1. Erik Cartman says

    I recommend Ms. Bachmann move to Alaska and go hunting with Ms. Palin, Cheney style.

  2. dylan says

    God, she needs to take her return trip home; back to Hell.

    If you aren’t blaming it on him, why are you making that (false) connection?

    And there’s that “Democrat President” or “Democrat Party” or “Democrat Senator” again.


  3. woodroad34 says

    There should be a new show: Real Housewives of DC — where all the bimbos like Prejean, Palin, Ann Coulter, and Bachman Underdrive all bitch and drink scotch with their knees wide. They’d all screech at their employees and hang out penthouse windows spitting on people on the ground. They’re only good for reality type tv.

  4. Mary Richards says

    Minnesota, huh? That’s the state that keeps giving Norm Coleman 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th chances to win the Senate recount when he’s already given-up and taken a job as a lobbyist. The Dims there need to grow some spines and ‘nads. Or just keep letting the Repugs make them look like fools. Either way is entertaining.

  5. Bruno says

    Hahahaha! What would making fun of wingnuts be like without the queen of all wingnuts to hold up and ridicule on a regular basis?

  6. Tom says

    This woman is an ongoing embarrassment to the great state of Minnesota. Get thy dumb bigot self out of government!

  7. Marc says

    Earlier Post by: PM | Apr 28, 2009 7:11:00 PM

    “I fear that just looking at the still image of her has sapped my IQ…”

    God knows she can use all the help she can get in that dept.

  8. AdamN says

    This kind of insane stupidity is all the Republicans have. They are totally bankrupt morally and intellectually.
    That’s why the Log Cabinites that visit Towleroad are more and more of mystery to me. How can any sane person possibly defend a party like this or want to be associated with it in any way? What the hell is wrong with their brains?

  9. Disgusted American says

    geeez,Im just glad she didn’t blame it on the “Gäys” ….tho I wouldn’t put it past her…why is this woman still talking?

  10. sam says

    I certainly don’t know everything, but I if I was going to make a smug speech like this, I’d employ a fact checker or something beforehand!

  11. HuH? says

    Michelle Bachmasn is a piece – of something. It will be interesting to see it this makes mainstream media.

    Yahoo – the ignorant bigoted Republican party will shrink even more.

    Sorry – Mom and Dad (I was abandoned by wolves and raised by bigoted, hateful right wing Republicans).

  12. RB says

    What the hell?! Are you kidding? She said it and she meant it. Why would anyone even draw that comparison? While Carter was not a good pres, just my opinion, he had nothing to do with the swine flu! This crazy right wing nut needs to stop making comparisons of dems to swine flu!


  13. Topher Werner says

    Agreed, this “woman” is a stupid fuck, who probably does need to douche. I went to e-mail the dumb cunt on her government website, and I am not sure if this is a standard security measure or not, but you can only e-mail the dumb bitch IF you are a resident of her jurisdiction. Is this because she is afraid of what the Nation thinks?

  14. Brian says

    Sigh… Is that really the best she can do? Surely by now, everyone has realized what a loon this woman really is. I imagine her colleagues nodding and pretending to listen to her, just so they can get past her on their way to the rest room. Sad, really.

  15. peterparker says

    You know, there is nothing wrong with Michele Bachmann that can’t be cured by a bullet in her brain.

  16. James says

    She is a crazy church and I think the subtext is that God hates Democrats and sends plagues their way. She is batshit insane and she makes the baby jesus vomit.

  17. Jason87 says

    TWIT HER: @MicheleBachmann

    Lying to make a false association is conduct unbecoming of a CHRISTIAN, an American, and a Congressional representative.

  18. says

    Unfortunately? Andy, don’t you mean fortunately, as in fortunately she’s wrong, consistently wrong and we need never pay her any attention.

  19. Mike in the Tundra says

    PeterParker, please be careful of your posts. We do not want to give that woman ammunition. I’m certain she has peons searching the net for any mention of her. Tomorrow morning, she could be using your post to prove what a martyr she is.

    Getting back to Bachman – she is one amazing homophobe. As a state senator, she tried to get an anti-gay marriage amendment legislated every year. She was thwarted every year by the Democrats, but she had a plan. She knew that Outfront Minnesota was having their lobby day. All of the gay citizens who could showed up at the capital to talk to their representatives and senators. Knowing that the Democratic senators would be busy talking to constituents, she used a parliamentary procedure to try to pull her bill out of committee to the senate floor. We were talking to our senator when he got a message and went flying from his office. Fortunately, all the senators got to the floor in time to stop her.

    Now the funny part, after her defeat she kept right on being Michele Bachmann. We were all out on the lawn of the state house for a rally, when she was spotted squatting behind a bush spying on us. Someone got pictures of her. She said she was taking a walk and stopped to rest behind that bush. BTW – her sister is gay.

    I know little about her district and why they would elect her. Our districts representative is Keith Ellison. The polar opposite of Bachmann.

  20. Mike says

    Doesn’t this lady understand she is a member of congress and not a FOX NEWS commentator? What kind of people live in her district who would vote for such a loon? Scary!

  21. Ron says

    I contacted her Washington, D.C. office and they took my comment. Her Woodbury, MN office refused to take my comment because I was not a constituent and said they don’t take “anonymous” calls, I guess you are anonymous if you are not a constituent or disagree with her. However, the Waite Park, MN office did take my comment and said they were “well aware of the unfortunate statement”. Her email contact page will not take email from you unless you live in her district. How convenient is that? She gets to be a right wing nut and doesn’t have to listen the fallout.

  22. Ron says

    I was finally able to get an email off on the House Of Representatives home page. However, I had to use a Woodbury, MN Zip Code+4 to get the form to “authorize” me.

    What a bunch of crap. A Congressperson can make ignorant statements in public, but she doesn’t have to listen to complaints if you don’t live in her district.

  23. Bart says

    If you put your ear up to Ms. Bachmann’s ear, do you hear the ocean?

    I have nothing but contempt for the ignorance of many members of the House and a few in the Senate. But Ms. Bachmann is the poster child for stupid. This woman is so fucking dumb that she’s become the camera’s best friend. Stick one in her face and let her open her mouth. Stupid will fall out.

    The district she is from in Minnesota should hang their heads in shame. This woman shouldn’t be in the House, she should be on the short bus with a helmet.