s getting REALLY hard for a “straight” man to get his weenie sucked by another guy. I guess being in the closet and leading a double-life CAN get you busted.

  20. says

    Cruising does not happen in PUBLIC, which you would know if you ever did it.

    Prostitution should probably be legalized, too, so I’m not going to take that as a useful analogy.

    Speed traps are meant to stop something that is a REAL danger to people.

    Cruising in parks is a hazard to no one and a crackdown on it is ONLY about stigmatizing gay people, though many of you have been brainwashed into going along with it. No doubt you also think we should not have leather guys or drag queens at pride parades because it makes us look bad.

  21. REM HOU says

    I think the issue is not that they are trying to clear the park of lewd activity, it’s the fact that they have created a website with photos to publicly humiliate those who are caught, because they are gay or seeking gay sexual activity. If they are also targeting high prostitution areas, where is the website with pictures to publicly humiliate the heterosexual prostitutes and their johns?

  22. Mr. E says

    KEVINVT, Bravo, i completely agree with you! Men have been cruising the woods since time immemorial. And it will probably NEVER stop. Men get horny and want quick, anonymous release. It can be too complicated on line for these guys. And yes, many are ‘straight’ men who probably just want a better BJ than their wife gives, if she’ll give one at all.
    And to the person who is complaining about condoms on the ground: THANK GOD they are using them! Sure, we’d all prefer them to pick it up, but at least they’re using them! This world is never going to be your ‘Utopia!’

  23. Meanwhile says

    Sorry, guys. It’s really hard for me to work up any sympathy for married closet cases.

    This might have been an outrage in the 1970s when gay men had no other recourse, but nowadays it’s just very … McGreevey.

  24. Contrarian says

    The posters who advocate for moral nihilism and the personal morality of a drugged teenage prostitute (“Hey I’m gay and moral standards are so heterosexist and only for ‘Stepford’ gays”) are Godsends for the homophobes and bigots to exploit as tawdry examples. I have yet to hear a convincing argument for the proposition that same-sex attraction means a license to do anything, anywhere sans civilized limits. What I do hear is: I am gay and horny and I will act like a spoiled irresponsible adolescent if I want to”. Well, then take your chances with John Law, cause I won’t weep for you.

  25. Derrick from Philly says

    “…these where heterosexual couples making out on blankets or humping in the woods–would they be hounded by the local police?” falls apart as the heterosexual community isn’t engaging in full on sex in the middle of parks late at night, leaving used condoms in places were parents and children play.”

    If you were a voyeur you’d know that statement is a silly lie. Straight people don’t even try to hide in the bushes–they fuck where a passerby can see them. Believe me, I know. Alternative (and to some “freaky” sexual activity is what kept me HIV negative through the 80s & 90s.

    And as far as being “hideous”. I’ve seen guys in the parks who were fine as hell–many did not consider themselves gay (that’s why they were in the park). And I’ve seen some at “acceptable” gay meeting venues who looked like shit.

  26. says

    I don’t think these guys are hideous, they may not be models, but they’re being shamed with mug-shots. That’s what’s most disturbing to me. Society has already shamed them over their same-sex attraction, now this.

    Having sex in public places is, in itself, hot for many people (het, homo, and bi). As a father, I have mixed feelings about this: I don’t think people should be having sex outside where they’re likely to be discovered, but I also think that public shaming of the perpetrators is beyond the pale. On the other hand, I don’t think it’s the worst thing in the world to stumble on someone in flagrante, even with a kid.

    As someone else posted, isn’t it more important to go after neglectful parents?

  27. Jake says


    Just because some find having sex in a public park to be highly inappropriate doesn’t mean they’re “upptiy queens who’ve never cruised”. (I assume you meant uppity)

    You can cruise and hook up with a guy without the end result being sex in a park. Well, apparently you can’t.

  28. johnny says

    As long as the het world views the entire gay world as our most shocking lowest common denominator, we’ll never get the respect we deserve.

    As long as men with zero-self-respect keep the attitude that cruising for sex in the park and then taking part in it in public (regardless of the outcome, legal or otherwise) is OK, they’ll continue to be our lowest common denominator.

    There isn’t one thing about this practice that makes sense in 2009 and all arguments to the contrary are ludicrous. Self-delusion rules.

  29. Daryl says

    Since half the pleasure most men get out of cruising in the park is the sense of danger it entails, then they shouldn’t even be surprised that at times, this means they will be caught!
    And no, unfortunately for gay men, you can’t be fighting for marriage equality (ie, normality) while simultaneously pretending that sex in a park is okay. In fact heterosexuals are arrested all the time for public lewd acts – it’s illegal no matter who is getting poked!

  30. Enidguy says

    Do any of you have the slightest idea what it is like to be gay in Oklahoma? I imagine a lot of these guys are closeted, married, and living miserable lives because it is not ok to be gay in OK. The police officers go undercover, probably end up being the best looking guys out there and then trap these guys into ‘lewd’ acts. The only reason that anyone knows a lewd act was committed is because the cop was there encouraging the act to happen. Otherwise no one would have seen it and so who is it harming? And the article in the local paper said that many of them go to their vehicles to hook up. You would have to work really hard to see anything you didn’t want to see. Is that really public? Agreed that sex in the park and in cars is far from ideal and not to be encouraged, but I wonder what real options some of these guys have. Don’t you think that being known as gay in Oklahoma City might make you an awful lot of enemies and make life extremely difficult? So then the police entrap them and post their names and PHOTOS??!!! Does what they did deserve that kind of punishment? I don’t think so.

  31. Bear in Chicago says

    CJ and the rest of you nellie “wannabe-straight-like” queens: YES, there ARE people who don’t have computers to troll on-line like you do…and YES, there ARE an order of magnitude more straights who fuck around in public parks and other public places, and they *NEVER* get arrested–you just never step away from concrete and granite pavements to see what’s going on, because it MAY MESS UP YOUR HAAAAIRRRRRR. You think that families are roaming around in those places way off the beaten paths where they’ll see gay OR straight fucking going on? People like you make me want to puke…you’re worse than the right-wing fundies, because you’ve done what the guys in the parks have done, you identify yourselves as “gay”, and you condemn what you don’t care for in gay behavior just like you’re one of the fucking fundies. Maybe YOU are the ones who will get your asses nailed for being ugly one of these days, and no one will come to your defense. Go pretend you’re playing house…you’re worthless for anything else.

  32. Josh says

    OMG get over it! FACT: if straight men found a park where women were giving it up in restrooms for free THERE WOULD BE HOUR LONG LINES TO GET INTO THE MENS ROOM!!!! We all know men are pigs right? The differance is when women have sex they need a reason. … When men have sex they just need a place. In other words men can have meaningless sex easier than women. So put two men together and boom it’s bathroom love. I’m sure the risk of getting caught is part of it same as a hetero man picking up a female hooker. All about the taboo factor. And where do you think men who do pick up female whores screw em??? Parks, alleys, the woods!!! The kind of guys who do this stuff are not out gay men. They are married “straight” men who are hidding a dirty lil secret.

  33. SomeOtherGuy says

    Who takes their kids to the park in the middle of the night anyway?

    And who says that every public place must be child-friendly? Or even straight-friendly?

    I’m not saying that what these guys did (or might not have done) is acceptable or justified… I just think it’s kind of bizarre the way that “child safety” is always invoked when it comes to legal issues surrounding gay men. Gay men are actually around 75% LESS likely to be pedophiles than straight men according to most of the latest statistics.