1. patrick nyc says

    I do not sleep or have sex with women but I love Rachel Maddow. I would have her baby. She is a great voice of reason in this age of insanity.

  2. Elijah says

    I’ve always found the smugness of the No TV Snobs to be transparently ridiculous.

    Most defend it by describing all the drek that’s on TV. By that logic we should abandon books because there are more Jacquie Collins than Dickens.

    We should shun plays because there are more “You’re A Good Man Charlie Browns” than “Glass Menageries.”

    More Britneys than Leontynes. Etc., etc.

    And it is least defensible by someone who works in televison herself, as a commentator in a medium she doesn’t herself experience, about a culture that is still influenced by it, for good and bad, than any other form of mass communication.

  3. says

    I like Rachel Maddow, but I feel like people who talk about how they don’t own or watch TV or computers or iPods or whatever generally just do so to exert some sort of misguided superiority over those of us who “fell for what society tells us to do” or something. She had a little wine about spent $400 on a TV? WHAT AN AMAZING HILARIOUS STORY!!! My favorite show right now is I Love Money 2. Suck on it, Rachel!

  4. An says

    Rachel hasn’t been snobbish about it that I know of. She’s said something like how she didn’t own a TV out of self-protection because she was afraid she’d never leave the house again once she had turned it on. It seemed self-deprecating to me. But I guess her girlfriend wants to watch her show or something like that.

  5. Paul says

    I find this woman to be absolutely unbearable. I haven’t heard her radio show, I’ve only seen her on MSNBC, where a solid half of her show is dedicated to cheap, cheap sarcasm and really smarmy (and unfunny) put-downs. Why is she in Vogue, New York, and on Lettermen and Leno? Her shows ratings went through the floor after the election ended and they have stayed there. Nobody watches and nobody cares about Rachel Maddow except us (gay people) and a very small liberal viewership/listenership. Can we please stop pretending she is a phenemenon.

  6. joe says

    Puleeze, Rachel Maddow is a hot butch lesbian and we need more hot butch lesbians on TV.

  7. TANK says

    Swhat happens when we confuse people who are supposed to talk about the news with people interesting enough to generate it… Who the hell cares? Could this woman be any more boring and irrelevant?

  8. JamesG in Philly says

    Wow Paul. As someone who watches her show daily I really don’t understand the vitriol. I believe that she is a voice of reason for the past 8 years as well as a great spokesperson for gay people in general. I find her to be quite funny at times and rather demanding of some accountability to all politicians. Also, as a lesbian, she gives the GLBT people a voice that has allowed her to speak on gay rights that, from where I’m sitting, we have never had! An out lesbian who champions equal/civil rights for all in a nationally televised daily show! Maybe not wanting a TV was so when she does do her commentary, it is just that, hers, and not some repackaged idea that she heard from someone else! Hell, I wish I had the ability to turn off the television some times, hell, there are plenty of other things I could be doing…..

  9. Jim says

    When you wake up in the morning and don’t remember ordering a $400.00 television until you see your e-mail confirmation, it is time to put the booze away.

  10. johnny says

    Normally a fan of Ms. Maddow, I’m a little confused by this story. Like Jim, above, I find it a little sad that she was blotto enough to order something and not remember it. I’m not sure which is more unnerving, that she didn’t own a broadcast instrument of her own medium (regardless of whether or not it’s a superior thing or just plain odd) or that she was a boozed up online shopper. I’m sure this news item has chipped her “perfect lesbian” veneer a bit for many of her fans.

  11. says

    Oh, please, Johnny. It’s been long since known she doesn’t have a TV. And good for her! If she did, maybe her show wouldn’t be so different (and good?).

    If you really think anyone in this life is perfect, I have a bridge to sell you. I found this story rather humorous. I’m sure your house is glass, so you shouldn’t be throwing stones.

  12. says

    PS the amount of old bitchy queens in the glbt “community” amazes me. Folks, you need to get out a little more. Or, well, stop being such pricks, especially to the *few* who have been able to be successful in MSM media.

    My god, what do you people want? MSNBC to hire Bill O? Jesus.

  13. says

    I don’t understand how anyone can not love Rachel Maddow. What’s really amusing is my mom calls her “your girlfriend,” as in, “I watched your girlfriend tonight.”

    From her mouth to the goddess’ ears.

  14. Rey says

    She didn’t have a TV before she got her MSNBC gig. For her and her partner to reconsider their conscious decision about owning a television based on experience and exposure speaks more for their characters than for the cynical and simple perspective that Rachel’s a hypocrite or a snob or whatever else some people need to believe.

  15. Parker says

    Instead of tearing down everyone we need to be cheering people like Rachel. This has been a tremendous year for us with the win in Vermont and the ruling in Iowa. Two years ago would we have imagined things would be looking up?

  16. timgunn's uncle says

    I am sometimes called a snob when I mention that I don’t have a television. The problem is that people immediately assume that instead, I read important books in archaic languages, while the truth of the matter is that I prefer to spend my valuable time consuming large amounts of internet pornography.

  17. nic says

    there is something effete about a TV personality that doesn’t watch TV. it’s kind of like saying, i’m a syndicated columnist, but i don’t read newspapers. rachel, give me a break. even if you don’t own a TV, your nose is firmly planted on your computer screen. same difference.

  18. johnny says

    Oh please, @ryan: “unnerved and a bit sad”…. gee, that’s all it takes to get your feathers ruffled. Grow up a little and have enough respect for others to realize we aren’t all going to have the same opinion just because we’re gay.

    Sorry children, I did say I was a fan and still am, regardless… The comment section is for comments, not Myspace where I’m worried how many are on my friends list.