1. Mike in Brooklyn says

    Since NOM has hired actors to spew their lies, lets go after the actors. Counter NOM’s lies with true stories about their moral posterchildren.

    There are many actors in the NOM ad and I imagine that a few have some pretty sordid pasts; find them and expose them. I compare this to outing gay homophobic lawmakers.

    When marriage equality orgs plan rebuttal ads, spending a little money with private investigators would go a long way to showing what frauds NOM’s spokespeople are. And checking out the backgrounds of NOM executive staff would probably reveal additional ammunition.

    All’s fair in love and war…so let’s fight back.

  2. Tralfaz says

    You said it, Mike!

    I hope one day one of these asshole actors are up for great part they really want and the producer and/or director is gay or gay supportive. I’d like to see these fuckers lose work for their support of this bullshit.

    As the great Miss Crawford ala Faye says: DON’T FUCK WITH ME FELLAS!!!!!

  3. Sargon Bighorn says

    Ha Ha Ha everyone thinks this is a big joke. Yeah ain’t they funny with that storm brewing ad. Well you dizzy queens, I wanna hear you laughing long and hard when this ad has you all thrown around like a rag doll in the mouth of an angry Pit Bull (with lipstick if it blows your skirt up).

    It’s time to stop thinking the Radical Religious Extremists don’t have money and don’t have a strong message that influences Americans (think Prop 8). It’s not funny what they are saying and doing YET Gay pundits act as if it is. We’ll see who’s laughing last because they will be laughing the loudest. I hope I’m wrong but you can be dam sure I don’t underestimate the Radical Religious Extremists.

  4. gr8guyca says

    Rachel Maddow and most of the people who read Towleroad are not the target audience for this ad. It stands little chance of changing our minds. So, what WE think of this ad is irrelevant. What I would like to know is what the conservatives who have seen this ad think of it. Is it effective with them? Do they see this as a rallying cry? Will they be motivated? If it does resonate with those groups, making them want to contribute and take action to fight gay rights, then this ad is not something to be joking about.

  5. Bill says


    That’s what you call it. Rachel Maddow is braver than every gay activist combined for FINALLY saying what it is instead of using the coded language of “traditional” marriage. Call it what it is HETEROSEXUAL-ONLY MARRIAGE. THANK YOU RACHEL!!!

  6. Wheezy says

    @ Sargon Bighorn,

    Rachel Maddow isn’t the only one showing the audition tapes. Lots of other places are running it to. The overwhelming response is derision at the illiterate half-wits the Christo Facists used to make their “Oooooh, Scaaaaary” ad. Nothing like showing bigots up for what they are like displaying their stupidity and ignorance to the world.

    More effective than calling your constituents “dizzy queens” and insulting them.

    p.s. It *does* look like an ad for flood insurance. When I first saw the opening I thought this was aimed at all those poor people in Red River. Opps!

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